ICME-12: the online submission system is open

The on-line submission system of Topic Study Groups (TSG), Workshop and Sharing
Groups (WSG) and Poster sessions for ICME-12 has been opened. Please visit the Congress website ( and at the first page, click the <My Page> button located in the left-up corner or go to <Proposal & Paper submissions> menu or go to each TSG website after clicking the red button <Topic Study Groups>.

If you visit for the first time you have to sign up first; then please log in with the ID and Password you put in the sign-up process. In the case of TSGs, there is no template for a proposal but the LOC will upload the template for the final draft of which deadline is the April 10, 2012 on the Congress website. However, in the cases of WSG and Poster proposals, you have to use the application form. You can find the forms if you go to <Proposal & Paper submissions> menu. If you have any questions about the on-line submission system, please contact Hee-chan Lew.

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