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Nomination for members of the ICMI EC 2021-2024

Process of Election of the ICMI Executive Committee (EC) for the 2021-2024 term in office

The process of election of the ICMI Executive Committee (EC), which will serve during 2021-2024, is undertaken by ICMI in collaboration with the ICMI member countries through their representatives and their IMU Adhering Organizations.

The process includes four main steps, as follows.

  1. Formation of the ICMI EC Nominating Committee (2018)
  2. Nomination of the Candidates for the ICMI EC (2018-2020)
  3. Presentation of the Nominating Committee Slate
  4. Election of the ICMI EC on July 11th, 2020 in Shanghai, China

The definition, composition and functioning of these steps is described in detail here. Please read the description carefully before proceeding.

1) Formation of the ICMI EC Nominating Committee

The ICMI EC Nomination Committee is in charge of the composition of the slate, which is presented towards the election of the ICMI EC 2021-2024. Two (out of its seven) members are selected from a pool of nominees submitted by the ICMI member countries in good standing through the country representatives or Adhering Organizations.

Deadline for submitting one nomination per country: December 1, 2018.

The composition of the Nominating Committee will be completed by December 31, 2018.

ICMI hereby invites the ICMI representatives to propose, in consultation with the IMU Adhering Organization of their country, one candidate for the ICMI EC 2021-2024 Nomination Committee. When submitting a candidate, please bear in mind:

  • Each AO/country representative may submit only one name as a candidate of the ICMI Nominating Committee. This person should have:
    • knowledge and experience related to ICMI ,
    • significant knowledge of the local, regional and international mathematics education community,
    • willingness to serve actively in the Nominating Committee between 1.1.2019 and July 11, 2020.
  • The ICMI EC Nomination Committee candidate:
    • cannot work in the same country as the President of IMU (2019-2022) and the President of ICMI (2017-2020) - namely USA and South Africa,
    • cannot be a current member of the ICMI Executive Committee (2017-2020)
    • cannot work in the same country as the Chair of the Nominating Committee and the person chosen by the IMU EC - this restriction will be applied at a later stage, as these two members of the Nominating Committee are unknown at this stage.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a brief CV and by the proposed candidate's declaration of motivation and willingness to serve as a member of the ICMI EC Nominating Committee.
  • Submissions should be sent via e-mail to the ICMI president ( All e-mail submissions must be sent from an official e-mail address of the AO/ICMI representative.
  • No member of the ICMI Nominating Committee will be eligible to serve in the 2021-2024 ICMI Executive Committee.

For any questions of clarification, please write to the ICMI Secretary General (

Duties of the Nominating Committee

The slate will be formed by the ICMI Nominating Committee for the election of the Executive Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI EC) for serving during 2021-2024. This slate shall consist of a unique candidate for each of the four ICMI officers (President, Secretary-General, and two Vice-Presidents), plus at least seven nominees for the remaining five members ("Members-at-Large") of the ICMI EC to be elected. When forming this slate, the ICMI Nominating Committee takes into consideration both the nominations received (in accordance with item 3 below) and the nominations of any duly qualified person for each position proposed within the committee itself.

2) Nomination of the slate of candidates for ICMI EC (2021-2024)

By 15 November 2018, the ICMI Secretary-General will send to the Adhering Organizations and country member representatives a call for nominations for each of the ICMI EC positions: President, Secretary-General, Vice-Presidents, and Members-at-Large. Each nomination must be accompanied by the candidate’s CV, and by a statement in which the candidate declares her/his declaration of willingness to serve and his vision and plans for his term in office if elected.

The nominations for President and Secretary General must be received by April 1, 2019, and the nominations for the other positions must be received by June 1, 2019.

Only member countries in good standing are eligible to submit nominations.

All nominations (alongside the candidate’s CV and statements) should be sent to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, whose name will be announced by March 1, 2019.

3) Presentation of the Nominating Committee Slate

By May 2020 (two months prior to the ICMI GA), the Secretary-General will send to the IMU Adhering Organizations and ICMI member representatives the ICMI Nominating Committee slate. This will be accompanied by a CV for each of the candidates and by a list of all nominations submitted to the ICMI Nominating Committee (and meeting the conditions mentioned above). If, subsequent to presentation of the slate, and before the General Assembly election, a candidate becomes suddenly unavailable, the core members of the ICMI Nominating Committee shall have the responsibility to propose a replacement candidate, with appropriate documentation, in time for the General Assembly election.

4) Election of the (2021-2024) ICMI Executive Committee by the General Assembly

The election of the EC will take place at the General Assembly (GA) to take place on July 11th, 2020, in Shanghai, China – one day prior to the opening of ICME14. The ICMI country representatives participating present at the GA are the only persons with a right to cast a vote during the ICMI GA.