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VLP Cuba

Prof. Carrillo (UK) has taught a course in Differential Equations, between March 25 and April 5, 2019 at the Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. He was partially supported by the Abel board.

The main outcomes and benefits of this Volunteer Visit Program of the IMU at University of La Habana (Cuba) can me summarized as follows:

1. Master Course (30 hours = 20+6+4): Computational PDEs. Introductory course to numerical methods for Partial Differential Equations with emphasis on finite differences and finite volume methods.

2. Three Research Seminars on the Numerics and the Analysis of PDE groups in Habana both at the Applied and Pure Mathematics departments.

3. Scientific Interactions with the 18 students attending the lectures, designing the projects for their evaluation and even questions related to their research in PhD or MsC theses and also with 4 professors at the department: Mariano Rodriguez-Ricard, Ángela León Mecías, Giani Egaña and Celia Tamara González.

The students will be in touch with Professor Carrillo in order to solve successfully the projects for evaluating the course. This course was scheduled as part of 4 intensive courses in the length of 3 months in a master program, one of them funded by this CDC-VLP program and another one by the French-Cuban project aiming at increasing the level and novelty of our MSc program. The course was very well-received by the students and the faculty.

This activity was supported by a grant from the Niels Henrik Abel Board (Norway).