Pipeline Researcher & Individual Country Data Collectors


Pipeline Researcher & Individual Country Data Collectors.


This is an opportunity for one or more researchers to continue the IMU/ICMI Pipeline project.


The aim is to collect and analyze comprehensive data on the flow of mathematical science students from school to university to workplace on a worldwide basis and study the issues associated with this flow.


Up to this point data significant data had been collected for 12 countries from 1960 to the present and the first report was written in 2009.


The data collected so far includes:

·      School leavers qualifications AND/OR cohort of students studying mathematics

·      Bachelor data (Mathematical Sciences & All subjects)

·      PhD Data (Mathematical Sciences & All subjects)

·      Population data 20-24 year old

·      Destinations of mathematical science graduates by industry

·      Employment status of mathematical science graduates – employed / study / other

·      Number of graduates of senior secondary mathematics teacher training programmes.


This voluntary position would suit someone with an interest in mathematics education. The research would include collecting further data from new countries and completing the existing datasets.


The researcher is invited to publish further reports under his or her name, organise small seminars or, in the case of multiple researchers, form a research group or panel.


More information about the project:


Enquiries should be directed to Lena Koch, IMU Secretariat:



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