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The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction was established at the Fourth International Congress of Mathematicians held in Rome in 1908.  It was initiated to support a then widespread interest among mathematicians in school education. 

After interruptions of activity around the two World Wars, ICMI was reconstituted in 1952.  It was a time when the international mathematical community was being reorganized and ICMI then became a commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU).

About IMU

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics. It is a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and has endorsed repeatedly ICSU's Principle of Freedom, Responsibility & Universality of Science.

The objectives of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) are:

  1. To promote international cooperation in mathematics
  2. To support and assist the International Congress of Mathematicians and other international scientific meetings or conferences
  3. To encourage and support other international mathematical activities considered likely to contribute to the development of mathematical science in any of its aspects, pure, applied, or educational

Details about IMU

More precise objectives and detailed Information about the organization of IMU can be found in its statutes (and of course in the IMU server that you are currently visiting). Legally, IMU is an unincorporated association, recognized as a charitable organization by the internal revenue service of Berlin, Germany (Finanzamt Berlin-Charlottenburg). Ongoing activities concerning IMU are published in IMU Bulletins and in the bimonthly newsletter IMU-Net to which everybody can subscribe.

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