The Spanish Society for
Research in Mathematics Education (SEIEM)

by Luis Rico

During the last two decades Spanish university departments of Didactic of Mathematics have invested a great effort in developing research on mathematics education and in reaching current standards of quality of research in the international community in this field. Today, the Spanish group of researchers in mathematics education has grown and has achieved a vigorous and increasing production, involving all levels of the educational system and attempting to inquire into the main problems of the teaching and learning of mathematics. This context provides an explanation of the fact that a great number of Spanish researchers felt the need to set up a Society of their own. The Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education (SEIEM) was finally founded in March 1996. Among its aims we underline the following:

To be in charge of carrying out this comprehensive plan of work SEIEM has elected the following Committee:

Dr. L. Rico, University of Granada;
Dr. E. Lacasta, Public University of Navarra;
Dr. M. Sierra, University of Salamanca;
Staff members:
Dra. C. Azcarate, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Dra. V. Sanchez University of Sevilla, and L. Puig, University of Valencia.

As a next step, the new Society initiated a debate on priorities in research topics in mathematics education. This led to the organization of several working groups among the members. Six groups were established:

1. Didactics of Analysis, coordinated by Dra. C. Azcarate, Autonomous University of Barcelona;

2. Geometry Learning, coordinated by Dr. A. Gutierrez, University of Valencia;

3. Didactics of Statistics, Probability and Combinatorics, coordinated by Dra. C. Batanero University of Granada;

4. Numerical and Algebraical Thinking, coordinated by Dr. B. Gomez, University of Valencia;

5. Research on the Mathematics Teacher: Attitudes, Beliefs, Knowledge and Understanding, Development and Teacher Education, coordinated by Dr. S. Llinares University of Sevilla;

6. Research Methodology in the Didactic of Mathematics, coordinated by Dr. L. Rico University of Granada, and Dr.E. Lacasta, Public University of Navarra.

Luis Rico,
Departamento Didactica de la Matematica
Facultad de Ciencias de la Educacion. Campus de Cartuja
Universidad de Granada. 18071 Granada, SPAIN.