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Adhering Organization:

Russian Academy of Sciences

Mathematics Section
Leninskii Prospekt, 14
119991 Moscow

Committee for Mathematics:

National Committee of Mathematicians of Russia

Dr. Alexander Pechen, Scientific Secretary
Steklov Mathematical Institute
Gubkina str., 8
119991 Moscow
Fax: +7(495) 9848139
E-mail: pechen(at)


Mathematical Societies:

Moscow Mathematical Society

Prof. S. Novikov
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
Russian Academy of Sciences
Kosygina 2
117 940 Moscow GSP-1, Russia

St. Petersburg Mathematical Society

Prof. A. M. Vershik
St. Petersburg Dept. of Mathematical Institute
Russian Academy of Science
27 Fontanka
191 011 St. Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: matob(at), vershik(at)

Voronezh Mathematical Society

Prof. S.G. Krein, President
ul. Timeryaseva 6 a ap 35
394 043 Voronezh, Russia

last updated: 2015-03-26