IMU-Net 49b: Special issue the Blog on Mathematical Journals
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IMU-Net 49b: Special issue the Blog on Mathematical Journals

"IMU-Net 49b: Special issue the Blog on Mathematical Journals"

Blog on Mathematical Journals

In implementation of Resolution 18 adopted by the
IMU General Assembly in 2010:

"The General Assembly of the IMU asks the EC to create,
in cooperation with ICIAM, a Working Group that is
charged with considering whether or not a joint ICIAM/IMU
method of ranking mathematical journals should be instituted,
and what other possible options there may be for protecting
against the inappropriate use of impact factors and similar
manipulable indices for evaluating research."

the IMU and the ICIAM have created a joint working group to
study the issue. The working group which was composed of
N. Joshi, D. N. Arnold, C. Hutchins, J. D. S. Jones,
M. MacCallum, P. Michor, S. Mueller, and T. Tang has
finished its work and come up with a report which is on IMU's
Web page at the following URL:

The working group examined the issue of why a rating of
mathematical journals is desirable and submitted a detailed
proposal for IMU/ICIAM journal rating. Before going ahead
and taking any further action the IMU and ICIAM want to
explore opinions on a larger scale and get as much input
as possible from the mathematical community. That is why
a "Blog on Mathematical Journals" (URL: has been installed.
The blog is moderated by a group of 6 persons (D. Arnold,
C. Hutchins, N. Joshi, P. Olver (chair), F. Planchon,
T. Tang).

Everyone interested can submit his/her opinion through
posting an article (e-mail to:
and/or forwarding a comment (add a comment to a posted
article by typing in the "comments" window or sending
e-mail to

Please go the mathematical journals blog and join the
discussion of the issue.

IMU and ICIAM particularly ask you to spread the information
about the report and blog on mathematical journals widely
in your community. Input from a wide range of persons is
necessary to discuss this important issue and prepare for
the final decision process.

last updated: 2012-10-30