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Travel Grants to attend the ICM 2018

Travel Grants Program for the ICM 2018 Open Arms Program for mathematicians from developing countries

The deadline for Open Arms Program has passed (exept for the Open Arms Brazil Program, see below).

The list of grantees has been published.

The "Open Arms program",  offers 635 travel grants for mathematicians, young and senior, from developing countries to attend the Congress; 200 of those grants will be for mathematicians working in Latin-American countries other than Brazil. The program is sponsored by IMPA and the Brazilian Mathematical Society, alongside with a generous offer of 135 travel grants from the International Mathematical Union.


Open Arms-Brazil Program

The "Open Arms-Brazil" program is the version of the Open Arms especially targeted at mathematicians affiliatied with Brazilian institutions. The program will offer 250 travel grants, with specific amounts depending on the selection committee's evaluation and budget constraints.


Applications will be received from October 8, 2017, until January 8, 2018. The list of grantees will be available by February 21, 2018.


Mathematicians, regardless of nacionality, affiliated with Brazilian institutions are eligible to apply.