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Title Author Co-authors
Solvability of Parabolic Equation with Reflection of the ArgumentAbdisalam Abdizhahan Sarsenbi
The theorem on the basis property of eigenfunctions of second order differential operators with involutionAbdizhahan Manapuly Sarsenbi
Affine Szabó manifoldsAbdoul Salam Diallo
Some 1D Dynamic Direct and Inverse Problems for Poroelasticity EquationsAbdumauvlen BerdyshevKholmatzhon Imomnazarov
Unbalanced Unitary Cayley Signed Graph over a Finite Commutative ringAbel Ahbid Delgado
On a maximal subgroup $2^{4+6}{:}(A_5 X 3)$ of the Chevalley group $G_2(4)$Abraham Love Prins
Asymptotic Integration Of An Initial Problem With The Extended Area of StabilityAbubakir Dzhuraev
Spectrum Of Full Transformation SemigroupAdenike Olusola Adeniji
An approximate approach to the Chern-Simons systemAdilson Eduardo Presoto
Approximate solutions for the fractional Burgers EquationAdrian GómezEdmundo Capelas de Oliveira
Application of predictive control to the Hegselmann-Krause opinion formation modelAgnieszka B. MalinowskaRicardo Almeida
Ewa Girejko
Luís Machado
Natália Martins
On strategy-proofness and semilattice single-peakednessAgustín G. BonifacioJordi Massó
Some Algebraic Structures Of Soft MultisetsAhmed Ibrahim IsahYohanna Tella
Spectral geometry inequalities for generalized heat potentialAidyn Kassymov
Non-local problems for the equation of transverse vibrations of a thin rodAinur RyskanAbdumauvlen Berdyshev
Anvar Hasanov
A pair of linear canonical Hankel transformationsAkhilesh Prasad
Strong geodesic convex functions of order mAkhlad IqbalIzhar Ahmad
A note on the classification of self-dual codes over $mathbb{Z}_4$ and $mathbb{F}_2+umathbb{F}_2$Akihiro MunemasaRowena Alma Lallaban Betty
Singular one dimensional foliations associated to a plane distribution in three dimensionAlacyr José GomesRonaldo Alves Garcia
Abstract cosine and sine functions on Time scalesAldo Pereira
on entropy and complexity for amenable action groupsAlejandro Mario MesonFernando Vericat
Some remarks on topological and sequential structure of k-metric spacesAlexander Sostak
On the asymptotics of eigenvalues and estimates of eigenfunctions to spectral Robin problemAlexey Vladislavovich Filinovskiy
Large sets avoiding linear patternsAlexia Yavicoli
Spectral decomposition of piecewise contracting maps on the intervalAlfredo Calderón
New derived systems of Hide's coupled dynamo modelAli Allahem
Bochner-Martinelli formulas in superspaceAlí Guzmán Adán
On the Sum of Communicability Function between the Vertices of a GraphAli IranmaneshMohammad Ali Hosseinzadeh
Samaneh Hossein-Zadeh
On Green Function of Two-Dimensional Time-Fractional Diffusion EquationAlireza Ansari
The set of Not Weak Multiplier Operators on Banach Spaces C(K)Alirio Gomez GomezROGERIO DOS SANTOS FAJARDO
Dynamic Model for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous TriopolyAmanpreet Singh
Indistinguishable states and filtering with deterministic dynamicsAmit Apte
Lightlike binormals and asymptotic directions of surfaces in de Sitter 5-spaceAna Claudia Nabarro
Statistical comparison of fidelity measures for image fusion quality assessmentAna Georgina Flesia
Criteria about the existence and uniqueness of limit cyclesAna Livia Rodero
Creative Problem Solving: The History Of Mathematics As Support And MotivationAna Paula GonçalvesDorival Rodrigues da Rocha Junior
Asymptotic properties of the volatility estimator from high frequency data modeled by mixed fractional Brownian motionAnanya Lahiri
Exact orders of recovery of functions from Korobov classes on the Smolyak's gridsAnar ShomanovaYerzhan Shangireyev
Sabit Kudaibergenov
Nurlan Temirgaliyev
On the nonlocal problem with integral conditions for a partial differential equations of third orderAnar T. Assanova
$p$-Adic Analogue of the Porous Medium EquationAnatoly (Anatolii) N. Kochubei
Can Sylvester's determinantal identity equivalently Muir's law of extensible minors be generalized?André Pierro De CamargoFelipe da Silva Alves
Maximal operators for cube skeletonsAndrea Del Valle OlivoPablo Shmerkin
On ellipticity of balance equations for atmospheric dynamicsAndrei BourchteinLudmila Bourchtein
Estimations on the evasiveness conjecture for graphs on 2p verticesAndrés AngelJerson Borja
Modeling of Tsunami Waves via Cellular Nonlinear Networks ApproachAngela Slavova
Conrad's Partial Order on P.Q.-BAER *-RingsAnil Shantaram KhairnarWaphare Balu Nathaji
Mathematical Modeling of Carotid Artery with the Axisymmetric FlowAnju SainiV.K. Katiyar
Counting transversals and plexes in iterated latin hypercubesAnna Taranenko
Graded Rings and Köthe's ProblemAntonio Marcos Duarte De França
Boundary valued problems for multi-fractional monogenic functions and applications in Nanotechnology.Antonio Nicola Di Teodoro
Wave interactions in a thin film of a perfectly soluble anti-surfactant solutionAnupam Sen
An exact minimax penalty function approach to solve multitime variational problemsAnurag JayswalSarita Choudhury
Babli Kumari
Double-Layer Potentials for a Generalized Bi-Axially Symmetric Helmholtz Equation IIAnvar HasanovAbdumauvlen Berdyshev
Tuhtasin Ergashev
The -property of Some Graph ProductsAparna Savithri LakshmananSruthy D
Stability of Coefficient in an Inverse Problems for the Nonlinear Phase Field SystemArivazhagan Anbu
Solution of Two-Parameter Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Equations using Non-polynomial SplineArshad KhanShahna Khan
Interacting TASEP with particles of arbitrary sizeArvind Kumar Gupta
A combinatorial problem related to the Beverton-Holt modelAsma Said Al-GhassaniZiyad Al-Sharawi
Shear flow past an array of three square cylinders in side-by-side arrangement: A structural bifurcation analysisAtendra KumarRAJENDRA K. RAY
Limiting error of unexact information in the problem of numerical differentiationAxaule ZhubanyshevaNurlan Temirgaliyev
Further Results On Boundedness And Stability Properties For Solutions Of Certain Fifth Order Nonlinear Differential EquationsBabatunde Sunday Ogundare
Conditions for the solvability of boundary value problems for the inhomogeneous polyharmonic equation in a ballBakytbek Koshanov
Inverse Coefficient Problems for Swift-Hohenberg EquationBarani Balan Natesan
Free bases of associative 0-dialgebrasBauyrzhan Kaiyrbekovich SartayevAskar Serkulovich Dzhumadil'daev
Small countable theories with the strict order propertyBektur BaizhanovTatyana Zambarnaya
Conservative extensions in ordered stable theoriesBektur Sembiuly Baizhanov
Configurations of points and topology of real line arrangementsBenoît Guerville-BalléJuan Viu Sos
Critical exponents of Fujita type for the nonlinear anomalous diffusion equationBerikbol T. Torebek
A Comparative Study of Multiple Sequence Spaces Defined by Modulus Function Based on Triple Order Difference Operator Delta ThreeBimal Chandra Das
Dynamics of Anisotropic Cosmological Models with General Hybrid Scale Factor in f(RT) GravityBivudutta Mishra
Chaos for convolution operators on the space of entire functions of infinitely many complex variablesBlas MelendezVínicius Vieira Fávaro
Weighted Lp-Hardy and Lp-Rellich inequalities with boundary terms on stratified Lie groupsBolys Sabitbek
Note on Poisson cohomology on Weil bundlesBossoto Basile Guy RichardNGUENGUE LOUVOUANDOU Apépé Jugeandène
Modeling the Aedes aegypti population in five municipalities of BrazilBruna Cassol Dos SantosSergio Muniz Oliva Filho
Huaiping Zhu
Piecewise Implicit Differential SystemsBruno Domiciano Lopes
MHD mixed convection flow in a lid-driven cavity involving a solid bodyCanan Bozkaya
Connection between algebraic lattices and well-rounded lattices in the planeCarina AlvesCintya Wink de Oliveira Benedito
Distance to spaces of semicontinuous functionsCarlos Angosto Hernández
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Combined Strategies to Combat a Vector Insect : The Aedes Aegypti CaseCarmen Alicia Ramirez Bernate
The Establishment of Mathematics Education as a Research Field: a review that aim at the international congress of mathematicians.Caroline Mendes Dos Passos
Monadic BL-algebras and monadic Gödel algebrasCecilia Rossana CimadamoreDiego Nicolás Castaño
Jose Patricio Díaz Varela
Laura Alicia Rueda
Topological Complexity of the configuration space $F(SO(n) X {R^nk)$Cesar Augusto Ipanaque Zapata
Mathematics education with MangahighCésar Augusto SilvaRaphaela Gemaque de Pinho
Integral formulation and numerical simulations for the neutron transport equation in two-dimensional axisymmetric cylindrical geometryCésar BublitzFabio Souto De Azevedo
Esequia Sauter
A boundary integral equation (BIE) method for three-dimensional Brinkman flows in terms of non-primitive variablesChandra Shekhar NishadRaja Sekhar G.P.
Mirela Kohr
Growth Of Generalized Q-Derivative Operators And Its Applications In Numerical AnalysisChandrasekar V
Commutativity Conditions in Banach AlgebrasCheikh Ould Hamoud
A Mathematical Model of Transmission Dynamics of Ebola Virus Disease With ControlsChinwendu Emilian Madubueze
Secure Domination of Some NetworksChithra M RManju K Menon
The Hilbert series and Laurent coefficients of $operatorname{SL}_2(mathbb{C})$-invariantsChristopher SeatonPedro de Carvalho Cayres Pinto
Hans-Christian Herbig
Daniel Herden
New stepsizes for the gradient methodCong Sun
Forcing Connected Domination Number of Graphs Under Some Binary OperationsCris Laquibla Armada
Emerging Dynamics Arising From Coarse-Grained Quantum SystemsCristhiano DuarteGabriel Carvalho
Nadja Kolb Bernardes
Fernando de Melo
Realizable lists via the spectra of structured matricesCristina Beatriz Manzaneda
Numerical modelling of rheologically complex fluids including pressure correction method - Relevance to atherosclerosisD. Srikanth
Cancellations for Circle-valued Morse Functions via Spectral SequencesDahisy Valadão De Souza Lima
Fluid limit for the coarsening phase of the condensing zero-range processDaniela CuestaInés Armendáriz
Milton Jara
Vibration of thin metal plates: a study inspired by Chladni's problemDaniela Passos Maia Moura
Profinite groups and centralizers of coprime automorphisms whose elements are EngelDanilo Sanção Da SilveiraCristina Acciarri
Harmonic mappings and Schwarz lemmaDavid Kalaj
Mathematical modeling of biofilm formation: from the pore-scale to the core-scaleDavid Landa Marbán
Generalized fractional integral operators of the Mathieu-type power seriesDaya Lal Suthar
A Fast Adaptive Curvelet MethodDeepika SharmaKavita Goyal
Restrictions On Rotation Sets For Commuting Torus HomeomorphismsDeissy Milena Sotelo Castelblanco
Fractional Kernels vs. Fractional Fourier Kernels in Anomalous Diffusion ProcessesDemian Nahuel GoosGabriela Reyero
Optimal performances of a global allocation of radio resources in heterogeneous networks systemDethie Dione Bakary Kone
On the range of certain convolution operators on locally compact Abelian groups and reconstruction from local averagesDevaraj Ponnaian
Innovative Approaches to Mathematics TeachingDhara Singh Hooda
Riesz Basis of Exponentials on Unbounded Multi-TilesDiana CarbajalCarlos Cabrelli
On solvability of type Pompeiu- Schiffer's conjectures and consequencesDiaraf SeckIDRISSA LY
Toric topology of balanced simplicial complexesDjordje Baralic
Asymptotic lines of a plane fieldDouglas Hilário Da CruzRonaldo Alves Garcia
Parseval's formula for continuous Hankel Ridgelet transformsDr. V. R. Lakshmi Gorty
Finding Largest Small Polygons Using Symbolic ComputationsDragutin Svrtan
100 years of Hardy inequalities: critical cases extensions remainders stability and superweightsDurvudkhan Suragan
Stability Analysis of Interconnected Systems Using Koopman Operator SpectrumDuvan Tellez-CastroEduardo Mojica-Nava
The Four Educational Pillars in the Process of Teaching and Efficient Learning of Mathematics: Process ? RICAEdel Alexandre Silva Pontes
Fundamental Considerations in Teaching Statistics in Basic Education: Experiences in a Virtual EnvironmentEdel Guilherme Silva PontesEdel Alexandre Silva Pontes
Luciano Martins da Silva
Robespierre Cocker Gomes da Silva
Artemática: Disclosing The Mathematics With ArtEdilson Dos Passos Neri JuniorCristina Lúcia Dias Vaz
Multi-scale Local Mapped Pattern for Facial RecognitionEduardo Machado SilvaMaurílio Boaventura
Inês Boaventura
On lacunary power series with rational coefficients and a Mahler?s questionElaine Cristine De Souza Silva
Nilpotent linear spaces and Albert´s problemElkin Oveimar Quintero VanegasJuan Carlos Gutierrez Fernandez
Approximate solutions of the tracking problem with the optimal boundary vector control for the oscillation processesElmira Abdyldaeva
The critical strip of $zeta^{(alpha)}$ and application to signal processingEmanuel Guariglia
Movement In A Viscous Medium Over An Inclined Plane: Modeling A Physical Phenomenon Through The Linear Function.Enildo Barbosa Das Chagas Silva
Robust information divergences for model-form uncertainty arising from sparse data in random PDEEric Joseph HallMarkos A Katsoulakis
On the solvability of a nonlinear vector control problem for the thermal processes described by Volterra integro-differential equationsErkeaim Seidakmat KyzyAkylbek Kerimbekov
Generalization Of The Chebyshev Polynomial Bounds For A Class Of Univalent FunctionsEsther Oluwayemisi DavidsOLUBUNMI ABIDEMI FADIPE-JOSEPH
Unimodality conjectures on independence polynomialsEugen MandrescuVadim E Levit
On population stabilization with the use of ALC-methodEwa GirejkoDorota Mozyrska
Taxicab Geometry and Digital Technologies in PROEJA Tourism Guide CourseFabiana Chagas De Andrade
Computing genera of 2-bridge linksFabiola Manjarrez GutiérrezMario Eudave-Muñoz
Enrique Ramírez-Losada
Jesus Rodríguez-Viorato
Homoclinic and Torus Bifurcations on Cells Repair Regulations Model of the Metastatic Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaFajar Adi-KusumoArio Wiraya
Parity-alternating permutations by numbers of excedancesFanja Rondro RakotondrajaoNavalona Manjaka Rakotoson
Robust features on surfacesFarid TARI
Maximal associative algebras on a Hilbert spaceFarkhodzon Nematjonovich Arzikulov
Stabilization of a Hybrid System with Markovian SwitchingFatima El GuezarMohamed Aatabe
Hassane Bouzahir
Irreducible ?-Verma modules for hyperelliptic Heisenberg algebrasFelipe Albino Dos Santos
(Re)Thinking the Models of Representation of the Affective Domain in Mathematical EducationFelipe Augusto De Mesquita ComelliWanusa Rodrigues Ramos
Ana Lúcia Manrique
A Family of Optimal Fourth Order Methods for Multiple Roots of Non-linear EquationsFiza ZafarAlicia Cordero
Juan Ramon Torregrosa
Intermediate representation of hyperbolic manifolds by generalized polyhedraFlorin DamianVitalii Makarov
Peter Makarov
Hochschild cohomology of algebras of differential operators tangent to a hyperplane arrangementFrancisco Kordon
Cubulated moves for 2-knotsGabriela HinojosaAlberto Verjovsky
Juan Pablo Díaz
Representation of rule-based Boolean Petri nets using Fuzzy Petri netsGajendrapratap SinghSakshi Gupta
Sunita Kumawat
Singular perturbations in abstract second order differential equations with depending on time operatorsGalina RusuAndrei Perjan
Integral equation solving for multiply-connected contact domain with influence of friction roughnessGanna Shyshkanova
Rogers-Ramanujan Identities For Split (N + T)-Color PartitionsGarima SoodA. K. Agarwal
A criterion for the existence of soliton solutions of two-dimensional hyperbolic operatorsGaukhar ArepovaTynysbek Kalmenov
Grimm's conjecture smooth numbers and slow sievingGerhard PasemanJose Brox
Star-critical Ramsey numbers of forests versus complete graphsGhaffar RaeisiAzam Kamranian
Groups with boundedly finite conjugacy classes of commutatorsGláucia Lenita DieringsPavel Shumyatsky
Multiples Reasons in the Constructions of Mathematics SequencesGleison Guardia
A classification of minimal pseudo-parallel hypersurfacesGuillermo Antonio Lobos VillagraMarcos Paulo Tassi
Instability Of Streaming Rivlin-Ericksen Viscoelastic Fluids In Presence Of ?Effective Interfacial Tension? Through Porous MediumGursharn Jit Singh Sandhu
An hp?Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Keller-Segel chemotaxis system with cross-diffusionGurusamy Arumugam
Word Polynomials and Trace Inequalities for Kleinian GroupsHala AlaqadJianhua Gong
Gaven J. Martin
On classification of quasigroup functional equations up to length fiveHalyna Krainichuk
Use of the Parseval?s Identity to Determine Specific Values of Riemann?s Zeta FunctionHamilton BritoFernando Matos
Boundedness and Normability in Probabilistic Normed SpacesHarikrishnan PanackalBERNARDO LAFUERZA GUILLEN
Fourth-order ETD method for a coupled space-fractional reaction-diffusion equations with nonhomogeneous boundary conditionsHarish Bhatt
From geometry and architecture to building information modelling BIMHassan Ait Haddou
The Space Jnp: Nontriviality And DualityHong YueGALIA DAFNI
Power Flow In Equivoluminal Elastic WavesIhor Kotchergenko
Numerical Solution For A Parameterized Singularly Perturbed Problem With Integral Boundary ConditionIlhame Amirali
On Semitotal Domination Under Some Binary Operations in GraphsImelda Sanchez AniversarioFerdinand Paler Jamil
Sergio Rosales Canoy Jr.
Educational Exchange Between Brazil And Usa In The First Decades Of The Twentieth Century: Resonances In The Training Of Mathematical EducatorsIracema Campos Cusati
Contribution with a mixed alternative of Analytical - Numerical Resolution of the Maxwell system in 3D Non-stationaryIrla Mantilla NuñezMarco Quiñones Robles
Problem on extremal decomposition of the complex planeIryna Denega
Complements of orthogonal operationsIryna Fryz
Approximate controllability for a one-dimensional wave equation with the fixed endpoint controlIsaías Pereira De Jesus
Method and algorithm for the reconstruction of a discontinuous structure of a body by its projections along mutually perpendicular linesIuliia Pershyna
Nichols algebras over basic Hopf algebrasIvan Angiono
The complex of partial bases of a free groupIván Sadofschi Costa
Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Nano fluid Flow over a Semi Infinite Flat Plate Embedded in a Porous MediumJ PrakashK.S. Balamurugan
Higher-order stationary dispersive equations on bounded intervalsJackson LuchesiNikolai Andreevitch Larkin
Method of Lower and Upper Solutions for Finite System of Differential Equations of Fractional Order with Integral Boundary ConditionsJagdish Ashruba Nanware
An algebraic construction of sum-integral interpolators for polytopesJames Erik Pommersheim
Dirichlet-to-Neumann semigroup with respect to a general second order eigenvalue problemJamil Abreu
Cooperative interval gamesJan BokMilan Hladík
The Analysis Of Writing Production Of Students With The Opportunity Of Learning And Research PracticeJanaína Mendes SilvaPAULO VINÍCIUS LIMA
About the theory of conflictsJanusz Andrzej Pomyka?a
Self-accessible states for linear systems on time scalesJaqueline MesquitaHernan Henríquez
Structural stability and characterization of Anosov familiesJeovanny De Jesus Muentes Acevedo
On Preserving Essential Spectra and Nullities of Special Expressions in a Weighted SpaceJerico Bravo BacaniGilbert Raras Peralta
Shape Optimization Approach to the Bernoulli Problem: A Lagrangian FormulationJerico Bravo BacaniJulius Fergy Tiongson Rabago
Effectiveness of Cannon and Composite Sets of Polynomials of Two Complex Variables in Faber Regions.Jerome Ajayi AdepojuAdesanmi Alao Mogbademu
On Farrell's Cohomology Theory And Virtual Duality GroupsJessica Costa
A New Approach to Inequalities for Discrete GroupsJianhua GongGaven J. Martin
Image Milnor Number And Ae-Codimension For Maps Between Weighted Homogeneous Irreducible CurvesJoão Nivaldo TomazellaJuan Jose Nuño-Ballesteros
Daiane Alice Henrique Ament
On B_{po}-algebrasJoemar C EndamAlice A Mamhot
A simple shock-capturing Lagrangian-Eulerian scheme for balance lawsJohn PerezEduardo Abreu
Panters Rodriguez
Vitor Matos
Sets of Points of Discontinuity of Baire One FunctionsJonald P Fenecios
Numerical Simulation Of Heat Dissipation In Fins With Variable Thermal ConductivityJonatas Motta QuirinoEduardo Dias Corrêa
Rodolfo do Lago Sobral
Genus fields of abelian p-extensionsJonny Fernando Barreto CastañedaMartha Rzedowski Calderón
Gabriel Daniel Villa Salvador
Characterization of Probability Distributions in Terms of Their MomentsJordan Stoyanov
Navigational efficiency in a biased and correlated random walk model of individual animal movementJoseph D BaileyJamie Wallis
Edward A Codling
Blended Numerical Integrators for the Solutions Of Stiff Ordinary Differential EquationsJoshua Pam ChollomSamson Omagu
Geofrey Micah Kumleng
Power Of Fuzzy F-MatrixJothilakshmi RSyed Abuthahir I
Sujatha L
Ameenal Bibi K
Signal Noise reduction using Difference EquationsJothilakshmi Ramakrishnan
Signed E-Cordial Labeling On Aztec Diamond GraphsJothilakshmi RamakrishnanAmeenal Bibi K
Ranjani T
Solving Transshipment Transportation and Assignment Problems using the Fuzzy One Point Minimum Allocation MethodJothilakshmi RamakrishnanSujatha L
Hierarchical Spaces for a Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Formulation of Darcy ProblemJuan Carlos Rodriguez Miranda
About the formal operator derivative $D$ defined with respect to context-free grammarsJuan Gabriel TrianaRodrigo De Castro
Archimedes and Thales as motivation for learning Mathematics at the margins of Anapu River Pará BrazilJuliana G. F. De SouzaSueli I. R. Costa
Multinomial Logistic Regression of Energy Data of Biogas Users for Countries like NepalJyoti U. Devkota
Flipping the classroom: Developing instructional videos by a new technology called Learning GlassKa Wai Rachel Lui
Optimal symmetric quasi-Banach range for the Hilbert transform and its non-commutative extension.Kanat Serikovich Tulenov
On stabilization problem for a loaded heat equation spectral problems and solvability algorithmKanzharbek ImanberdiyevAssem Ayazbayeva
Muvasharkhan Jenaliyev
A Robust Numerical Method for Singularly Perturbed Differential Difference EquationsKapil Kumar Sharma
Properties of zeros of some palindromic polynomialsKarina Seviero RampazziVanessa Botta
Equitable Delta-Coloring Conjecture for Generalized Mycielskian of GraphsKavaskar T
Finite-Time Resilient Consensus Control For Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent SystemsKaviarasan BoomipalaganSAKTHIVEL RATHINASAMY
Developing logical mathematical thinking through university extesion projectsKelen Berra De Mello
Old and new arithmetic and analytic equivalents of the Riemann hypothesisKevin Alfred Broughan
Properties of antiadjacency determinantKiki Ariyanti SugengMarisa Edwina
Nora Hariadi
The problem of multiple interpolation in the half-plane in the space of analytic functions of finite orderKonstantin Maliutin
On the periodic problem in the strip for an elliptic partial differential equation with growing coefficientsKordan Ospanov
Controllability of Nonlinear Fractional Delay Integrodifferential Systems in Banach SpacesKrishnan Balachandran
Classification of nonlocal rings for with genus two 3-zero divisor hypergraphsKrishnan SelvakumarJ Beautlin Jemi
Laguerre wavelets based numerical method for the accurate solution of the Benjamina-Bona-Mohany type equationsKumbinarasaiah SrinivasaS C Shiralashetti
Numerical Solutions of Natural Convection with Heat and Mass Transfer Inside Rectangular Enclisure with Two Discrete Heat and Concentration Sources Placed on Its Side Wall wallLakshmi Rani BasumataryAMBETHKAR VUSALA
Boundary value problems for general first-order elliptic operatorsLashi BandaraChristian Bär
Superconvergence of discretizations of the Laplacian on spherical icosahedral geodesic gridsLeonardo Andrés Poveda
About a question on classical integral closure and integral closure relative to an Artinian moduleLiliam Carsava MerigheVictor Hugo Jorge Perez
The Dirichlet problem for the minimal hypersurface equation with Lipschitz continuous boundary data on domains of a Riemannian manifold.Lisandra De Oliveira SauerAri João Aiolfi
Giovanni da Silva Nunes
Rodrigo Barbosa Soares
Infinitesimal bending of knotsLjubica VelimirovicMarija Najdanovic
Svetozar Rancic
Satellite knots and trivializing bandsLorena Armas-SanabriaMario Eudave-Muñoz
Modelling Aedes aegypti abundance considering the daily weather and its impact over the dormancy stateLuana Tais BassaniPedro da Silva Peixoto
Longbin Chen
Sergio Muniz Oliva Filho
Huaiping Zhu
Time-Weighted Estimates In Lorentz Spaces And Self-Similarity For Wave Equations With Singular PotentialsLucas Catão De Freitas FerreiraMarcelo Fernandes de Almeida
Approximation of fast and slow dynamics in multiple time-scale dynamical systems using wavelet analysisLuciano Aparecido MagriniMargarete Oliveira Domingues
Elbert Einstein Neher Macau
Wavelet Methods for second order boundary value problemsLucila Daniela CalderonMaría Teresa Martín
Victoria Vampa
On grid generation for numerical schemes of atmospheric modelsLudmila BourchteinAndrei Bourchtein
A Robbins-Monro algorithm for non-parametric estimation of NAR process with Markov-Switching: asymptotic normalityLuis-Angel RodriguezLisandro Fermín
Ricardo Ríos
Combing the ballLuiz Fernando GonçalvesTiago Carvalho
Relationship between hypercontractivity and logarithmic Sobolev inequality in probability gage spaceLunchuan Zhang
Limiting Error of Unexact Informations of Optimal Recovery of FunctionsLyazzat SagidollaAxaule Zhubanysheva
On Some Applications Of Measures Of NoncompactnessM. Mursaleen
Controllability of Stochastic Quasilinear Evolution Equations in Hilbert SpacesMabel Lizzy RajendranBalachandran Krishnan
Necessary and sufficient condition for BIBO stability in terms of system matricesMahendra Kumar GuptaRaghunathan Rengaswamy
Model Predictive Control in Dynamic Optimization Portfolio SelectionMaisa Kely MeloRodrigo Tomás Nogueira Cardoso
Tales Argolo Jesus
Local Fixed-Point Theorem for Set -Valued Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric SpacesMakhan Singh ChauhanSabha Kant Dwivedi
Integral manifolds and accessibility of the nonlinear control systemsMalgorzata Wyrwas
Resolution on fractional integrodifferential equations with operator coefficientMamadsho Ilolov
Iterative methods for solving linear systemsManideepa SahaJahnabi Chakravarty
Finite groups with small conjugacy class sizesManoj KumarTushar Kanta Naik
Rahul Dattatraya Kitture
An Extension of the Morgan-Shalen Compactification of Hyperbolic Representations SpacesMarcel Vinhas Bertolini
Free Fields Realization of Affine Kac-Moody AlgebrasMarcela Guerrini Alves
Source Reconstruction from a Radon Type Transform Model of a Compton CameraMarcela MorvidoneDiana Rubio
A new perspective on hierarchical spline spaces for adaptivityMarcelo Jesus ActisPedro Morin
Miguel Sebastian Pauletti
Asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operatorsMarek Ptak
Mentoring Pre-Service Teachers Through Inquiry-Based Learning ModelMargaret Hollis DeanYi Han
Fangyan Shen
A problem of coefficient determination in parabolic equations solved as moment problemMaria Beatriz Pintarelli
Vectors and their representations in Engineering textbooksMaria Elisa Esteves Lopes GalvãoCelso Luiz Andreotti
Approximate Solutions to Fractional Differential EquationsMaria Ines TroparevskyMarcela Antonieta Fabio
A Posteriori Error Analysis of Mixed Finite Elements for Degenerate Elliptic ProblemsMaría Luz AlvarezRicardo G. Durán
Representable and continuous functionals on Banach quasi *-algebrasMaria Stella Adamo
Bounds for the number of F_q-rational points of aX^n Y^n-X^n-Y^n+b=0 and chords of an affinely regular polygon inscribed in a hyperbolaMariana CoutinhoHerivelto Borges
Dynamics of populations with two sexesMariano Andrés FerrariCecilia Pérez
Adriana Saavedra
Iterated Function Systems corresponding to not connected graph-directed subsystemsMariano Andrés FerrariElsa Adriana Fernandez
Pablo Andrés Panzone
Contact Process with two kinds of particles and prioritiesMariela Pentón
Keller-Osserman a priori estimates and removability result for the anisotropic porous medium equation with absorption termMariia Shan
General Matrix Pencils Completion ProblemMarija Dodig
Constrained Optimization Methods for Detecting Related and Rare Genomic RearrangementsMario BanuelosSuzanne Sindi
Roummel F. Marcia
On Covariant Poisson Brackets in Classical Field TheoryMário Otávio SallesFrank Michael Forger
Finite-time non-fragile controller for large-scale systemsMarshal Anthoni Selvaraj
Operator parallelism on Hilbert K(H)-modulesMaryam Amyari
Sliding mode controller for fractional-order nonlinear systemsMathiyalagan Kalidass
Optimal Control Applied to Modeling the Emerging Infectious Vector-borne Disease NiV Infection in BangladeshMd. Haider Ali BiswasUzzwal Kumar Mallick
Anti-hook Differences and Göllnitz-Gordon identitiesMegha Goyal
Application Of The Generator Of Random Numbers Of Lehmer In CryptographyMeirzhan Askerbekov
Semi-Discrete Galerkin Method for the Well-posedness of Unsteady Poroelastodynamics inside a Solid TumorMeraj AlamBibaswan Dey
Raja Sekhar G. P.
Gaussian Lattice: Computing the Chirotope in Amortized (O(1) $ imes$ Output Complexity) Arithmetic OperationsMichael Johannes Vielhaber
Reproducing kernels in harmonic and Clifford analysisMichael Wutzig
Singularities of general polynomial mappingsMichal Farnik
Minimal Partitions of Solvable GroupsMichell Lucena Dias
Regularisers in Semidefinite ProgrammingMikhail Krechetov
The Tutte's flow conjectures and Cayley graphsMilad AhanjidehAli Iranmanesh
Spaces with symmetric basic tensor and non-symmetric connectionMilan Zlatanovic
Ring Theory Methods to Solve Some Kind of Discrete and Differential EquationsMiloud Assal
A pair of double-quantitative decision-theoretic rough fuzzy set modelsMinghao ChenJianhang Yu
Riemann problem and wave interactions in blood flow through arteryMinhajul Minhajul
Group Algebras whose Groups of Normalized Units have Exponent 4Mohamed A. Salim
Some Algebraic Constraints in Rings on IdealsMohammad Mueenul Hasnain
Evaluating the intuitionistic fuzzy importance of attributes based on the correlation coefficientMohit Kumar
Recent Advances on the Conjecture of Exceptional APN FunctionsMoises Ricardo Delgado Olortegui
"The ""Francis Su Paul Lockhart Jo Boaler ... Life Through A Mathematician´s Eyes ... Math-Update"" Phenomenon"Mónica Del Pilar Canales ChacónMichael Johannes Vielhaber
Geometric classification of map germs from plane to planeMostafa SalarinoghabiMasaru Hasegawa
Computing isolated orbifolds in weighted flag varietiesMuhammad Imran Qureshi
Nanofluids: Mathematics and ModellingMuhammad Zubair Akbar
Characterization of Two Classes of Integral HypergraphsMulia AstutiIntan Muchtadi
On a nonhomogeneous parabolic problem in an infinite angular domainMurat RamazanovMuvasharkhan JENALIYEV
Sagyndyk ISKAKOV
Minzilya Kosmakova
On the solvability of nonhomogeneous boundary value problem for the Burgers equation in the angular domainMuvasharkhan JenaliyevMeiramkul Amangaliyeva
Murat Ramazanov
Isometric Immersions of Pseudo-Spherical Surfaces via PDEs.Nabil KahouadjiKeti Tenenblat
Niky Kamran
On generalized derivations in rings and non-commutative Banach AlgebrasNadeem Ur Rehman
Naomi Tanabe
Non-fragile synchronization control for Markov jump complex dynamical networksNatarajan Sakthivel
Compactifications of based-free G-spacesNatella Antonyan
An upwind method for genuine weakly hyperbolic systemsNaveen Kumar GargS.V. RAGHURAMA RAO
Knotoids Braidoids and Their ApplicationsNeslihan GUGUMCU
Frames associated with shift invariant spaces on local fields of positive characteristicNeyaz Ahmad Sheikh
Explicit Algorithm For Hammerstein Equations With Bounded Hemi-Continuous And Monotone MappingsNgalla Djitte
The Super edge-magic deficiency of graphsNgurah Anak Agung GedeRinovia Simanjuntak
On modules with 2-primal endomorphism ringsNico Johannes GroenewaldNguyen Trong Bac
An explicit Waldspurger formula for Hilbert modular formsNicolás SirolliGonzalo Tornaría
Crystal graphs key tabloids and nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomialsNicolle E.S. GonzalezSami Assaf
Starlike Functions and Semigroup GeneratorsNikola TuneskiDavid Shoikhet
Mark Elin
Creating Problems -Asking Students To Create New Problems- And Its AssessmentNoriko Tanaka
Infinity of the spectrum of regular boundary value problems for one-dimensional differential operatorsNurbek Kakharman
L2 - discrepancy of the grid of nodes can be very bad but the quadrature formula with such nodes can be made almost optimal by selecting weightsNurlan NauryzbayevYerik Nurmoldin
Yerkebulan Serikbayev
Nurlan Temirgaliyev
"Fast ""Algebraic"" Fourier Transform Of In The Method Of Quasi-Monte Carlo"Nurlan TemirgaliyevMIRBOLAT SIHOV
Yedil Bailov
Akmaral Arystangalikyzy
About a problem with integral gluing condition for a loaded mixed type equation fractional order.Obidjon Abdullaev
On Some Applications of Conjugate Gradient Methods to Constrained Optimization ProblemsOlawale J. AdelekeIdowu A. Osinuga
Montaz M. Ali
The algorithm of solving the mixed problem for a two-dimensional system of quasi-linear hyperbolic partial differential equationsOleg Zhdanov
Generalized normally-resolvable problemsOleksandr Oleksiyovich Pokutnyi
Approximation of functions of two variables given by values in points or its traces by the sum of productions of functions of one variableOlena IarmoshOleg Lytvyn
Mean value theorems for polyanalytic functions and their generalizationsOlha Trofymenko
Sufficient Conditions for the Univalence of a New Integral OperatorOlubunmi Abidemi Fadipe-JosephEsther Oluwayemisi Adeniran
A note on power serieswise almost Armendariz ringsOm PrakashSushma Singh
On the solvability of the Cauchy-Bellman-Egorov problem in a synthesis problem of optimal control of oscillation processesOrozgul Kanybekovna TairovaAkylbek Kerimbekov
Admissible sl2-induced modules in the principal orbitOscar Armando Hernández Morales
Suspended Nonhomogeneous String as a Confluent Hypergeometric EquationOtávio Paulino LavorAlexsandro Linemberg Estevam da Silva
Normal bases over finite fields using prescribed trace vectorsP L SharmaKIRAN DEVI
Authentication on Significant Mathematical Modelling and Computing System in Simulation of Fuzzy Artificial Cell System with Chemical ReactionsP. Helen ChandraS.M.Saroja Theerdus Kalavathy
A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli
J. Philomenal Karoline
A Characterization of Strongly Stable Fractional MatchingPablo Alejandro Neme
Performance of Spectral Method for Parabolic ProblemsPankaj BiswasAnil Kumar Kar
Equivalences Between Two Matching Models: StabilityPaola Belén Manasero
High-order IMEX-WENO finite volume approximation for nonlinear age-structured population modelParamjeet Singh
Structures on Lie-algebraic tensor productsPasha Zusmanovich
Regularization of discontinuous foliations: Blowing up and sliding conditionsPaulo Ricardo Da SilvaOtávio Henrique Perez
Disease spreading on populations based on groups formationPedro Henrique Triguis SchimitAurélio Briani Matias Ramos
Sieve Method For the Sequence Of All Positive IntegersPeide Zhang
Fixed And Periodic Points For A Sequence Of Maps In Complex Valued Metric SpacesPenumarthy Parvateesam Murthy
Event horizons and global attractorsPhillipo Lappicy
Dynamics of cooperative neuronal networks depending on their associated graphsPilar Lorenzo
Role of lattice's historical information in a two-lane traffic systemPoonan Redhu
On a Smale Horseshoe for EndomorphismsPouya MehdipourSanaz Lameie
Invariant Subspaces and Explicit Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Partial Differential EquationsPrakash PonnusamySahadevan Ramajayam
Local convergence of fourth order iterative method in Banach spacesPrashanth MarojuS S Motsa
Certain Riemann-Liouville Fractional Operator Formulas Involving Generalized Multi-Index Bessel-Maitland FunctionPraveen Agarwal
Álgebra Linear: contribuições para as aulas com softwaresPriscilla Dutra Freires Codeco
Control Based Mathematical Study with the Effect of Early Treatment on Cervical Cancer through DiagnosisPriti Kumar RoySUDIP CHAKRABORTY
Numerical Simulation of Van der Pol Equation Using Multiple Scales Modified Lindstedt Poincare MethodProf. Manoj KumarParul Varshney
Two dimensional optimal classifications and class of invariant solutions for unsteady two dimensional Navier-stokes equationsPurnima SatapathyT Raja Sekhar
Soliton-like behavior in fast collisions in perturbed linear systems of coupled-PDEs with nonlinear lossQuan Minh NguyenAvner Peleg
Toan Thanh Huynh
Constancy of Milnor number of a family of functions on ICISRafaela Soares De Carvalho
Cross migration of surfactant-laden viscous droplets in a transient Stokes flowRaja Sekhar G.P.Sharanya Varkala
Rohde Christian
A numerical study of unsteady flow separation of uniform shear flow past circular cylinder using structural bifurcation analysisRajendra K Ray
Geometry of lightlike hypersurfaces of semi-Riemannian manifolds admitting a semi-symmetric non-metric connectionRakesh Kumar
Analysis of Lattice model for Curved road using Control theoryRamanpreet KaurSapna Sharma
Recurrence relation for the generators of the multiplicative groupRamesh VPThatchaayini R
Small violations of Bell inequalities for multipartite pure random statesRaphael Campos DrumondCristhiano Duarte
Roberto Imbuzeiro Oliveira
From exponencial bases to modular congruence: A new way of teaching since middle school to graduation.Raphael Mol Freitas
Teaching And Learning Differential And Integral Calculus: Features And Intersections In Brazilian Central-West RegionRaquel Carneiro DörrKarly Barbosa Alvarenga
Vanda Domingos Vieira
D.C. Optimization to deal with unreliable data in support vector machines.Raquel Ines Serna-Diaz
Dynamical aspects of piecewise conformal mapsRenato Leriche-VazquezGuillermo Javier Francisco Sienra-Loera
On Some Stability and Convergence Aspects of Logistic Map Using Iterative ProceduresRenu Chugh
Solving the Nurse Scheduling Problem of Private Hospitals in the Philippines using Various Operators for Genetic AlgorithmRhoda Agdeppa NamocoRuben G. Salazar
Singular Perturbation of Domain: Homogenisation of Reticulated StructuresRicardo Parreira Silva
First-Order Conformally-Invariant Quasi-Linear Elliptic PDEs on Three Dimensional ManifoldsRobert Kotiuga
Hall algebra and graphs of Hecke operators for elliptic curvesRoberto Alvarenga
The Use Of Softwares Simcalc And Geogebra For The Enrichment Of Derivative Concept Imagethe Use Of Softwares Simcalc And Geogebra For The Enrichment Of Derivative Concept ImageRoberto Seidi ImafukuRosana Nogueira Lima
Maria Elisa Esteves Lopes Galvão
Fundamental Concepts in Teaching Mathematics in the Initial Series of Basic Education: Experiences with Elementary OperationsRobespierre Cocker Gomes Da SilvaEdel Alexandre Silva Pontes
Edel Guilherme Silva Pontes
Luciano Martins da Silva
Matrix-valued spherical functions associated to nilpotent Lie groupsRocio Diaz Martin
Inverse heat transfer analysis using Differential Evolution (DE) on a hot furnace with temperature-dependent properties and internal heat generation using Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM)Rohit Kumar Singla
Fractional Fourier transform for Boehmians of quaternion valued functionsRoopkumar Rajakumar
Weighted inequalities for a class of quasilinear integral operatorsRyskul OinarovAigerim Kalybay
Statistically Pre-Cauchy Triple Sequences And Orlicz FunctionsSabiha Tabassum
Non-commutative orbifoldsSafdar Quddus
Pade Time Stepping (PTS) Method of Rational Form for Diffusion EquationsSaid Algarni
Atomic Subspaces for OperatorsSaikat MukherjeeANIMESH BHANDARI
An Optimal Eighth-Order Family of Iterative Methods For Multiple RootsSaima AkramFiza Zafar
Nusrat Yasmin
An efficient chaos-based encryption scheme for securing imagesSakshi DhallSaibal K. Pal
Kapil Sharma
Output tracking control for fractional-order switched systemsSakthivel Rathinasamy
Uniform boundary stabilization of the Schrödinger equation with a nonlinear delay term in the boundary conditionsSalah-Eddine RebiaiWassila Ghecham
Fatima Zohra Sidiali
Changing the Conceptions of Future Teachers in MathematicsSamanta Margarida Milani
Bifurcation Analysis of Diffusion on Bio-Chemical Reaction of the Morphogenesis ProcessSambath Muniyagounder
Shoelace problems: opportunities to teach math with simple contextSamuel Rocha De OliveiraElen Priscila Stivam
O Método de Newton e o desenvolvimento dos Fractais.Sandro Jhordan Silva Santos
Geometry of Warped Product Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Kaehler ManifoldsSangeet Kumar
Numerical and Analytical Investigation of Thermosolutal Convection in a Compressible Walters? ( model B' ) Elastico-Viscous Fluid in the Presence of Uniform Magnetic Field in Porous MediumSanjeev Kumar
Surfaces in Fucik spectrum for a Dirichlet second order coupled systemSantiago RojasYolanda Santiago
High-order numerical approach for a population density neuron modelSantosh Kumar
Numerical analysis of Influence of Cattaneo-Christov heat and mass fluxes on nanofluid flow containing gyrotactic micro-organisms passing over heated surfaceSapna SharmaMadhu Aneja
A robust method to detect non-linear trend in a time seriesSarita AzadPravat Kumar Jena
A geometric integration approach to optimal control problemsSebastián José FerraroLeonardo Colombo
David Martín de Diego
On solvability of some classes of boundary value problems \ for kinetic operator-differential equationsSergey Grigorievich Pyatkov
On non-oscillation of a second order functional-differential equationSergey LabovskiyManuel Alves
Genus of finite-dimensional division algebrasSergey Tikhonov
Free Lie-nilpotent associative algebrasSergey V. Pchelintsev
Reduced Wirtinger presentation of the fundamental group of 3-bridge linksSergio Enrique Yarza AcuñaOyuki Hayde Hermosillo Reyes
Betsy Melany Licon Rodriguez
Mathematics Experiments --- Learning and Investigating Mathematics with the Help of ComputersShangzhi Li
Oscillation Criteria For The Higher Order Nonlinear Dynamic Equation on Time Scales with Variable CoefficientsShekhar Singh NegiSyed Abbas
Muslim Malik
Hardy's inequality with three measuresSherali Bilal
An Extended $tau$ -hypergeometric functionsShilpi Jain
Symbolic Rees algebra and reductions of modulesShiv Datt KumarPriti Singh
The Problem Of Discretization Of Solutions Of The Generalized Klein-Gordon Equation In The Context Of The Computational (Numerical) DiameterSholpan AbikenovaShapen Azhgaliyev
Marzhan Berikhanova
Nurlan Temirgaliyev
Multifrequency inverse source problem in heterogeneous mediaShue-Sum Chow
Study of ring structure in multisets contextShyamal Debnath
Change Point Analysis of Maximum Temperature databases in Tlaxco Tlaxcala MexicoSilvia Herrera CortésBulmaro Juárez Hernández
Hugo Adán Cruz Suárez
Víctor Hugo Vázquez Guevara
Some Generalized Notions of Good Integers and Their Applications in Coding TheorySomphong Jitman
Multivalued extended best polynomial approximation operator in an Orlicz space settingSonia AcinasSergio Favier
Macwilliams Identity Over Generalized Linear CodesSri WahyuniIndah Emilia Wijayanti
Fitriana Hasnani
Riemann-Liouville Fractional Calculus of Blancmange CurveSrijanani Anurag Prasad
Improved Bohr's inequality for locally univalent harmonic mappingsStavros EvdoridisSaminathan Ponnusamy
Antti Rasila
On a problem of boundedness of the analytic ranks of twists of Carlitz modulesStefan Ehbauer
Modelling of floating rigid dock over parabolic profileSubash Chandra MarthaAMANDEEP KAUR
Some new solutions to cylindrical KdV equation using nonclassical symmetry analysisSubhankar SilT Raja Sekhar
Exact solution to generalized Riemann problem for shallow water equations using differential constraint methodSueet Millon Sahoo
3D Motion Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Under Realistic Ocean Current Models in the Red SeaSultan Saud AlbarakatiRicardo Lima
Omar Knio
Certain subclasses of analytic functions associated with fractional q-calculus operatorsSunil Dutt Purohit
Analysis of Prey Predator AlgorithmSurafel Luleseged Tilahun
Differential subordination and functions with positive real partSushil Kumar
Smoothing splines with additional conditions in optimal control of linear dynamical systemsSvetlana AsmussNatalja Budkina
On the ideals of gamma nearringsSyam Prasad KunchamBabushri Srinivas Kedukodi
Hamsa Nayak
Numerical solution of third order dispersive partial differential equationTalat Sultana
Best approximation unitary groups and orbits of compact self-adjoint operatorsTamara Paula BottazziAlejandro Varela
A formalization of a family of minimal surfaces that includes Bour's Enneper's Richmond's and Henneberg's minimal surfacesTânia Maria Machado De Carvalho
Wavelet packet transformation associated with linear canonical Hankel transformationTanuj KumarAkhilesh Prasad
Bouncing Universe in the Contexts of Generalized Cosmic Chaplygin Gas and Variable Modified Chaplygin GasTanwi BandyopadhyayUjjal Debnath
Dimensions and FractalsTatiana Miguel Rodrigues De SouzaLaís Fernandes Mucheroni
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Zhang et al. SchemeTejeshwari Thakur
Mathematical Modeling of the Early Stage of AtherosclerosisTelma Silva Fortes
Generalizations of Roth's criteria for solvability of matrix equationsTetiana KlymchukVladimir V. Sergeichuk
Vyacheslav Futorny
Andrii Dmytryshyn
On Generalized Local Cohomology ModulesThiago Henrique De FreitasVictor Hugo Jorge Pérez
Stability of localized structure for an ecological reaction-diffusion modelThomas Bellsky
Exploring changes in mathematics teachers? noticing of students? advanced mathematical understandingThorsten Scheiner
Optimal control of vaccination in a vector-borne reaction-diffusion model applied to Zika virusTiago Yuzo Miyaoka
Improved Kato?s inequalities for a quasilinear elliptic operator and relating topics.Toshio Horiuchi
The Investigation of Interactions in the Dynamics of Asymmetric Exclusion Processes: Theoretical and Computational ApproachTripti MidhaArvind Kumar Gupta
On a boundary conditions of the potentials of mathematical physicsTynysbek Kalmenov
Numerical algorithm for simulation wave propagation in models with localized complexitiesVadim LisitsaVladimir Tcheverda
Galina Reshetova
Dmitry Vishnevsky
Victor Kostin
Local Community of Professional Practice in the Mechanical Technician CourseValéria Guimarães Moreira
Topological mixing Shadowing and Specification in weakly contracting relationsValeriu Gutu
Global smooth solutions for a 1D supercritical modelValter Victor Cequeira Moitinho
Iterative methods for solving quasi-equilibrium problemVan Thi Thu Nguyen
A note on real zeros of polynomials generated by a three term recurrence relationVanessa BottaMaria Cecília Fonçatti
Cross Immunity in a Multi-serotype Epidemic Model with Distributed DelayVanessa Steindorf
Localization of all roots of analytic function based on Krawczyk operatorVasyl SemenovEvgeniya Semenova
Finite Element / Laplace transform study of free convection heat /mass transfer in Jeffrey fluid flow past impulsively started plate with thermal radiationVeena SharmaSumna Devi
Anuradha Chowdhary
Divya Gupta
Urvashi Gupta
Fractional Power Theory For Eigenfunctions Of Hankel Ridgelet TransformsVenkata Ramalakshmi Gorty
Results on the Controllability of Fractional Linear Dynamical SystemsVenkatesan Govindaraj
Stabilization Method Based On Oscillating Full Delayed Feedback ControlVerónica Estela PastorGraciela Adriana González
The Alternative Dunford-Pettis PropertyVeronica Leão Neves
Direct and Inverse Problems for Poroelastic WavesViatcheslav PriimenkoMikhail Vishnevskii
My biggest fear was a mathematics but now it's the violence in Rio de JaneiroVicente Eudes Veras Da Silva
Adapted Metrics for Codimension One Singular HyperbolicityVinicius Coelho SantosLuciana Salgado
A robust chaos based masking and scrambling in fractional Fourier transform domain for image encryptionVinod Patidar
Composite Convolution Operators on L2(R)Virender Pal SinghBHAJAN SINGH KOMAL
Lie algebras of matrix difference-differential operators and special matrix functionsVivek SahaiRavi Dwivedi
Pappus Theorem Schwartz Representations and Anosov RepresentationsViviane Pardini Valério
Factors effecting labor demand and impact of foreign direct investment on employment growthVuong Thi Thao BinhLam Van Son
Fracture model for brittle rocks based on Descartes folium equationVyacheslav Palchik
Topics of Gaussian Harmonic Analysis in Lp variable spacesWilfredo Oscar Urbina-RomeroEbner Alexander Pineda
Jorge Moreno
Incorporating Senior Undergraduates into Teaching: The Senior Tutor Scheme for a First-Year Compulsory Modelling Undergraduate CourseWilliam Man Yin Cheung
Mathematical models for manpower planning in the public sectorWolfgang Ferdinand Riedl
Wejën Kajën: A teaching method for Mathematics from Indigenous point of viewXaab Nop Vargas Vasquez
A Highly Accurate Approximation of Conic Sections by Quartic Bézier CurvesXiaoyan LiuZhi Liu
Na Wei
Jieqin Tan
The spline methods for the numerical solution of systems of nonlinear integral equationsXiaoyan Liu
Outline of Point-GeometryXicheng PengJingzhong Zhang
Zengxiang Tong
On a vortex filament with stretching in ideal Euler flowsXinyu He
Structural Stability of Piecewise Smooth Vector Fields via RegularizationYagor Romano Carvalho
Nonsoluble Length Of Finite Groups With Sylow Subgroups Belonging To Some Specific VarietiesYerko Contreras RojasPavel Shumyatsky
Inequalities of Hardy-Littlewood Type in Anisotropic SpaceYerlan Nursultanov Dautbekovich
Regularity and wellposedness of a problem with two parameters and its behavior at the limitYolanda Silvia SantiagoSantiago Cesar Rojas
Population-based Metaheuristics for the Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack ProblemYun LuFrancis Vasko
Haseman Boundary ProblemYuriy KarlovychJennyffer Rosales-Mendez
Optimal measurement feedback control of linear multi-agent systemsYury Tropnikau
Multiple positive solutions for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations on the half-lineZagharide Zine El Abidine
Efficency of Runge-Kutta- Nyström Scheme Development Techniques for Direct Integration of General Nth Order ODEsZamurat Ayobami AdegboyeHELEN O. EDOGBANYA
On stability of linear positive systems on time scalesZbigniew Bartosiewicz
Trigonometric Series Strongly Bounded In Hyslop's SenseZenan ?abanacMUHAREM AVDISPAHI?
Classical solution of the nonregular free boundary problem for the system of the parabolic equationsZhanat Dzhobulaeva
Modeling the flow in multiscale mediaZharasbek Baishemirov
Adaptation via A posteriori error indicators of modeling for an elliptic nonlinear problemZoubida MGHAZLIMostafa ABAALI