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Sub-Commissions for ICMI

With the aim of extending and consolidating the network of mathematics educators and mathematicians within and between countries, the Executive Committee of ICMI encourages the establishing of Sub-Commissions for ICMI in the member countries.  In quite a few countries, such ICMI Sub-Commissions have been established, in some cases many years ago.

According to item 5 of the Terms of Reference for ICMI, the establishing of a Sub-Commission in a country requires acceptance by its Adhering Organisation, which is also to appoint (at least) one member of the Sub-Commission, who serves as the Representative to ICMI for that country and who is often the chairperson.  Furthermore, a Sub-Commission should reflect in its membership all educational levels and domains pertinent to mathematics education in the country, including associations of mathematics reachers, university mathematicians, researchers in mathematics education, etc.

Experience shows that Sub-Commissions for ICMI serve to provide an organized local forum for dealing with issues of mathematics education and for exchange of information within the country, while offering an interface between the country and the international mathematics education community as represented by ICMI. 

The following 16 countries have currently appointed a Sub-Commission for ICMI.



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