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Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM)

Together with the London Mathematical Society, IMU-CDC supports the continuation of the Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM). The program links African academics with their UK and European counterparts via professional mentoring partnerships. In doing so, MARM provides the means and opportunities for African mathematicians to develop international working relationships while also improving the quality of academic provision within their home institution. Each partnership has collaboratively defined its own objectives and priorities specific to the needs of the African institution, as well as its own targeted methods of accomplishing these. In 2016 the project received its second payment for its activities undertaken in 2016. They have included: Exchange visits, lectures, seminars and workshop series at African institution, joint PhD supervision, mentoring and support for African postgraduate students with respect to wider academic and life skills, mentoring African early careers staff in research and other skills and developing of research contacts and networking.The funding for this grant came from the 2016 Abel Board Grant to IMU.

More information can be found on the program website.