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Topic 1. The Current Situation of Teaching Statistics in Schools

Organisers: Dani Ben-Zvi, Israel and Chris Reading, AustraliaSession 1.1. Statistics in the Worldwide Curricula

  •    Helena Wessels, North West University, South Africa, Statistics in the South African School Curriculum: Content, Assessment and Teacher Training
  •    Tânia Maria Mendonça Campos and Cláudia Borim da Silva, Universidade Bandeirante de São Paulo and Irene Maurício Cazorla, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Brazil, Statistical Literacy in Brazil in High and Middle School: An Analysis of Official Documents
  •    Janet Ainley, School of Education, University of Leicester, United Kingdom and Carlos Monteiro, Centro de Educação, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil, Comparing Curricular Approaches for Statistics in Primary School in England and Brazil: A Focus on Graphing
  •    Jill Newton, Purdue University, Leslie Dietiker and Aladar Horvath, Michigan State University, United States of America, Statistics: A Look Across K-8 State Standards

  Session 1.2. Teaching Probability, Modeling and Simulation

  •    Brigitte Chaput, Jean Claude Girard and Michel Henry, Commission Inter-IREM Statistique et Probabilité, France, Modeling and Simulations in Statistics Education
  •    Pablo Carranza and Alain Kuzniak, Equipe Didirem. Université Paris Diderot France, Duality of Probability and Statistics Teaching in French Education
  •    Rossella Garuti, Aurelia Orlandoni and Roberto Ricci, National Agency for Educational System Support, Italy, Which Probability do we Have to Meet ? A Case Study about Statistical and Classical Approach to Probability in Students' Behaviour

  Session 1.3. Issues in Teaching Statistics

  •    Jim Ridgway, James Nicholson and Sean McCusker, University of Durham, United Kingdom, Reconceptualising 'Statistics' and 'Education'
  •    Carolina Carvalho, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, Collaborative Work in Statistics Classes: Why do it?
  •    Andreas Eichler, Universität Münster, Germany, Statistics Teaching in German Secondary High SchoolsTopic



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