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The Klein Project

The Klein Project is inspired by Felix Klein’s famous book Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint, published one century ago.  It is intended as a stimulus for mathematics teachers, so to help them to make connections between the mathematics they teach, or can be asked to teach, and the field of mathematics, while taking into account the evolution of this field over the last century. 

The project will have three outputs: a book simultaneously published in several languages, a resource DVD to assist teachers wishing to bring some of the ideas to realisation in their classes, and a wiki-based web-site seen as a vehicle for the many people who will wish to contribute to the project in an on-going way.

The project is managed by an international Design Team consisting of:

Michèle Artigue, Université Paris Diderot, France
Ferdinando Arzarello, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy
Bill Barton, The University of Auckland, New Zealand (chair)
Graeme Cohen, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
William (Bill) McCallum, University of Arizona, USA
Tomas Recio, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
Christiane Rousseau, Université de Montréal, Canada
Hans-Georg Weigand, Universität Würzburg, Germany

Two meetings of the Design Group have taken place, in Paris in May, 2009, and Auckland in April 2010. A website of the project has been developed and a wiki is accesible at www.kleinproject.org. The project also developed Klein vignettes whose production is open to everybody.

The first "Klein Conference" was held in Madeira in October, 2009. The second was held in Castro-Urdales, Spain, in June 2010. Other conferences were held in Oxford (England), 18th June, 2010, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), July 2010, Pittsburg (USA), 6-7 August 2010 and Palo Alto (USA), 7-11 November 2011.

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