CANP Costa Rica 2012: a great success.

The Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean has been created.

Between 6 and 17 August 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica, was carried out with great success the Escuela seminario internacional Construcción de Capacidades en Matemáticas y Educación Matemática: CANP Costa Rica 2012.

The event brought together 67 researchers and educators of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, who developed 23 different activities (conferences, courses, forums, symposia) on important themes of Mathematics and Mathematics Education: Fundamental Mathematics in Primary and Secondary School, Contemporary Mathematics, Technologies, Competencies, Research, Pre-service and in-service Teacher Preparation, Use of History of Mathematics, Epistemology of Mathematics.

Under this international framework a public symposium was held: the Costa Rican 25th Symposium on Math, Science and Society, joined by 200 participants.

The inaugural ceremony included the participation of the Costa Rican Minister of Public Education, Leonardo Garnier. The media coverage was impressive: main TV channels, newspapers and radio stations.

A highlight of CANP 2012 was the presentation and discussion of 5 national reports on the situation on Math Education preparation in this region.

Videos about CANP 2012 can be seen here: and here:

The most important result of CANP Costa Rica 2012 was the founding of the Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean, which seeks to enhance capacities in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in the region. The website is: 

The network began its work with the support of several international organizations: ICMI, IMU, ICSU and the CIAEM, and already has the support of several societies of Mathematics educators in the region. 

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