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A website on the history of ICMI

On the occasion of the Symposium held in Rome in March 2008 to celebrate the centennial of ICMI, a website on the history of the Commission was launched, under the direction of Fulvia Furinghetti and Livia Giacardi.  The aim of the History of ICMI website is to offer elements that allow to delineate the full history and some important features of ICMI.

Components of this historical website are:

  • the Timeline, listing moments in the history of ICMI together with the references to the sources of information
  • the section devoted to Documents, providing direct access to historical documents and people
  • the section Interviews and Film Clips, where opinions and memories of important chief characters in the life of ICMI are videotaped.
  • the Portrait Gallery, containing the biographic cameos of the ICMI officers and of the honorary members who have passed away in the first hundred years.  Some officers were professional mathematicians, members of the ICMI Executive Committee, others were researchers in pure mathematics with a strong interest in mathematics education evidenced by their activity in school milieu and by specific publications concerning aspects of mathematical instruction.  When possible the authors of the cameos were chosen in the countries of the officer treated in the cameo; this allowed to involve colleagues of different countries and to share with them the spirit of the enterprise of constructing a historical website about ICMI.

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