The General Assembly of ICMI
to convene at ICME-8

In accordance with the Terms of Reference for ICMI, The General Assembly, consisting of the National Representatives on ICMI (each representing an Adhering Organization) and the Executive Committee, is going to be held at ICME-8, Sevilla, Spain, on Wednesday 17th July, 17.00-19.00. Information concerning the location of the Assembly will be provided in due course.

In case a National Representative be unable to be present at the General Assembly he or she is kindly asked to arrange for the appointment of a substitute. In addition to the formal members of the General Assembly, representatives of the four affiliated international study groups, IOWME, HPM, PME, and WFNMC are invited to participate in the meeting.

The agenda of the General Assembly is as follows:

1. ICMI finances
(Note: The ICMI accounts have been approved by the EC of the International Mathematical Union)

2. Debate on ICMI activities 1992-96, including:
ICMI internal affairs:
Members, in particular co-opted non IMU-members, National
Representatives, Sub-Commissions
Information and communication, incl. the Bulletin
ICMEs 7 & 8
ICMI Studies
Affiliated study groups

3. Future plans and developments
ICMEs 9 & 10
Future Studies
Affiliated study groups
Solidarity Programme and Fund
Regional meetings
ICMI infra-structure
WMY 2000
ICMI and the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)

4. Any other business

As background information to this agenda reports from ICMI and its Affiliated Study Groups are published on the following pages.

Miguel de Guzman, President
Mogens Niss, Secretary