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Contrary to past ICME practice, Discussion Groups for ICME-12 were created in response to a proposal submitted by a group of up to five persons representing diverse regions of the world. As their name suggests, Discussion Groups (DGs) are designed to gather Congress participants who are interested in discussing, in a genuinely interactive way, certain challenging, controversial or emerging issues and dilemmas of interest to an international or regional audience. Each DG was allocated two time slots of 90 minutes each during the Congress. Before the congress, the discussion group organizing team will post their page at the ICME-12 web site (http://icme12.org) including contributions that define, limit, and/or present basic premises, theoretical considerations, research findings, viewpoints and facts that should be accounted for a fruitful discussion to be attained. Prior to the congress, participants can send individual contributions to the organizers for consideration as additional background information and may raise questions or participate in an exchange of ideas through the web site. The list of the DGs that have been considered and their co-chairs is:


DG 1: Current Problems and Challenges in Non-university Tertiary Mathematics Education (NTME)

Co-Chairs: James Roznowsk(USA) jroznowski@harpercollege.edu

Low-Ee Huei Wuan(Singapore) lowhw@sp.edu.sg


DG 2: Creativity in Mathematics Education

Chair: Hartwig Meissner(Germany) meissne@uni-muenster.de


DG 3: Issues Surrounding Teaching Linear Algebra

Co-chairs: Avi Berman(Israel) berman@technion.ac.il

Sang-Gu Lee(Korea) sglee@skku.edu


DG 4: The Evolvement of Mathematics Teachers' Community-of-Practice

Co-Chairs: Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar(Israel) nitsa@technion.ac.il

Atara Shriki(Israel) Shriki@technion.ac.il


DG 5: Uses of History of Mathematics in School (pupils aged 6 - 13)

Co-Chairs: Bjørn Smestad(Norway) bjorn.sme stad@lui.hio.no

Funda Gonulates(USA/Turkey) fgonulates@gmail.com


DG 6: Postmodern Mathematics

Co-Chairs: Paul Ernest(UK) p.ernest@ex.ac.uk

Regina Möller(Germany) regina.moeller@uni-erfurt.de


DG 7: Improving Teacher Professional Development Through Lesson Study

Co-Chairs: Toshiakira Fujii(Japan) tfujii@u-gakugei.ac.jp

Akihiko Takahashi(USA) atakahas@depaul.edu


DG 8: Theory and Perspective of Mathematics Learning and Teaching from the Asian Regions

Co-Chairs: Chun Chor Litwin Cheng(Hong Kong) cccheng@ied.edu.hk

Hong Zhang(China) Zhanghongredg6@163.com


DG 9: Using Technology to Integrate Geometry and Algebra in the Study of Functions

Co-Chairs: Scott Steketee(USA) stek@kcptech.com

Cheah Ui Hock(Malaysia) uhcheah@recsam.edu.my


DG 10: New Challenges in Developing Dynamic Software for Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Co-Chairs: Zsolt Lavicza(UK) zl221@cam.ac.uk

Markus Hohenwarter(Austria)markus.hohenwarter@jku.at


DG 11: Mathematics Teacher Retention

Co-chiars: Axelle Faughn(USA/NC) afaughn@email.wcu.edu

Barbara Pence(USA/CA)Barbara.Pence@sjsu.edu


DG 12: Mathematics Teacher Educators' Knowledge for Teaching

Co-chairs: Kim Beswick(Australia) kim.beswick@utas.edu.au

Olive Chapman(Canada) chapman@ucalgary.ca


DG 13: The Role of Mathematics Education in Helping to Produce a Data Literate Society

Co-Chairs: William Finzer(USA) bfinzer@kcptech.com

Cliff Konold(USA)konold@srri.umass.edu


DG 14: Mathematical Modeling in Connecting Concepts to Real World Application

Co-Chairs: Zhonghe Wu(USA) zwu@nu.edu

Lijun Ye(China) yeatsylj@126.com


DG15: Mathematics and Culture in Micronesia: An exploration of the mathematical aspects of indigenous practices

Co-Chairs: A. J. (Sandy) Dawson(USA) dawsona@hawaii.edu

Donald Rubinstein(Guam) rubinste@uguam.uog.edu


DG16: Can art save mathematics?

Co-Chairs: Dirk Huylebrouck(Belgium) Huylebrouck@gmail.com

Slavik Jablan(Serbia) sjablan@gmail.com


DG17: Teaching of Problem Solving in School Mathematics Classrooms

Co-chair: Yew Hoong Leong(Singapore) yewhoong.leong@nie.edu.sg

Rungfa Janjaruporn(Thailand) rungfajan@yahoo.com

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