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National presentations

A National Presentation is an activity during which representatives of a given country will make a presentation on the state and trends in mathematics education in that country. An exhibition, video shows, CD-Roms, and so...[more]

The Registration System is open!

Registration The Registration system for ICME-12 is already open. Please visit the first page of the Congress website  and read the direction for the registration carefully. Then, please login with your ID and Password...[more]

7 reasons to visit Korea

Seoul, the capital of Korea, receives ICME-12 in its Convention & Exhibition Center-COEX. ICME-12 will certainly be a huge scientific and social success but the city and the country are also worth visiting. Let's see...[more]

Discussion Groups

Contrary to past ICME practice, Discussion Groups for ICME-12 were created in response to a proposal submitted by a group of up to five persons representing diverse regions of the world. As their name suggests, Discussion Groups...[more]

Mathematical Carnival

As a part of the program directed towards children and a general public, the LOC of ICME-12 will arrange a mathematical carnival during the conference days of ICME-12. The idea is that this will attract local families, teachers...[more]

Grants for delegates from non-affluent countries

One of the aims of the ICME congresses is to have a balanced representation from all over the world among the presenters as well as among the general participants. In order to achieve this goal ICMI has instigated a general...[more]

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