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Purchasing the NISS volumes: how to obtain the ICMI discount

Since the 1990s, the volumes resulting from the ICMI Studies appear in the New ICMI Study Series (NISS), now published by Springer (formerly Kluwer) under the general editorship of the President and Secretary-General of ICMI.

According to the contract between ICMI and Springer, "members of the ICMI community" are entitled to the ICMI Society Discount, namely

  • a discount of 60% from the list price on each NISS series hardbound volume, and

  • a 25% discount on each softbound volume in the series.

The contract wording has been coined so to be as inclusive as possible, but it is understood that the books thus ordered are for personal use only.

The procedure for obtaining the ICMI society discount is as follows.

i)  Orders must be placed personally, on the Springer website, through the NISS series homepage

ii)  In order to obtain the society discount granted to ICMI, individuals should enter the respective tokens when asked to during the ordering process, under "SpringerToken / promocode".

iii)  The following Token Numbers have been issued by Springer for use by the members of the ICMI community:

Token for Hardbound: zqwqqJQFWzQ8WqY
Token for Softbound: hAjkrckgWFaEYQA

This discount is not available to institutions or when ordering the NISS volumes through a bookstore.

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