Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik (GDM)

by Werner Blum

Aims of and membership in the GDM

The "Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik" (GDM) is a scientific society whose aims are to advance mathematics education (the didactics of mathematics, in German: Didaktik der Mathematik), in particular in German speaking areas, and to cooperate with corresponding societies in other countries. Membership in the GDM is open to everybody who is scientfically interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics at all levels and in all kinds of institutions or contexts. Accordingly, members of the GDM are university teachers and researchers of mathematics education, of mathematics, of pedagogy or psychology as well as school teachers, curriculum developers or teacher trainers of mathematics (for all levels). At present, the GDM has approximately 700 members, mostly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also from some 15 other countries where German is read and understood. The membership fee is DM 100.- per year and includes, among other things, a subscription to "Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht" and to "JMD" (see next section).

Organization of the GDM

The GDM is led by the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer as well as by a board of (up to) 15 representatives elected by the members.

The GDM organizes a series of annual scientific congresses of didactics of mathematics which take place every March at varying places in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The Proceedings of these congresses are published (in German) as the series "Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht".

Further, the GDM is editing an international scientific journal (with 4 issues per year), the "Journal für Mathematikdidaktik" (JMD), with original contributions in German, English or French on current research and development in mathematics education. The responsibility for the JMD is in the hands of three editors, elected on a temporary basis by the officials of the GDM. The editors are supported by an advisory board consisting of 12 members.

Working groups of the GDM

There are several permanent "Arbeitskreise" (Working Groups) of the GDM, among others on

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