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International Congress on Mathematical Education ICME-15 in 2024

ICME is the largest international conference on mathematics education. It is held every four years (on a year which is a multiple of four) and it is the meeting point for mathematics educators, curriculum developers, mathematicians, researchers in mathematics education, teachers, teacher educators and resource producers.

ICME-15 Sydney July 2024

Sydney, Australia was selected to host the 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education.

Dates: Sunday 7 July to Sunday 14, 2024.

We hope that the international mathematical education community will enthusiastically receive the invitation of our Australian colleagues for 2024, so to make ICME-15 a huge international event that will advance studies, interest and support for mathematics education all over the world. The congress – to be held under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) – will take place from July 7-July 14th 2024. Sydney is a bustling cosmopolitan city and offers a perfect environment for a challenging congress.


The convenor of ICME-15 is Professor Kim Beswick, Head of the School of Education, University of New South Wales, Sydney.  



The Chair of the Local Organizing Committee is Will Morony, former CEO of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.



Convention center – ICME-15 site




ICME-15 website