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The ICMI Digital Library Project

The ICMI Digital Library Project aims at providing open access to ICMI publications.  

The Commission has been contemplating for a long time making available freely online all the documents produced by ICMI or on the occasion of the various activities organised under its auspices.  This long-term initiative received a major impetus in 2007 when, in the context of the Digitisation Programme of the International Mathematical Union, ICMI was offered by the IMU Executive Committee to have the support of the IMU Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC), in particular as regards the digitisation of past ICMI publications.

The material to be made acccessible via the ICMI Digital Library includes for instance the issues of the ICMI Bulletin, the Proceedings of all the ICME congresses or the volumes resulting from the ICMI Studies.  But it also refers to other publications related to activities supported or sponsored by ICMI, such as the proceedings of ICMI regional conferences.

Comment and suggestions about the ICMI Digital Library Project and how to make it a useful tool for the community are most welcome and should be sent to the Secretary-General.

Information will be provided on this page as more material becomes available.


Documents available

Proceedings of ICMI Study conferences

  • Proceedings of the ICMI Study 18 Conference and IASE 2008 Round Table Conference (Joint ICMI/IASE Study Statistics in School Mathematics. Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education). 30 June- 4 July 2008, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico. Editors: Carmen Batanero, Gail Burrill, Chris Reading and Allan Rossman. ISBN: 978-90-73592-28-5:

Proceedings from other ICMI Conferences

L'Enseignement Mathématique

All the past issues of L'Enseignement Mathématique can be accessed freely online — except for the five most recent years.

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