A new ICMI Study Volume has appeared

The Study Volume resulting from the 17th ICMI Study has just appeared in the New ICMI Study Series (NISS):

Celia Hoyles and Jean-Baptiste Lagrange (Eds.)
Mathematics Education and Technology - Rethinking the Terrain: The 17th ICMI Study.
New ICMI Study Series, Vol. 13
Springer, 2010.

Other recent volumes in the NISS series are:

Ruhama Even and Deborah Loewenberg Ball (Eds.)
The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics: The 15th ICMI Study.
New ICMI Study Series, Vol. 11
Springer, 2009.

Edward J. Barbeau and Peter J. Taylor (Eds.)
Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom: The 16th ICMI Study.
New ICMI Study Series, Vol. 12
Springer, 2009.

Individuals purchasing these volumes for personal use are entitled to a 60% discount on the hardbound price.  Click here for information on how to obtain this "ICMI discount".


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