In response to the internet revolution in electronic publishing and communication, the CEIC was formed in 1998 to monitor such developments and advise the IMU and, through it, the worldwide mathematics community.

The Internet, and the WWW, have transformed mathematical communication in at least as great a way as the introduction of journals. This transformation is affecting all disciplines, and many of the commercial pressures are beyond the control of mathematicians, but nevertheless mathematics, by its intrinsic nature and world-wide scope, has a distinctive approach to this change. This transformation has occurred very rapidly, and the societal habits of mathematicians - citation, reputation, and for many mathematicians, subjects like promotion and working conditions - are still evolving to respond to this transformation. The IMU's Executive Committee therefore formed the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC) in 1998 to watch these developments, advise EC, and through it the IMU, and mathematicians generally, about these trends, and the best way of evolving practice to adapt to these changes. See the CEIC Terms of Reference for details.

Of particular note are the following IMU/CEIC publications:

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