IACME/CIAEM XIV a Great Success

IACME/CIAEM XIV a Great Success
New IACME/CIAEM Leadership for 2015-2019

Nearly 1000 participants from 23 countries participated in over 500 presentations (communications, workshops and posters) in the XIVth Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education that was held in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México, from May 3-7, 2015. It was a regional meeting of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI).

The activities took place in three locations: the Marriott Tuxtla Gutiérrez Hotel, the Fiesta Inn Tuxtla Gutiérrez Hotel and the Universidad del Valle de México - Tuxtla Gutiérrez campus (which was the event’s academic hub).

Presentations of a high scientific level dominated the event, which took place in a very special cultural environment, with the warm hospitality of the colleagues from Chiapas.

Keynote addresses were given by Michèle Artigue (France), Carlos Vasco (Colombia), Diane Briars (USA), Abraham Arcavi (Israel-Argentina), Celia Hoyles (United Kingdon), María Teresa Tatto (USA) and Alicia Ávila (México). They also participated in special Dialogues which offered additional opportunities for discussion.

A plenary roundtable organized by the Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean (Red de Educación Matemática de América Central y El Caribe) included the participation of Carlos Sánchez (Cuba), Nelly León (Venezuela), Edison de Faría (Costa Rica), and Luis Carlos Arboleda and Jhony Villa (Colombia).
There were Parallel Talks and Mini-Courses presented by invited academics. Among them were: Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Richard Noss (United Kingdom), Manuel Santos (México), Gert Schubring (Germany), José Chamoso (Spain), José Luis Lupiáñez (Spain), Arthur Powell (USA), Alessandro Ribeiro (Brazil), Roberto Araya (Chile), Gilberto Obando (Colombia), Uldarico Malaspina (Perú).
A total of over 49 international speakers were invited.

The two main Topics were Preparation of Teachers of Mathematics and The Use of Technology in Mathematics Education.


The full-length papers of all the presentations can be obtained at the website: A final registered version of the online Proceedings will be available in December of 2015.

The Opening Ceremony was an emotional and motivating event:
* The Conference was formally inaugurated by the Secretary of Education of Chiapas Ricardo A. Aguilar Gordillo.
* IACME’s second Luis Santaló medal was presented to Michèle Artigue, in recognition of her contribution to Mathematics Education around the world, especially in Latin America, and for her long support of IACME
* A welcoming message from Ferdinando Arzarello, President of ICMI.
* A welcoming message from Ubiratan D’Ambrosio, Past President of IACME.
* The memory of Hernán Miranda Vera (Chile), Secretary of IACME (2007-2011), who died tragically in November of 2013, was evoked.

A welcome reception with cheerful marimba music was followed by dancing to a live local group.

 The Conference had the important sponsorship of various national and international institutions: ICMI, the Universidade Luterana do Brasil, the Ministry of Education of the State of Chiapas, the Universidad del Valle de México, the Mexican National Educational Workers Union (SNTE), the Regional Center for Teacher Preparation and Educational Research (CRESUR), the Chiapas Conventions and Visitors Bureau (OCV),the Mexican National Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ANPM), the Higher Normal School of Chiapas, the University of Costa Rica, HP, CASIO, EduSystems.

During IACME XIV the General Assembly of the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education was held and the following leadership was elected for the 2015-2019 period:

 Executive Committee
- Angel Ruiz (Costa Rica). President
- Eduardo Mancera (México). First Vice President
- Patrick Scott (USA). Second Vice President
- Claudia Groenwald (Brazil). Secretary

Regional Members-at-Large
- Eduardo Basurto (México). North America
- Hugo Barrantes (Costa Rica). Central America
- Sarah González (Dominican Republic). The Caribbean
- Jhony Villa (Colombia). Andean Region
- Gustavo Bermúdez (Uruguay). Southern Cone Region
- Alessandro Ribeiro (Brazil). Luso-American Region.


(The IACME Leadership, from right to left: Eduardo Mancera, Eduardo Basurto, Patrick Scott, Hugo Barrantes, Claudia Groenwald, Jhony Villa, Alessandro Ribeiro and Angel Ruiz.)


IACME opted for continuity in leadership in recognition of the progress that has been made. Since 2007 among the accomplishments are:
# Increasing the academic quality and impact of the Inter-American Conference
# Consolidating the publishing of selected Works from the Conferences in the journal Cuadernos de Investigación y Formación en Educación Matemática (edited in Costa Rica)
# Strengthening the relationship between IACME and the international Mathematics Education community, especially with ICMI and International Mathematical Union.
# Creating and consolidating the Luis Santaló Medal
# Supporting the development of the ICMI workshop/seminar in Costa Rica in 2012
# Sponsoring the creation of the Network for Mathematics Education in Central America and the Caribbean (REDUMATE).
# Managing the 1st Congress on Mathematics Education in Central America and the Caribbean in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in November of 2013.
# Consolidating the intensive use of technology in the communication of all of the activities of IACME.
# Creating an IACME virtual community
# Establishing the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education as a legal entity in Mexico.
# Translating and publishing NCTM’s Principles to Actions in 2015 and developing a close collaboration with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Also, a decision was reached to hold IACME XV in Medellín, Colombia, in 2019.

IACME is the most important event n Mathematics Education in Latin America. It is a point of reference for researchers, educators and students from throughout the Americas.







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