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ICMI Affiliate Organizations

In order to foster ICMI efforts about international collaboration and exchanges in mathematics education, the ICMI organisational outreach includes multi-national organizations with interest in mathematics education, each operating in ways consistent with the aims and values of the Commission.  The organizations affiliated to ICMI are independent from the Commission, being neither appointed by ICMI nor operating on behalf or under the control of ICMI, and they are self-financed.  But they collaborate with ICMI on specific activities, such as the ICMI Studies or components of the programme of the ICMEs .  The ICMI Affiliate Organizations produce quadrennial reports to be presented to the General Assembly of ICMI, and a brief annual report on their activities for the ICMI annual report. Each of the Affiliate Organizations holds separate meetings on a more or less regular basis.

There are currently four multi-national Mathematical Education Societies and six international Study Groups which have obtained affiliation to ICMI.

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