• Executive Committee 1999-2002
  • ICME-9 in Makuhari, Japan
  • ICME-10, Copenhagen: A Progress Report
    Hans Christian Hansen and Bernard R. Hodgson
  • A Renewed ICMI Website in a New Location
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • Two Useful Websites in Spain
  • The Twelfth ICMI Study: The Future of the Teaching and Learning of Algebra - Discussion Document
  • The Thirteenth ICMI Study on Mathematics Education in Different Traditions
  • International Symposium: One Hundred Years of L'Enseignement Mathématique: Moments of Mathematics Education in the 20th Century (Geneva, 20-22 October 2000)
  • A New ICMI Study Has Appeared
  • The General Assembly of ICMI to Convene at ICME-9
    Hyman Bass and Bernard R. Hodgson
  • A Note to (and about) ICMI National Representatives
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • Report on ICMI Activities in 1996-2000
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • Report by the International Study Group on the Relations Between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics (HPM)
    Jan van Maanen
  • Report by the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME)
    Gilah Leder
  • Report by the International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education (IOWME)
    Leone Burton
  • Report by the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC)
    Ronald G. Dunkley
  • The All-Russian Conference on Mathematical Education, Dubna - Final Announcement of the ICMI Regional Conference
  • Proceedings from International Conference on Mathematics Education Published by NCTM (USA)
    Zalman P. Usiskin
  • ICMI Executive Committees 1908-1998
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