Short Communications & Posters

Poster sessions

The ICM 2018 Organizing Committee will provide boards for approved posters to be set up. We ask that all poster presenters strictly follow our instructions below.

Date, time, and place of your session

Information about the dates All presentations will take place from 16h30 to 17h on their respective days.

Format instructions

  1. Dimensions: A0 vertical format (width 841 mm, height 1.189 mm).
  2. Language: English
  3. Each poster must contain the following information
    • Title (identical to that approved by ICM 2018)
    • Names, affiliations, and work countries of each author
    • Identification code on the upper left corner. This code will be provided by ICM 2018 in due time.

Setup and presentation

  1. Each author/presenter is solely responsible for the production and transportation of his/her poster to the ICM 2018 site, as well as for setting it up and presenting it at the specified times. Information about times for setup and presentations will be made available at
  2. Under no circumstances will we accept posters in electronic format and/or sent via electronic means.
  3. Each poster must be affixed to the board marked with the poster's identification code.
  4. The event will not provide supplies (e.g. tape, strings) needed to set up your posters. Please bring your own supplies.
  5. The poster mounting must be done in the indicated day it will be presented, between 8 and 11h30.
  6. Each poster will be mounter from 12h to 18h of the day when it will be presented. Authors/presenters are required to be around their posters at presentation time, from 16h30 to 17h.
  7. Posters may only be removed after 18h.

Other information

  1. Each author must make sure his/her poster is legible and comprehensible.
  2. ICM 2018 will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged posters.
  3. Any posters not removed by authors after 18h on presentation day will be discarded.

Poster Sessions Certificates
Poster Sessions certificates are available only to participants that have attended the Congress and presented a poster session.

The title included in the certificate will be the same informed in the abstract submission.

To download your certificate, click the menu <For Participants> and choose the option <Certificates>.

All participants will receive also "Attendee Certificate".

Abstracts of all approved posters will be published in our electronic Book of Abstracts.