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Mathematical Carnival


As a part of the program directed towards children and a general public, the LOC of ICME-12 will arrange a mathematical carnival during the conference days of ICME-12. The idea is that this will attract local families, teachers and families of participants as a welcoming way to experience mathematical activities. The carnival will be operated in D1 Hall located at the very center of the COEX.

The carnival will be six categories:
Exhibition of Mathematics Manipulative and Art
Mathematics Manipulative and Art developed and designed by Korean mathematics teachers and members of Korean Origami Association etc. will be exhibited.

Students’ Mathematical Workshops
The activities will be organized so that some students, teacher or a general public engage directly in an activity, and become a part of the performance, while other people will be audience. Contributors themselves are asked to bring the equipment needed for their workshops. Instructions for the activities should be written in English on one page, and if possible, in Korean on the other side of the instruction sheet.

Asian and Australian Mathematics Classrooms
During the ICME-12, each mathematics classroom of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Armidale and Singapore will be televised real-time on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat respectively. Before televising, someone from each city will introduce the classroom for 10 minutes in front of the audience and after 50 min class, s/he will answer questions from the audience for 30 minutes.

Mathematical Show with Puzzles, Games and Magic

The LOC invites teachers from all countries to contribute and participate in this show program. This program includes activities that have been tried out with students in class, at mathematics fairs or other events aimed at engaging children in active participation. In this way we, mathematics educators, will also have a chance to show how outdoor activities might be used as a tool for learning mathematics while having fun.  

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