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August 13 - 21, 2014
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History of Korean Mathematics
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Video clip on "A Brief History of Mathematics in Korea":   .flv / .wmv
A Brief History of Mathematics in the Ancient and Middle Ages in Korea*
Three Kingdoms to Goryeo Dynasity
Joseon  Mathematics
Joseon Mathematical Societies
Way to Modern Mathematics
A Brief History of Modern Mathematics in Korea
Period of Establishment (1940’s & 1950’s)
Period of Transition (1960’s & 1970’s)
Period of Major Expansion (1981-1995)
Towards Globalization (1996-)
* An Article from the KIAS Newsletter 2009 (Title: History of Mathematics in Korea)
  Written by Yong-Woon Kim, Hanyang University
  Translated by
Poo-Sung Park, Kyungnam University
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