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The IMU Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize for applications of mathematics is to be awarded for outstanding

The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize is given, in particular, for the impact the work of the prize winner has had in practice.

Since the practical usefulness of mathematical results is often not immediately visible and since the applicability and importance for practice may only be realized after a long time lag, no age limit should restrict the choice of a prize winner.

The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize may also be awarded to

The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize is awarded every four years at an International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), for the first time at ICM’2006. The Prize consists of a Medal and a Cash Prize. For the first award, the cash prize will be Euro 10.000,--. In the case of a shared award each prize winner will receive a medal, the cash prize will be divided.

The International Mathematical Union appoints a Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize Committee in analogy to its other Prize Committees. The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize Committee reports its choice to the IMU president who informs the prize winner(s), inviting him/her/them to the Award Ceremony at the forthcoming ICM.

The funds of the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize (resulting from a positive balance of ICM´98 in Berlin) are administrated by the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV).

The DMV treasurer stays in touch with the IMU president concerning the prize. The DMV treasurer is responsible for the production of the medal(s) and takes care that the medal(s) and check(s) are available at the Award Ceremony.  The DMV appoints a representative handing out the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize.