IMU-Net 59b: Special issue on ICM 2014 invitation program “NANUM 2014”
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IMU-Net 59b : Special issue on ICM 2014 invitation program “NANUM 2014”

Invitation to submit online applications under the ICM 2014 invitation
program "NANUM 2014"
Travel grants for 1,000 mathematicians
Online submission system is activated now

The Organizing Committee of ICM 2014 offers to invite
1,000 mathematicians in developing countries to Korea to
participate in ICM 2014.

NANUM means “generous sharing” in Korean. Travel grants
awarded will be in the range of approximately US$1,500 -
US$2,500 per person according to the regional groups,
making the total sum of US$2 million under this program.
The application and selection procedures for NANUM 2014
will be based on merit and with due regard for gender and
geographical balance. The ICM 2014 Organizing Committee
will only consider applications for support made by
individual mathematicians with a Ph.D. or equivalent.

Applications can only be submitted online, the online
submission system is active now, see
for more details, e.g., the prerequisites to be eligible
for a travel grant.

The direct link to enter the online application process
Login with username (e-mail) and password is the first
step to start the online submission.

Important dates:
- Deadline for applications: August 31, 2013
- Review of applications completed: December 31, 2013
- Notification to applicants of acceptance: January 2014

In case of questions, e-mail has to be sent to:

Please spread the information about the NANUM 2014 travel
grant program and encourage everyone considered to be
eligible to submit an application for an ICM 2014 travel grant.

Editor: Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel, University Paris Descartes, Paris, France
last updated: 2013-06-15