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Library Assistance Scheme Libraries Inquiry

Private or State University
Representative for scheduling of the shipment
Name of the university's representative who could be contacted for further scheduling of the shipment
Telephone number at which the representative could be reached
Full shipment address (please use your university address, no private addresses allowed)
Please complete the following information so we can better deal with your inquiry.
Indicate the books / materials needed
Real Analysis
Complex Analysis
Abstract Algebra
Linear Algebra
Differential Geometry
Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics
Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Logic Foundations
Combinatorics/Discrete Mathematics
Combinatorial Design Theory
Which languages would be suitable?
Explain the need for such materials at your location. How extensive is the current mathematical collection, and how large is the mathematical community which will access the books?
Explain any special circumstances which have affected your collection such as wars, natural disasters, growth of the graduate program in mathematics, shrinkage of the library budget, or other issues.
Are your mathematical holdings available to all professional mathematicians
Without regard to religion, gender, national origin and race/ethnicity?
Are your mathematical holdings available to all professional mathematicians
Previous participation
Has your institution or have you participated in any CDC (CDE/ DSCG) or IMU supported programs?
Previous participation
Please note: Applicants will be notified about the result of the request within four weeks. If plans are made to ship the materials, the receiving institution should anticipate any customs problems and instruct the CDC as well as the donor on specific shipping requirements. The CDC cannot pay any customs duties.
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