SEACME 7, June 1996

The Seventh South East Asian Conference on Mathematics Education will be held at Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam, 3-7 June 1996. The organising institutions include the Hanoi University of Technology, the Hanoi Pedagogical Institute No. 1, the Hanoi University, the Research Institute of Education Science, and the Vietnamese Mathematical Society.

The themes of SEACME 7 are Mathematics education in upper secondary schools, and Mathematics education for mathematicians, scientists and engineers, social scientists, and mathematics teachers. The programme will include invited lectures (delivered by international experts), working groups, topic groups, workshops, national presentations, and posters. Exhibitions of textbooks, software and other types of material are being plannned as well. The conference languages will be English and French.

If you want to obtain the Second Announcement or other type of information, please contact

Nguyen Dinh Tri,
the Organizing Committee of SEACME 7,
Hanoi University of Technology,
Dai Co Viet Road,

ICME-8, July 1996

See separate announcements in previous issues of this Bulletin. Up-dated information is available from the Word Wide Web. The URL is http://icme8.us.es/icme8.html.

Second European Mathematical Congress, July 1996

This congress will held 21-27 July 1996 in Budapest (Hungary), hosted by the Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society. The Scientific Committee is chaired by Juergen Moser, Germany, and the Organising Committee by Gyula Katona, Hungary.

To obtain a copy of the First Announcement, please contact

Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society,
Foe utca 68,
H-1027 Budapest, HUNGARY,
Tel: +36 1 201 7656
Fax: +36 1 201 6974
e-mail: h3341sza@ella.hu

Junior Mathematical Congress-96, July-August 1996

As a satellite conference to the above-mentioned Second European Mathematical Congress, this meeting - which aims at bringing together the future mathematicians of Europe - will take place 29 July - 2 August 1996 in Miskolc, Hungary.

The conference welcomes young people between 13 and 19, interested in mathematics, from all countries in Europe. It will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to make friends and meet famous European mathematicians. In addition to new ideas, participants will become acquanited with several new branches and applications of mathematics as well as educational software and logical games. Apart from lectures by scholars, the participants may themselves give talks or exhibit posters. Those wishing to give a talk should submit a manuscript no later than 31 March 1996.

For further information and preliminary registration, please contact

Peter Kortesi,
Chair of the Junior Mathematical Congress-96,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Miskolc,
H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemvaros, Pf. 10, HUNGARY
Fax: +36 46 365174
e-mail: matjun@gold.uni-miskolc.hu

The official languages of the conference are English and Hungarian. Contributions in Hungarian will be translated into English. Contributions in any other language are welcomed if supported by an English translation.

First Iranian Mathematics Education Conference, August 1996

This conference will be held 27-29 August 1996 in Isfahan, Iran. The Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr. Ali Rejali, School of Mathematics, Isfahan University of Technology.

The main theme of the conference is the popularisation of mathematics through high schools with the help of dedicated mathematics teachers. Three major study groups will present their studies, and two workshops on geometry and mathematical modelling will be offered. Exhibitions on books, software and other education facilities are planned for the conference.

For further information, please contact

Dr. Ali Rejali, Associate Professor (Conference Chair)
School of Mathematics,
Isfahan University of Technology
Isfahan, 84156, IRAN
Fax: +98 31 8912602
e-mail: a_rejali@rose.ipm.ac.ir

ICTCM-9, November 1996

The Ninth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics will be held 7-10 November 1996, at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA), hosted also by the Truckee Meadows Community College. The conference is sponsored by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. The conference is co-chaired by Professors Jerry Johnson, University of Nevada, and Bill Newhall, Truckee Meadows Community College.

For further information, please contact

Professor Jerry Johnson,
e-mail: jjohnson@math.unr.edu


Ms. Joanne Foster
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
1 Jacob Way
Reading, MA 01867, USA

Second International Symposium on the
Teaching of Mathematics for Engineering and Architecture,
November 1996

This symposium will be held 25-29 November, in Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba. The meeting is organised jointly by the following institutions: Departamento de Matematica General and the Facultad de Ingenieria Industrial of Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose A. Echeverria (Cuba); Centro de Estudios de Tecnologias Avanzadas (Cuba); Departamento de Matematica Educativa, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados (Mexico); Departamento de Matematica Aplicada, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain); Centro Latinoamericano de Matematica e Informatica (Argentina); Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional de Entre Rios (Argentina).

The themes of the symposium are the following: The position of mathematics in engineering and architectural curricula; The teaching and learning of mathematics; Informatics and the teaching of mathematics; Supervision and professional development of teaching staff; The relations between university and upper secondary school.

The programme includes plenary sessions, special lectures, round tables. working groups, poster exhibitions, short communications, short post-graduate courses, and key note addresses (to be given by Ricardo Cantoral Uriza, Mexico; Carlos E.D. Atellis, Argentina; Ed Dubinsky, USA; Pedro Perez Carrera, Spain). The deadline for the submission of abstracts was 31 May 1996.

The registration fee for non-Cuban delegates is 80 USD (40 USD for accompanying persons).

For further information, please contact

Dr. Eugenio Carlos Rodriquez
Segunda Taller Internacional sobre la Ensenanza de la Matematica para Ingenieria y Arquitectura,
Facultad de Ingenieria Industrial, ISPJAE
Marianao, Ciudad de la Habana, CUBA
Tel: +537 208222
Fax: +537 332964
e-mail: iitaller@cujae.cu

Second Scientific Conference on
The Future of Science and Mathematics Teaching and
the Needs of Arab Society, December 1996

This conference, which will be held at the University of Science, Technology and Medicine in Tunisia (Tunis 2), 20-23 December 1996, is organised jointly by the Arab Development Institute (Beirut, Lebanon), the UNESCO Education Bureau in the Arab States (UNEDBAS), and the host university. The conference topics are the following:

General Topics: Recent developments in the teaching of science and mathematics; The taeching of science and mathematics in the light of the needs of society; New trends in the teaching of science and mathematics.

Special Topics: The role of information technology in the teaching of science and mathema- tics; The role of the teaching of science and mathematics in cultivating a healthy environment.

The deadline for submission of abstracts to the Organizing Commmittee was 15 March 1996.

The conference language is Arabic. However, papers may be submitted in English or French.

For further information concerning the conference programme, please contact

The Conference Coordinator
Dr. Mohamad Debs, Arab Development Institute,
P.O. Box: 14-5300 Beirut, LEBANON
Fax: +1 212-478-2932
e-mail: cnrs10@calvacom.fr

To reach the Organising Committee in Tunisia, please contact

Dr. Ahmad BouAzzi
Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tunis
Tunis 2 University
P.O. Box 37, Tunis 1012, TUNISIA
Fax: +216 1-510729

International Conference on
Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education,
January 1997

This conference, which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 6-9 January 1997, is organised jointly by the National Key Centre for School Science and Mathematics, Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Australia), and Hanoi Pedagogy University.

The general theme of the conference is: Science, mathematics and technologyy education, and national development. More specifically, the following themes and topics will be addressed: Learning; Curriculum issues; Constructivism; Computer-assisted learning; Assessment and evaluation; Higher education; Primary Education; Secondary Education; Gender issues; Research methodology; Learning environments; Environmental studies; Cultural context; International education; Technological development; Distance education; Communication and language.

The conference will include keynote addresses, symposia, papers, posters, workshop presentations, and exhibits.

The conference language is English, but a special strand conducted in Vietnamese will be provided for Vietnamese mathematics and science educators and will allow the opportunity for overseas Vietnamese experts to interact with their colleagues in Vietnam.

The deadline for submission of abstracts (of approx. 250 words) is 15 September 1996. Abstracts should be posted to Dr. Fisher or sent by e-mail to Dr. Le (se below).

For further information, please contact

Associate Professor, Dr. Darrell Fisher (Convenor),
National Key Centre for School Science and Mathematics,
Curtin University of Technology,
P.O. Box U1987,
Perth 6001, AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61 9 351 3110
Fax: +61 9 351 2503
e-mail: ifisherd@info.curtin.edu.au


Dr. Thao Le (Conference Assistant Director)
School of Education,
niversity of Tasmania,
P.O.Box 1214, Launceston, Tas. 7250, AUSTRALIA
e-mail: t.le@educ.utas.edu.au

Information may also be obtained from the World Wide Web, at URL: http://www.educ.utas.edu.au/~Thao.Le/hn/N.html

ATCM '97, June 1997

The Second Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, focusing on computer technology in mathematical research and teaching, will be held 16- 20 June, 1997, in Penang, Malaysia, organised by School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

The conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum where researchers in the fields of mathematics, education, computers and technology, together with teachers can present results and exchange ideas and information. The conference will cover a broad range of topics relevant to the use of technology in mathematics. These topics include: The potential use of technology in teaching and learning of mathematics; Development of user-friendly softwares; Computational mathematics. The programme will include plenary sessions, special sessions, short communications and exhibitions. Selected papers presented at the conferecne will be published in the proceedings.

For further information, please contact

Dr. Yahya Abu Hassan, Chair of the Organising Committee
School of Mathematics
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang MALAYSIA
Tel: +60 4 6577888 Ext. 3284 or +60 4 8603284
Fax: +60 4 6570910
e-mail: ayahya@cs.usm.my


Dr. Wei-Chi Chang, Chair of the International Programme Committee
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Radford University,
Radford University, VA 24142, USA
Tel: +1 540 831-5232
Fax: +1 540 831-6452
e-mail: wyang@runet.edu

International Congress of Mathematicians, ICM-98, 1998

This congress will be held, under the auspices of the International Mathematical Union, 18-27 August 1998 in Berlin, Germany. The Board of Directors of the Organizing Committee consists of

M. Grötschel, Berlin
M. Aigner, Berlin
Honorary President:
F. Hirzebruch, Bonn
J. Sprekels, Berlin
Secretary General:
J. Winkler, Berlin

The International Programme Committee is chaired by Phil. J. Griffiths, Princeton, USA.

The current plans for the congress include the following sections: 1. Logic; 2. Algebra; 3. Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry; 4. Algebraic Geometry; 5. Differential Geometry and Global Analysis; 6. Symplectic Geometry and Hamiltonian Theory; 7. Topology; 8. Lie Groups and Lie Algebra; 9. Analysis; 10. Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems; 11. Partial Differential Equations; 12. Mathematical Physics; 13. Probability and Statistics; 14. Combinatorics; 15. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science; 16. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; 17. Applications; 18. Control Theory and Optimization; 19. Teaching and Popularization of Mathematics; 20. History of Mathematics.

Further information about ICM-98 can be obtained through the World Wide Web, through URL: