Pipeline Project
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Pipeline Project

The "Pipeline" Project is a study about issues associated with the supply and demand for mathematics students and personnel in educational institutions and the workplace.  The study is coordinated by ICMI at the request of its mother organization, the International Mathematical Union (IMU).  It also builds on, and is an extension of, the work of the Survey Team for ICME-11 on the topic of "Recruitment, entrance and retention of students to university mathematical studies in different countries" and chaired by Derek Holton. 

The aim of the Pipeline project has been to collect data, on an international basis, on the number of mathematical science students passing through four transition points:

1. school to undergraduate courses

2. undergraduate courses to postgraduate courses

3. university into employment

4. university into teaching 

After distributing an initial questionnaire to establish availability of data, the Pipeline project began collecting data from ten countries:

·      Australia

·      England & Wales

·      Finland

·      France

·      Hong Kong

·      New Zealand

·      Portugal

·      Scotland

·      Taiwan

·      United Kingdom

·      USA

The Data

The data collection focused on data from 1960 to present wherever possible. It is displayed here by country. The charts and graphs contained in these pages are not the full collection but a summary.

A full set of data is available from the IMU on request. Please contact icmi(at)mathunion.org

last updated: 2012-03-16