International Congress of Mathematicians
August 13 - 21, 2014
Coex , Seoul , Korea
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Popularization of Maths
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Panel 3. ‘Mathematics is everywhere’
Schedule : August 20th(Wed) 16:30 – 18:00
Moderator : Christiane Rousseau, Université de Montréal, Canada
Panelists : Eduardo Colli, Universidade de Sāo Paulo, Brazil
Fidel Nemenzo, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Konrad Polthier, Universität Freie Berlin, Germany

18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Schedule :
August 20th(Wed) 15:00 – 15:45 (18.1)
  15:45 – 16:30 (18.2)
Speaker : Étienne Ghys , France (18.1)
Günter M. Ziegler, Germany (18.2)

Math Vision Slam
As part of the Math Popularization Day, IMAGINARY will organize an IMAGINARY panel which consists of a mathematics vision slam titled “Mathematics communication for the future” and a special exhibition visit on August 20th from 15:00 – 16:30.
In the vision slam, professionals in the field of mathematics communication will present their visions for future mathematics communication. You will hear different perspectives from renowned mathematicians, a young researcher and a mathematics teacher. Each speaker has 10 minutes to catch the audience’s attention and transmit novel thoughts and ideas. Enter with a curious mind!
The panel is held under the umbrella of IMAGINARY, which will be briefly introduced by Gert-Martin Greuel, former director of the MFO. IMAGINARY ideas will also be present in most of the vision slam talks.
After the vision slam, everybody is invited to visit the NIMS IMAGINARY exhibition shown at the conference. Mathematicians, contributors, and team members of the local exhibition present in Seoul will guide you and talk about details and insights into the exhibits. This special exhibition tour will start at 4 pm and is open ended.
Speaker :  
Gert-Martin Greuel, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany 
Cedric Villani, Institut Henri Poincaré, France
David Grünberg, International School of Lausanne, Switzerland
Carla Cederbaum, MFO and University of Tübingen, Germany
Hyungju Park, NIMS and POSTECH, South Korea
Date/Time : 15:00-16:30, August 20 (Wed), 2014
Venue : COEX 3F Room 402

Leelavati Prize Lecture
The  Leelavati (Lilavati) Award has been instituted at the International Congress of Mathematicians, 2010 held in Hyderabad, India, for outstanding contribution to public outreach in mathematics by an individual. It carries a citation and a cash prize of one million Indian rupees (approx. US $20,000).

The Leelavati prize is named after the 12th-century mathematical treatise " Leelavati " devoted to arithmetic and algebra – by the Indian mathematician  Bhaskara II, also known as Bhaskara Acharya.
Speaker : Leelavati Prize Winner
Date/Time : August 20th(Wed) 2014 / 20:00 – 21:00
Venue : COEX 3rd floor Exhibition Hall D 1
Official Language : English (Korean Subtitle)
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