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2nd Congress on Mathematics Education for Central America and the Caribbean will be held October 29 to November 1, 2017 in Cali Colombia.

The 2nd Congress on Mathematics Education for Central America and the Caribbean (CEMACYC II) will...

ICMI EC meeting in Geneva

The ICMI EC 2017-2020 is currently holding its first meeting. The meeting started on Thursday, June...

Extended Call for nominations for the 2017 ICMI Awards

Extended Call for nominations for the 2017 ICMI Awards Since 2003, the International Commission on...

Enter the international MPE competition!

Deadline: June 30, 2017

ICMI moving forward in strength, collaboration and exchange

Editorial from ICMI President Jill Adler published in IMU-Net 81: January 2017

CANP 2 book "Teacher preparation in Central America and the Caribbean" now available as an ebook

The CANP 2 book "Teacher preparation in Central America and the Caribbean" is now...

Call for Nominations for the 2017 ICMI Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Awards

The Awards recognise outstanding accomplishments in mathematics education research.

Call for Intention to Bid to organise and host the International Congress on Mathematical Education ICME-15 in 2024

ICMI is hereby inviting its state/country representatives, national/regional organizations and...

Visions for Mathematical Learning: the inspirational legacy of Seymour Papert (1928–2016)

by Celia Hoyles and Richard Noss, UCL Knowledge Lab, University College, London


The ICMI Secretary General and ICMI President on behalf of the ICMI EC and ICMI community have...

ICME 14 to be held in Shanghai, China

The ICMI Executive Committee is pleased to announce its decision of accepting the invitation from...

New ICMI EC elected at the ICMI General Assembly

on July 24th in Hamburg Germany.

CANP 5 Andean Region and Paraguay opened in Lima

The 5th Capacity and Network Project has started on February 1st in Lima.

Poster submission for ICME-13

Poster submission for ICME-13 The submission process for posters for ICME-13 has been opened....

Alan J. Bishop awarded 2015 Felix Klein Medal

announced 2015 Felix Klein Medal recipient

Jill Adler awarded Hans Freudenthal Medal for 2015

announced the recipient of the Hans Freudenthal Medal for 2015

ICME 13 Hamburg 2016:

Submission of papers now open and ICME-13 solidarity grant application coming up

IACME/CIAEM XIV a Great Success

IACME/CIAEM XIV a Great SuccessNew IACME/CIAEM Leadership for 2015-2019 Nearly 1000 participants...

ICMI Study 23: Study Conference held in Macao, China

The ICMI Study 23 Study conference was held from June 3rd-7th, 2015

Host for ICME-14 (2020) announced

Shanghai China has been announced as the official host city of ICME-14 in 2020.

ICME-13 (2016) Hamburg: Call for papers, grants and further information

in now available: read the SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT for ICME-13 that will be held in Germany July 24-31,...

ICMI EC meeting to be held in Macao, China May 30-June 2, 2015

The third meeting of the ICMI EC 2013-2016 will be held at the University of Macao from May 30-June...

Call for Nominations for the 2015 Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Awards

The Executive Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) a...

CANP 2 Central American and the Caribbean National Report

CANP 2 Central American and the Caribbean National Report available in English. More...

Call for Nominations for the first ICMI EMMA CASTELNUOVO AWARD: Deadline January 15, 2015

The Emma Castelnuovo Award Committee is extending to January 15, 2015, the deadline for submitting...

CANP4 East Africa,

Sucessfully held its first workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: September 1-12, 2014 with more than...

ICM 2014: Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics

Links to the videos of the invited talks and panels of the "Mathematics Education and...

CANP 4 East Africa started Monday September 1 in Tanzania

Mathematics educators from East Africa and beyond will gather at the Aga Khan University Institute...

Michèle Artigue (France) Will Receive the Luis Santaló Medal

Michèle Artigue (France) Will Receive the Luis Santaló Medal Awarded by the Inter-American...

Recommended Reading

Some notes on the early ICMI Studies by Geoffrey Howson

Call for for papers of the “Espace Mathématique Francophone 2015” scientific conference

held in Algeria, from October 10th, to October, 14th, 2015, is now online at the conference...

Call for papers: XIV Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education

held in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico, May 3-7 2015.

Recommended Reading

Reflections on ICMEs by Geoffrey Howson

Recommended Reading

The challenges of teaching probability in school by Graham A. Jones

Recommended Reading

Daina Taimina, « Links between mathematics and engineering in 19th century kinematic models...

ICMI Newsletter July 2014

published, read here.

Recommended Reading

Corinne Hahn, Will Morony and Tomas Recio: "The role of professional associations in mathematics...

Recommended Reading: "A Practical and Theoretical Agenda for Progress in Mathematics Education"

by Alan H. Schoenfeld, University of California Berkeley, CA, USA

Searching for ICME 1 Proceedings

Proceedings of the First International Congress on Mathematical Education. D. Reidel Publishing...

ICMI Archive Curator visits IMU Secretariat

Bernard Hodgson visited the IMU Secretariat Archive from May 13th-21st of May 2014

Call for papers for the 7th EARCOME conference 2015: NEW DEADLINE May 31, 2014 (TSG proposals)

The 7th EARCOME conference "In Pursuit Of Quality Mathematics Education For All" will be...

Klein Project - a Joint Mathematics Education and Mathematics Project- held a workshop in Brazil

The meeting has been held at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro. About 60 participants took part in the 3 day...

ICMI Study 23 Call for papers/Discussion Document

The IPC of ICMI Study 23 would like to invite papers for the 23rd ICMI Study: "Primary...

CANP East Africa Pre- Meeting held in Tanzania 21-23. February

The Local Organizing Team, lead by Anjum Halai and the Programme Manager, Ferdinando Arzarello met...

ICMI News 26: February/ March 2014 has been published

please read the news here.

ICMI Study 23 - Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers

the IPC meeting has been held January 19-24,2014 at the IMU Secretariat in Berlin, Germany.

ICMI Study 20 "Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry" published

The book can be ordered with a special ICMI Discount (up to 60%). For more information click on...

Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Awards 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT - 2013 ICMI Medallists: Michèle Artigue (Paris) and Frederick Leung (Hong Kong)

Successful CANP 3 One Year Follow up: First Mathematics Education Congress for Central America and the Caribbean

and the General Assembly of the Mathematics Education Network for Central America and the...

ICMI News(letter) 25, October/ November 2013 available

ICMI News 25: October/ November 2013, A Newsletter from the ICMI-International Commission on...

Secondary Teacher Training Day held in Berlin

As part of the Klein Workshop more than 80 teachers from Berlin and the region participated in a...

Klein Project Workshop in Berlin started

"Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint - Felix Klein and Mathematics for Teachers",...

Call for Intention to Bid to organise and host ICME-14 in 2020

ICMI is hereby inviting its state representatives, national/regional organisations and academic...

ICMI EC Meeting

The new ICMI EC 2013-2016 held its first meeting Berlin, Germany from May 22-24, 2013.

Call for Nominations for the 2013 Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Awards

  ICMI The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction   THE ICMI AWARDS...

CANP National Report Series 1 Sub Saharan Africa available in French

Report: "La Formation des Enseignants en Afrique Francophone Sub-Saharienne Cinq Etudes de Cas :...

CANP EDiMaths 2 to be held in Sénégal September 11-16, 2012

The second workshop of the CANP Programme in Sub-Saharan Africa (Ecole de Didactique et de...

CANP Costa Rica 2012: a great success.

The Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean has been created.

Minister of Education opens CANP Central America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica

The two week workshop will held from August 06-17, 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

UNESCO: Challenges in basic mathematics education

The document "Les défis de l'enseignement des mathématiques dans l'éducation de base"...

ICME-12 Final Programme now available!

ICME-12 The congress final programme has been published. Please find attached PDF files with...

ICME-12 app for Android is available

Now ICME-12 Smartphone (Android) App. can be downloaded from Play Store. Just search...

Alan Schoenfeld is awarded the Felix Klein Medal

The Felix Klein Medal for 2011 goes to Alan H. Schoenfeld, University of California at...

Luis Radford is awarded Hans Freudenthal Medal

  The Hans Freudenthal Medal for 2011 goes to Luis Radford, Université...

ICMI has 1000 friends on FaceBook

ICMI has now 1000 friends on Facebook. You can go to and...

IPC for ICMI Study 22 has first meeting

The IPC-International Programme Committee of ICMI Study 22 on Task Design is having (January 9...

Pipeline Researcher & Individual Country Data Collectors

Pipeline Researcher & Individual Country Data Collectors. This is an opportunity for one or...

Database Project Researcher

This is an opportunity for one or more researchers to continue the ICMI Database project. ...

ICMI 2012 - Message from ICMI President

Dear ICMI Community,Welcome to 2012, and thanks to everyone who has served us all in 2011.2011 was...

ICME-13 will be in Hamburg in 2016

As reported earlier, the Executive Committee of ICMI has received by November 2010 three bids...

Posters for ICME-12 till December 31st

Poster Deadline Postponed(December 31, 2011) IPC of ICME-12 has determined to prolong the...

CANP Mali 2011 was a success

Report on the first implementation of CANP "Capacity and Networking Programme in the...

ICMI Awards Committee calls for proposals

ICMI The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction THE ICMI AWARDS...

TSG submission deadline postponed

The IPC decided to postpone the submission deadline of papers to TSGs due to the late production...

First Capacity and Networking Project (CANP) workshop begins in Mali

CANP/ EDIMATHS Press Release Mali 2011 Developing mathematics teacher educators for the...

ICME-12: the online submission system is open

The on-line submission system of Topic Study Groups (TSG), Workshop and SharingGroups (WSG) and...

ICMI Study 21 Conference just began

The Conference for Study 21 'Mathematics Education and Language Diversity' just began in Aguas de...

CANP Project

Capacity & Networking Project (CANP) The Mathematical Sciences in the Developing World ...

ICME-12: All TSGs are calling for contributions

One very important part of ICME-12 is the TOPIC STUDY GROUPs (TSGs). They are alloted 4 blocks of...

ICMI Study 18 Helps Statistics Teachers Stay Ahead

ICMI Study 18 Helps Statistics Teachers Stay Ahead To stay competitive in today’s world,...

Book from ICMI Study 18 was launched

The book resulting from ICMI Study number 18 was launched internationaly at the CIAEM meeting in...

DG Proposal Submission Deadline Extended!

DG Proposal Submission Deadline Extended! The IPC of ICME-12 has determined to prolong the...

ICME-12: 2nd announcement

The second Announcement has been uploaded on the ICME-12 website The...

Renuka Vithal gets honorary Phd from Aalborg

In Denmark, Aalborg University’s annual celebration last April 8th, that took place in the...

Ed Jacobsen receives Luis Santaló medal

IACME awards the Luis Santaló Medal to Ed Jacobsen  The Comité Interamericano de Educación...

Filippo Spagnolo

It is our sad duty to inform that Filippo Spagnolo, Vice-President of CIEAEM, an Affiliate...

ICME-12 is moving

ICME-12: 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education July 8-15, 2012, Seoul, Korea. A...

New permanent Office of IMU/ICMI/CDC

February 1, 2011 was a great day for IMU and ICMI and CDC. After a lengthy but very productive...

UNESCO: The challenges of mathematics education in basic education

UNESCO: The challenges of mathematics education in basic education"Les défis de l’enseignement...

Alicia Villar

Alicia Villar (Uruguay), former vice-president of IACME-CIAEM passed away It is with great sadness...

Experiencing Mathematics around the world

Exhibition “Experiencing Mathematics??? in West Africa - Report 2010 With the help of UNESCO, but...

ICMI Study 21 conference - new deadlines

ICMI Study 21: Mathematics Education and Language Diversity Study Conference: September 16-20,...

XIIIth IACME - third announcement

The XIIIth Interamerican Conference on Math Education will be held at the Universidade Federal de...

ICMI Study 20 conference just began

After a 6 month delay caused by the volcano eruption, the ICMI Study 20 Conference began in Lisbon,...

Celia Hoyles receives first ever Kavli Education Medal

Award recognises distinguished contribution to science or mathematics education The first ever...

EMF 2012

Le prochain colloque Espace Mathématique Francophone EMF2012 se tiendra à Genève du 3 au 7 février...

Call for papers: ICMI Study 21 conference

ICMI Study 21: Mathematics Education and Language DiversityMonte Real Hotel??guas de Lindóia, São...

ICMI Reports

  Three new reports have been published: Report on ICMI Activities in 2009ICMI Financial...

An overview of IMU

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) is a commission of the...

The First Century of ICMI (1908-2008)

The Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana is pleased to annouce that the bookThe First Century of...

New Affiliate organizations

ICMI Announcement: Affiliate organizations It is with great pleasure that ICMI announces that the...

ICMI Study 21 discussion document

The International Programme Committee of ICMI Study has released the Discussion Document for the...

2009 Hans Freudenthal Award goes to Yves Chevallard, France

The ICMI Awards Committee has just announced it reached a decision concerning the 2009 Hans...

2009 Felix Klein Award goes to Gilah Leder, Australia

The ICMI Awards Committee has just announced it reached a decision concerning the 2009 Felix Klein...

ICMI Study 21

The 21st ICMI Study has a new webpage. Please go to ICMI Study-21...

ICME-12 First Announcement now available

The First Announcement of ICME-12 has just been issued by the congress organizers and can be...

Former ICMI EC member honored

Alexei L. Semenov, member of the 2007-2009 ICMI Executive Committee and Rector of the Moscow...

CIAEM becomes an ICMI Affiliate Organisation

The Comité Inter-Americano de Educación Matemática  (Inter-American Committee on Mathematical...

New Terms of Reference for ICMI

Following a series of discussions between the Executive Committees of ICMI and IMU, revised Terms...

A new ICMI Study Volume has appeared

The Study Volume resulting from the 17th ICMI Study has just appeared in the New ICMI Study Series...

Change of status for Thailand

Thailand, which was a member of ICMI since 1996, but not as a member of IMU, has just acquired the...

Extended deadline for contributions to the ICMI/ICIAM Study

The International Programme Committee of the joint ICMI/ICIAM Study (ICMI Study 20) on Educational...

Opening of the ICMI Digital Library

The Executive Committee of ICMI is pleased to announce the opening of the ICMI Digital...

Progress report on the Klein Project

The international Design Team for the Klein Project, appointed jointly by IMU and ICMI in 2008, met...

A call for ICMI Awards nominations

The ICMI Awards Committee is issuing a call for nominations of candidates for the 2009 Felix Klein...

Two publications on the history of ICMI

The symposium celebrating the ICMI Centennial, held in Rome in March 2008, has resulted in two...

ICMI Study 19 Proceedings available online

The book of all the papers accepted for presentation at ICMI Study 19 conference, held on May...

ICMI Annual Reports for 2008

The annual reports of ICMI for the year 2008 (Activities and Finance), submitted to the Executive...

The Klein Project gets under way

ICMI and IMU have decided during 2008 the launching of the Klein Project, whose ambition is to...

Two NISS volumes have just appeared

Two volumes resulting from recent ICMI studies are now available. New ICMI Study Series Vol. 11The...

Joint ICMI/ICIAM Study

ICMI and ICIAM (the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) announce the...

ICMI has a new member

Since the ICMI General Assembly held during ICME-11 in Monterrey, last July, a new country has...

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