Here is a sample of some official and governmental initiatives which are being taken to address the problem of retention of women in mathematics in science and mathematics in particular.


UNESCO data on Women in Science
. Explore the data for countries around the world.


INTEGER Institutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research. A  project financed by the European Commission within the Science program. The partners are CNRS, Silauliai University, GESIS and Trinity College.

GenPort `Your gateway to gender and science resources’

Gender Summits This is an initiative of the European Union. The annual Gender Summits are dedicated to supporting and advancing excellence and effectiveness of research and innovation at all levels, through the inclusion of gender.

Science: It’s a girl thing  An initiative of the European Commission.  Offers encourgament and information for girls to take up careers in science.


Mission pour la place des femmes au CNRS  (Mission on the place of women in the CNRS)



This German initiative lists profiles of female scientists as a tool to aid recruitment, finding experts, conference speakers, science writing or similar purposes. Site in German and English.


The Athena Swan Charter for Women in Science

This is an official British organization devoted to advancing women’s academic careers in Science, Maths and Engineering. The charter recognizes commitment to advancing women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) employment in academia. Any (British) higher education institution which is committed to the advancement and promotion of the careers of women in STEMM in higher education and research can apply for membership.


A British organisation whose mission is to increase the gender balance in the UK’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) workforce, pushing the presence of female employees from 13% as it stands in 2014, to 30% by 2020.

There are also WISE initiatives on many US campuses, see here.



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