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This page is meant to help ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers with the preparation of their contributions to the Proceedings of the ICM.
It contains FAQ on technical issues related to source files and submission.

Deadline for submission is November 30, 2017.


1- How do I submit my finished article?
2- What should this upload include?
3- Are there limits on the length of the paper?
4- What formats are acceptable?
5- Any special directions on what should I do?
6- Any special directions on packages to avoid?
8- I would like to include some labels on my graphics. How can I do that?
9- Do I need to classify my article according to the Mathematical Subject Classification?
10- Will I be able to see the final version of my paper before publication?
11- Is there an e-mail I can send my questions to?
12- Can I book a Proceedings hard copy?