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IMU Media Platform

The IMU Media Platform (IMU MP) is an offer of the IMU to help showcase and illustrate the history and activity of the Union and its commissions and associated persons or events which support the idea of the worldwide network of mathematicians. IMU provides the platform for use by platform members to be able to install their own image objects in a database and to offer these images to other members for their use.

Upload, Search and Download

IMU provides the platform for use by members, you need to become a member of IMU MP in order to have free access to upload, search and download of photographs. The Terms and Conditions of Use for the Platform  and the Licence Agreement between Right Holders and Users contain the instructions on how to register and log in the platform and govern the use of IMU MP by the members and the contractual relations between the IMU MP members among themselves as well as the handling of the objects of the database.

Any object uploaded by an IMU MP member will be verified by the IMU MP in order to ensure that the object is relevant for the IMU and in conformity with the Terms and Conditions of Use for the IMU Media Platform. If conform to the requirements the object is approved, enriched with metadata (such as indices or other descriptions) and then cleared for publication on the IMU Media Platform as a searchable object as well as a freely downloadable picture.

Become a member of the IMU Media Platform! Support the collection of the IMU Media Platform and use the full service of the platform database! Please register here.
Have a look at the IMU photo collection, you can search the platform for photos without the need for registration and download. Browse the database by free text search or by advanced search.
If you have suggestions, recommendations, or questions please send an email to IMU archivist or IMU technician (