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Announcement: Call for Nominations

The Executive Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) a number of years ago created two awards, each in the form of a diploma and a medal, to recognise outstanding accomplishments in mathematics education research:

  • the Hans Freudenthal Award, for a major programme of research on mathematics education,

  • the Felix Klein Award, for lifelong achievement in mathematics education research.

An ICMI Awards Committee has been appointed for selecting the awardees. The President of ICMI has appointed Professor Carolyn Kieran to chair this committee, the other members of which are anonymous until their terms have come to an end.

The first recipients of these two awards, Professor Guy Brousseau (France) for the Felix Klein Award and Professor Celia Hoyles (UK) for the Hans Freudenthal Award, formally received these at the opening ceremonies of ICME-10 in Copenhagen, in July 2004. The two 2005 awards went to Professors Ubiratan D’Ambrosio (Brazil) (the Klein Award) and Paul Cobb (USA) (the Freudenthal Award), and for 2007, Professors Jeremy Kilpatrick (USA) and Anna Sfard (Israel/UK/USA) received the Klein and the Freudenthal Awards, respectively; these awards were formally presented to the recipients at the opening ceremony of ICME-11 in Monterrey, México, in July 2008. The two 2009 awards went to Professors Gilah Leder (Australia) (the Klein Award) and Yves Chevallard (France) (the Freudenthal Award). The awards for 2009 and for the current 2011 cycle will be formally presented to the recipients at the opening ceremony of ICME-12 in Seoul, Korea, in July 2012.

The ICMI Awards Committee is at this time entering the 2011 cycle of selecting awardees. We acknowledge that the 2011 process is a little behind schedule, and apologise for the delay, but we expect to announce the 2011 awards in February, 2012. As was the case with the previous cycles, the ICMI Awards Committee welcomes suggestions coming from the mathematics education community, hence this call for nominations.

A nomination of a candidate for the Felix Klein Award or the Hans Freudenthal Award has to be accompanied by a summary presenting the vita and the achievements of the person nominated, as well as the reasons for the nomination. Moreover, nominations also have to include the names and coordinates of two or three persons from whom the committee may seek further information.

All proposals must be sent by e-mail ( or to the Chair of the Committee no later than December 1, 2011.

Prof. Carolyn Kieran, Chair of the ICMI Awards Committee

Département de mathématiques

Université du Québec à Montréal

C.P. 8888, succursale Centre-Ville

Montréal, QC, H3C 3P8


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