ICM 2002 Videos - Beijing, China





Title / Video


Laurent Lafforgue

Drinfeld Varieties and the Langlands Programme

David Mumford

Pattern Theory: the Mathematics of Perception

Gang Tian

Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis


Luis Angel Caffarelli

Non linear elliptic equations: some current issuess

Victor Kac

Classification of supersymmetries

Uffe Haagerup

Random Matrices, Free Probability and the Invariant Subspace Problem relative to a von Neumann Algebra


Noga Alon

Discrete Mathematics: methods and challenges

Shafi Goldwasser

Mathematical Foundations of Modern Cryptography: A Complexity Perspective


Yum-Tong Siu

Some Recent Transcendental Techniques in Algebraic and Complex Geometry

Michael Jerome Hopkins

Algebraic Topology and Modular Torms

Douglas Norman Arnold

From exact sequences to colliding black holes: Differential complexes in numerical analysis


Alberto Bressan

Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension

Hiraku Nakajima

Geometric construction of representations of affine algebras

Richard Lawrence Taylor

Galois representations, L-functions, motives and modular form


Harry Kesten

Some highlights of percolation

Sun-Yung Alice Chang

Non-linear Partial Differential Equations in Conformal Geometry

David Leigh Donoho

Geometric Multiscale Analysis