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Title Author Co-authors
MHD Ethanol Boundary Layers Due to a Point Sink with Variable Viscosity and Prandtl NumberA T EswaraVenkataseshaiah B
Roopadevi K N
Sarada Pakala
Quantum Graphs: Fusion of Graphs with Feynman SpiritAalok Pandya
The geometry of the cyclotomic traceAaron Mazel-GeeDavid Ayala
Nick Rozenblyum
About Some Problems on The Hilbert Class Field TheoryAbdelmalek Azizi
Optimal Consumption investment and life-insurance purchase in a diffusive financial market with stochastic coefficientsAbdelrahim S. Mousa
Weak solutions for a nonlocal singular elliptic problemAbdolrahman RazaniMoloud Makvand Chaharlang
Global stabilization of the Navier-Stokes equations around an unstable steady-state with mixed boundary kinetic energy controllerAbdou SENETimack Ngom
Evrad Marie Diokel Ngom
Algebraic Geometry for schemes over symmetric monoidal categoriesAbhishek Banerjee
Morita Equivalence Of Finitely Presented AlgebrasAdel Naif Alahmadi
Holonomy of the Bismut connection on Vaisman solvmanifoldsAdrián AndradaRaquel Villacampa
An Erdös-Ko-Rado type theorem for 1-separated k-sets in several circlesAdrian PastineEmiliano Juan Jose Estrugo
The Pseaudoblocks Of Finite Dimensional AlgebrasAhmed Ali Khammash
Multi-dimensional Fractional Transforms and Convolution TheoremsAhmed I Zayed
On Bresse systems with infinite memoriesAissa Guesmia
Characterizations Of Warped Product Pointwise Semi-Slant Submanifolds Of Sasakian ManifoldsAkram AliJae Won Lee
On the structure of the solution of integro-differential Bellman-Egorov equation in the synthesis problem of optimal control of oscillation processesAkylbek Kerimbekov
Characterization of chaos for piecewise smooth mapsAlberto Adrego Pinto
On the integral Riemann-RochAlberto Navarro Garmendia
Ultraparabolic equations with a noninvertible operator coefficients in front of time variablesAleksandr Ivanovich Kozhanov
Bernstein-type Inequalities for Jacobi Polynomials and Dispersion Estimates for the Discrete Laguerre OperatorAleksey Kostenko
Initial Boundary Value Problem For Semilinear Parabolic Equation With Nonlocal Neumann Boundary ConditionAlexander Gladkov
On the Rellich Inequality in Variable Exponent Lebesgue SpacesAlexander Meskhi
On Spectral Expansions for the Sturm-Liouville Operator with Degenerate Boundary ConditionsAlexander Sergey Makin
On representation and character varieties of some one-relator groupsAlexandra Admiralova
Global stabilization and destabilization of difference equation by state dependent noiseAlexandra Rodkina
Logarithmic differential forms on singular varietiesAlexandre Aleksandrov
A new analysis of non-smooth convex optimisation problems by using non-Newtonian calculusAli Hakan Tor
Application of de-bruijn graphs to some biological problemsAli IranmaneshNafisehsadat Jafarzadeh
Automorphism groups of almost all finite ?$?2?$?-groups of coclass ?$?2?$? ???are ???$?2?$?-groups?Alireza AbdollahiNafiseh Rahmani
Structure of Spectrum for Third Order Differential Operator with Irregular Boundary ConditionsAlmir A AniyarovDaulet B Nurakhmetov
Serik A Jumabayev
Algebraic aspects of finite cellular automataAlonso Castillo Ramirez
Boundary feedback stabilization of shock steady-states for hyperbolic partial differential equations: Burgers and Saint-Venant equations.Amaury HayatGeorges Bastin
Jean-Michel Coron
Peipei Shang
Stability of solitary waves and scattering of solutions for the regularized ZK equationAmin Esfahani
Application of Standard Bases to Automated Geometric Theorem DiscoveryAmir HashemiMahsa Kazemi
Stability properties of powers of idealsAmir Mafi
A Model For Anisotropic Flexoelectric Materials With Cubic Internal StructuresAmr Ramadan El Dhaba
Partial differential equations with random coefficients on moving hypersurfacesAna Djurdjevac
Flat Axial Symmetry With SuperheroesAna Maria M. R. KaleffPAULA MONTEIRO BAPTISTA
The concentration compactness principle for $p$-Fractional Laplacian in unbounded domainsAnalía Concepción SilvaJulian Fernández Bonder
The number of surfaces of fixed genus in a link complementAnastasiia TsvietkovaJoel Hass
Abigail Thompson
Graphs encoding the generating properties of a finite groupAndrea LucchiniCristina Acciarri
Lie structure of the first Hochschild cohomology spaceAndrea Solotar
The Dudeney-Stockmeyer ConjectureAndreas M. Hinz
The Weitzenböck Formula for the Fueter-Dirac OperatorAndrés Julián Moreno OspinaHenrique Sá Earp
Finiteness And Existence Of Attractors And Repellers On Sectional Hyperbolic SetsAndres Mauricio Lopez Barragan
Lagrangian Floer homology of symplectic blow upsAndrés Pedroza
Darboux transformation of periodic potentialsAndrey Pupasov Maksimov
Weak solvability and optimal control for a class of partial integro-differential equaitonsAndrii Anikushyn
Existence Result for Impulsive Stochastic Partial Functional Differential Equations with Poisson jumpsAnguraj Annamalai
Another Eigenvalue Optimization ProblemAnisa Mohmad Husen ChorwadwalaSouvik Roy
Possibility Interval Valued Fuzzy Soft Expert Set Theory In Complex Phenomena And Its Application In Decision MakingAnjan Mukherjee
Introduction to noncommutative digital geometryAnna Pachol
Put Students in the Driver?s Seat on Their Mathematics Learning JourneyAnnie HanMargaret Dean
Shicheng Shu
On the structure of complete kählerian manifolds furnished with closed conformal vector fieldsAntonio Caminha
Mathematics e-Assessment Material Bank AbacusAntti Rasila
Double Roman Domination in Product GraphsAnu VAparna Lakshmanan S
On the Distance Spectrum of Distance Hereditary GraphsAnu VargheseAmbat Vijayakumar
Singularities and global solutions in the Schrodinger Hartree equationAnudeep Kumar Arora
Optical Solitons for time-dependent coefficients Kundu-Eckhaus equation with the aid of Lie SymmetriesAnupma Goyal
Enumeration of self-dual self-orthogonal and complementary-dual cyclic additive codesAnuradha SharmaTaranjot Kaur
Multi-twisted codes over finite fields and their dual codesAnuradha SharmaVarsha Chauhan
On the structure and distances of repeated-root constacyclic codes of prime power lengths over finite commutative chain ringsAnuradha SharmaTania Sidana
Approximation of closed convex set by semidefinite representable setAnusuya Ghosh
Compact CMC Graphs in MxR with Boundary in Two Horizontal SlicesAri AiolfiGiovanni Nunes
Lisandra Sauer
Rodrigo Soares
Warped product point wise bi-slant submanifolds of trans-Sasakian manifold and Ricci solitonsArindam Bhattacharyya
On the Caginalp phase-field system based on type III with two temperatures and nonlinear couplingArmel Ovono Andami
Interfaces for 2d-long range Ising ModelsArnaud Le Ny
From Golden ratio to Euler and Beyond: On practical applications of Theory of Stationary and Non-Stationary populationsArni S Rao
Local distality and distal expansions of stable theoriesArtem Chernikov
Reflection and transmission of inhomogeneous waves in a composite porous solid saturated by two immiscible fluidsAshish AroraAbhishek Painuley
Huppert's conjecture and almost simple groupsAshraf Daneshkhah
Domino tilings of rectangle with one deleted squareAskar Dzhumadil'daevRadmir Sultamuratov
Reciprocity of Bell matrices on differential polynomials and determinant identitiesAskar DzhumadildayevBakhytbek Zhumanov
Further Results on Locating Chromatic Number of Petersen GraphsAsmiati Asmiati
On a mixed fractional boundary value problemAssia Guezane-LakoudRabah Khaldi
Effect of Probability Sampling Techniques on Gaussian Naive Bayes Classification for Neonatal SurvivalAtinuke AdebanjiEZEKIEL GYIMAN
Non-existence of wave operators for repulsive HamiltoniansAtsuhide Ishida
Quasiperiodicity in deifferential dynamics leading to Cantor setsAubrey Wulfsohn
An arithmetic site of Connes-Consani type for imaginary quadratic fields with class number 1Aurélien SAGNIER
Strategic Placement of Landmarks for Parking and Obstacle Avoidances in a Partially Known EnvironmentAvinesh PrasadBibhya Sharma
Jito Vanualailai
A minimal realization for affine control systems on connected Lie groupsAyse Kara Hansen
Inverse Problem for the Second Zagreb Index Forgotten Index Hyper-Zagreb Index and Sigma IndexAysun YURTTASMuge TOGAN
Ismail Naci CANGUL
On strong ideals of seminearringsBabushri Srinivas KedukodiKavitha Koppula
Syam Prasad Kuncham
Relations between the classical Zagreb indices of graphsBatmend Horoldagva
Hopf bifurcation at in?nity and dissipative vector ?elds of the planeBegoña Alarcón CotillasRoland Rabanal
N-expansive homeomorphisms with the shadowing propertyBernardo CarvalhoWelington Cordeiro
A note on truncated long-range percolation with heavy tails on oriented graphsBernardo Nunes Borges De LimaCaio Alves
Daniel Valesin
Marcelo Richard Hilário
Meridian Surfaces with Parallel Normalized and Constant Mean Curvature in Pseudo-Euclidean 4-Space with Neutral MetricBetul BULCAVelichka MILOUSHEVA
Sofia Kovalevskaya and the Prix BordinBhadra Man Tuladhar
Exponential Dual to Ratio Type Compromised Imputation for Missing data in Survey SamplingBhupendra Kumar Singh
Mathematical modelling of solute transport through endothelial cell-glycocalyx layer (EGL)Bibaswan DeyRaja Sekhar P Gangavamsam
A Solution to Landmark Navigation of Multiple Robots via the Lyapunov-based Control SchemeBibhya SharmaRitesh Chand
Avinesh Prasad
Jito Vanualailai
Smart Learning in the Pacific- A conceptual frameworkBibhya SharmaRavneil Nand
Mohammed Naseem
Emmenual Reddy
Blocking sets in PG(2q) with respect to a conicBikramaditya Sahu
Colombeao products of distributionsBiljana Jolevska-Tuneska
Blocking sets of tangent and external lines to a hyperbolic quadric in PG(3q)Binod Kumar SahooBart De Bruyn
Bikramaditya Sahu
Distributions permutations and quasigroups: Specifying exact structuresBokhee ImJonathan D. H. Smith
Predictor-corrector p- and hp-versions of the finite element method for Poisson's equation in polygonal domainsBoniface NkemziStephanie Tanekou
Development Of Spatio Temporal Data Mining ModelingBudi Nurani RuchjanaAtje Setiawan Abdullah
The Schrodinger-Boussinesq system on weak Lr spacesCarlos Alberto BanquetLucas Ferreira
Élder Villamizar
Green kernel for a random Schrodinger operatorCarlos Gabriel Pacheco
Self-similar measures: asymptotic bounds for the dimension and Fourier decay of smooth imagesCarolina Alejandra MosqueraPablo Shmerkin
Some results in distal theoriesCharlotte Hastings KestnerGareth Boxall
A Tale of Two Cones since Hilbert's 1888 theoremCharu Goel
Travelling wave solutions and conservation laws for a (3+1)-dimensional modified Korteweg-de Vries modelChaudry Masood Khalique
Bioremediation and Mathematical Models of Adsorption Based FiltersChris Mccarthy
Model Of Volatility At Closure Prices Of The Pfcemargos Shares Between 16 May 2013 To 31 May 2017Christian Camilo Cortes GarciaFiorella Maria Rendon Garcia
Ramsey methods and indiscernibles in nonseparable Banach spacesChristina BrechJordi Lopez-Abad
Stevo Todorcevic
Spherical posets from commuting elementsCihan Okay
Designing examples to create variation patterns in teachingConstanta Olteanu
Blocks of finite groups fusion systems and cohomologyConstantin-Cosmin Todea
Mixed perverse sheaves on flag varieties of Coxeter groupsCristian VayPramod N. Achar
Simon Riche
Mathematical modelling of risk preferences with application to portfolio optimizationCristinca FULGA
Numerical analysis of a generalized particle method for the convection-diffusion equationDaisuke TAGAMI
Stability for a class of dynamical systems from the statistical point of viewDalmi Gama Dos Santos
Fighting against resistant bacteria how long will antibiotics help?Damian Alejandro Knopoff
Finding conditions to control the spread of dengue via analysis of invariant manifolds of a 4-dimensional dynamical systemDana ContrerasPablo Aguirre
Infinite alphabet edge shift spaces via ultragraphs and their C*-algebrasDaniel Gonçalves
The Hilbert series and Laurent coefficients of circle invariantsDaniel Herden
The Intermediate Value Theorem for polynomials of low degree and the Fundamental Theorem of AlgebraDaniel PerrucciMarie-Françoise Roy
Quasi-compactness of transfer operators for weakly regular expanding mapsDaniel SmaniaAlexander Arbieto
Infinite alphabet edge shift spaces via ultragraphs and their C*-algebrasDanilo Royer
Spreading estimates for quantum walks on the integer lattice via power-law bounds on transfer matricesDarren C. OngDavid Damanik
Jake Fillman
Critical Strip of Zeta Function defined in Dynamical SystemsDavid Chi Ni
Analysis of mixed interfacial crack problems for the system of dynamics of Thermo-electro-magneto-elasticity theoryDavid Natroshvili
Addressing Challenges in Creating Teaching and Learning Settings for Promoting Undergraduate Research in the Mathematical SciencesDavid S. TorainSandra Richardson
On the norm attainment set of a bounded linear operator between Banach spacesDebmalya Sain
Moment Methods for Hybrid Master Equation of Biomolecular Reaction NetworksDerya AltintanHEINZ KOEPPL
Subdirect sums of Lie algebrasDessislava Hristova Kochloukova
Optimal radio labelings of trees and block graphsDevsi Dudabhai Bantva
Forcing of closed orbits for tight Reeb flows on S1 × S2Diego Alfonso Sandoval Salazar
A positive answer for a question proposed by K. MahlerDiego Marques
Generalized fractional Kinetic equations associated with Aleph functionsDinesh KumarJunesang Choi
Picard-Mann Hybrid Iteration Schemes For Nonexpansive Semigroup In Cat(0) SpacesDipti Thakur
On a lattice map of Anderson t-motivesDmitry LogachevAlexander Grishkov
The Riemann-Hilbert approach to the Short Pulse Equation: the long-time asymptoticsDmitry Shepelsky
A generalized formulation of heat and mass transfer in domains with cutsDmytro Nomirovskii
Leibniz?s Mathesis Universalis: the influence in the construction of a symbolic language.Dorival Rodrigues Da Rocha Jr
On prime labeling of graphsEbrahim GhorbaniSara Kamali
Borsuk Ulam type theorems for free Z_p actions on n -spherical space formsEdivaldo Lopes Dos SantosDenise de Mattos
Marjory Del Vecchio dos Santos
A high order conservative finite element formulation for Darcy flow problemEduardo AbreuCiro Diaz
Juan Galvis
Marcus Sarkis
Analysis and numerical study of a mixed formulation of a tow membranes problemEl Bekkaye MermriMohammed BOUCHLAGHEM
Infinite-entropy ergodic measures of continuous mapsEleonora Catsigeras
Intersection Graphs of Subgroups of GroupsElham AboomahigirSaieed Akbari
Arman Ashtab
Ali Iranmanesha
On The Generalized Matsumoto RelationElif Dalyan
Spectral uniqueness of bi-invariant metrics on compact Lie groupsEmilio Lauret
Local Coupling Property for Markov Processes with Applications to Levy ProcessesErfan SalavatiKasra Alishahi
Design Of Geometrically Uniform Signal Sets Via Whittaker SurfacesErika Patricia Dantas De Oliveira GuazziReginaldo Palazzo Júnior
Integral operators of fractional type and their commutators with Lipschitz symbols on weighted spacesEstefanía DalmassoGladis Pradolini
Wilfredo Ramos
On Equilibrium of pending Drop lacking axial SymmetryEvgeny Alexandrovich ShcherbakovMikhail Evgenievich Shcherbakov
Equivariant simple singularities and their classificationEvgeny Astashov
Bounds on the transmission non-regularity index of unicyclic graphsEzgi KayaAyse Dilek Maden
Normal canonical bicanonical and tricanonical hypersurfacesEzio Stagnaro
Mathematics school textbook design and development frameworkFabio Luiz Borges SimasAugusto Quadros Teixeira
Impulse Effect in a Food-Limited Population ModelFatma Karakoc
Optimal Uncertainty Principle for Roots Modular Forms and Sphere PackingsFelipe Gonçalves
Attraction in gene regulation systemsFelix SadyrbaevSvetlana Atslega
Eduard Brokan
Hong Qian
Asymptotic behavior of the lower and higher or- der Boussinesq System of KdV-TypeFernando Gallego
Stochastic control of investment life insurance and consumptionFilipe MartinsAlberto Pinto
Diogo Pinheiro
Total Cost Measures for Transportation Problem with Probabilistic Cost Function under Varying Supply and DemandFiroz AhmadAHMAD YUSUF ADHAMI
Statistical inference for sparse binary chains of unbounded memoryFlorencia Leonardi
Representation varieties of orbifold fundamental groupsFlorent Schaffhauser
Multilayered flows in the shallow water limit: dynamics and loss of hyperbolicity in a mixed type PDEFrancisco De Melo ViríssimoPaul Antoine Milewski
Reconstruction for Diffusion MapsFrancisco Duarte Moura NetoRicardo Fabbri
Lúcia Pinto
Totally geodesic submanifolds of compact naturally reductive spacesFrancisco Vittone
Isoperimetric ProblemsFrank Morgan
Symbolic techniques for the decidability of formulas involving E-polynomials over the realsGabriela JeronimoJuan Sabia
First integrals for the geodesic flow on solvmanifoldsGabriela Paola Ovando
Mathematical analysis of a fluid-particle interaction modelGabriela PlanasCristyan Pinheiro
Accurate simulation of scattered waves by explicit time domain finite-difference schemes with local grid refinement: Parallel implementation.Galina V. Reshetova
Exponential dichotomy for differential and difference equations with periodic coefficientsGennady Demidenko
Equations with Order Degeneracy and Application to Cusped Piezo-Electric Prismatic ShellsGeorge Jaiani
Continuous Distribution Arising from the three gaps theoremGeremias PolancoAlexandru Zaharescu
Daniel Schultz
On a question of Erdos and Faudree on the size Ramsey numbersGholamreza OmidiRamin Javadi
Error estimates and adaptivity in mimetic schemes for bidimensional diffusion-convective problemsGiovanni CalderónCarlos Torres
Jorge Villamizar
Julio Carrillo
Global properties of systems on compact manifoldsGiuliano Angelo ZuglianiJorge Guillermo Hounie
An inverse problem in KdV equation with over determination dataGnanavel SoundararajanKumarasamy Sakthivel
Complex adjacency spectra of digraphsGopinath Sahoo
Quasiconformal extension of meromorphic univalent functions with nonzero poleGoutam SatpatiBappaditya Bhowmik
Dynamic analysis of a double Hopf 1:2 resonance in an delay differential equation via a frequency-domain methodGriselda Rut ItovichFranco Sebastian Gentile
Jorge Luis Moiola
Periodic Solution of diffusion models of giant panda population among small areasGui ZhanjiWang Kaihua
Minimal time mean field gamesGuilherme Mazanti
Spectral curves and equilibrium problems for random matrix model with external sourceGuilherme Silva
Mean value properties maximum principles and Harnack theorems for the solutions of the Hermite and Ornstein-Ulhembeck equationsGuillermo Javier FloresGustavo Garrigós
Simple components of rational group algebrasGurmeet Kaur BakshiGurleen Kaur
On the constants of the Bohnenblust-Hille and Hardy-Littlewood inequalitiesGustavo AraújoDaniel Pellegrino
Matrix Wreath Products Of Algebras And Embedding TheoremsHamed H. Alsulami
Women in mathematics: a historical approach of gender issues at Universidade de BrasíliaHanna Carolina Da Silva RezendeMelissa de Sousa Luiz
Raquel Carneiro Dörr
Unified Integrals involving the product of General Classes of Polynomials of Several VariablesHarish NagarAjay Kumar Tripathi
On Switched Dynamical SystemsHassane Bouzahir
Regional enlarged observability for parabolic semi-linear systemsHayat Zouiten
Free Action of Finite Groups on Certain SpacesHemant Kumar Singh
Construction of spherical codes using the Hopf fibrationHenrique Koji MiyamotoHenrique Nogueira Sá Earp
Sueli Irene Rodrigues Costa
Construction of G2-instantons via twisted connected sumsHenrique N. Sá Earp
Evolution equations of Kelvin-Voigt typeHermenegildo Borges De Oliveira
Special Lagrangian and deformed Hermitian Yang-Mills on tropical manifoldHikaru Yamamoto
Center of generalized quantum groups via Weyl groupoidsHiroyuki YamanePunita Batra
Some Cheeger-Gromov-Taylor Type Compactness Theorems via Modified Ricci and Bakry-Emery Ricci CurvaturesHomare Tadano
Elliptic Problems in Weighted SpacesHovik A. Matevossian
Composition formulae for some secondary and tertiary homotopy operationsHoward J. Marcum
The Use of Videos To Learn Teach and Popularize Mathematics and Statistics: The CineClub Project of The Fluminense Federal UniversityHumberto José Bortolossi
Geometric Analysis of Synchronization in Neuronal Networks with Global Inhibition and Coupling DelaysHwayeon RyuSue Ann Campbell
Some Classes of Graceful Tree-related GraphsI Nengah SupartaI Dewa Made Agus Ariawan
Congruences for matrix permanentsIan Wanless
Asymptotic Density of Test Elements in Free Groups and Surface GroupsIlir SnopcheSlobodan Tanushevski
Exponential stability of solutions to time-delay systems of neutral typeInessa Matveeva
Stability of Gorenstein graded flat modulesIntan Muchtadi-AlamsyahR Udhayakumar
V Biju
On the Generalized Wintgen inequalityIrem Küpeli ErkenRuken Görünü?
Cengizhan Murathan
On asymptotic behavior of blow-up solutions to nonlinear higher order ordinary differential equationsIrina Astashova
The delta-subharmonic functions of completely regular growth in the upper half-planeIryna KozlovaKostiantyn Maliutin
Nonlocal diffusion equations in homogeneous Lie groupsIsolda Eugenia CardosoRaúl Emilio Vidal
Successive Partial Smoothing in the Sparse Plus Low Rank Matrix Decomposition via a Spectral Proximal Gradient MethodIvan Xavier Moura Do NascimentoSandra Augusta Santos
Paulo José da Silva Silva
MathCityMap ? Experience outdoor mathematics in authentic contextsIwan GurjanowMatthias Ludwig
High-density hard-sphere lattice configurations in 2D and 3DIzabella StuhlAlexander Mazel
Yuri Suhov
The NLS equation with the delta-interaction on a star graphJaime Angulo Pava
Prolongation of solutions of measure differential equations and dynamic equations on time scalesJaqueline MesquitaMarcia Federson
Rogelio Grau
Nonlinear time-harmonic Maxwell equations in a bounded domainJaros?aw Mederski
Hamilton Decomposition of Knodel Graphs and Fibonacci GraphsJasmine MathewReji Kumar Karunakaran
Hochschild cohomology of a Sullivan algebraJean Baptiste Gatsinzi
Strictly Positive Definite Multivariate Covariance Functions On SpheresJean Carlo GuellaValdir Antonio Menegatto
Emilio Porcu
A Numerical method for Full-wave simulation in a tokamak.Jean Rodolphe RocheRihab Daadaa
Simon Labrunie
Pierre Bertrand
Spectrum of Gallai Graphs of Some GraphsJeepamol J PalathingalGopalapillai Indulal
Aparna Lakshmanan S
A strong converegence test by microlocal defect distributionsJelena Aleksic
Analysis on out-of-sample extesion of dimensionality reductionJianzhong Wang
Source-dependent noise removal using spectral graph theoretic approachJidesh Pacheeri PadikkalBini AA
Sums of Products of Power SumsJitender Singh
"Is the ""delta"" a difference? On the prehistory of delta-epsilon notation"João Figueiredo Nobre Cortese
Math In The Sky: Using Alexander Graham Bell?s Kites To Raise Public Awareness Of MathematicsJoão Júlio Dias Bastos QueirozHumberto José Bortolossi
On classes of structures axiomatizable by universal d-Horn sentences and universal positive disjunctionsJoao MarcosGuillermo Badia
Prices under differentiation in networksJoão Paulo AlmeidaAlberto Adrego Pinto
Invariants of The Weyl Algebra: Noncommutative Noether's Problem and Gelfand-Tsetlin CategoriesJoão SchwarzVyacheslav Futorny
Farkhod Eshmatov
Regularity estimates for fully nonlinear parabolic modelsJoão Vitor Da SilvaEduardo Vasconcelos Teixeira
Effect of Temperature Dependent Viscosity on the Thermal Instability of a Ferrofluid LayerJoginder Singh DhimanNivedita Sharma
On bijective matrix mapsJohan H MeyerWen-Fong Ke
Olinde Rodrigue's most remarkable workJohannes Charles FamiltonLucio Prado
On The Infinite Loch Ness MonsterJohn Alexander ArredondoCamilo Ramirez
On 'topology of the forms' of Grothendieck: A first viewJohn Alexander Cruz Morales
Quasiequilibrium problems with generalized monotonicityJohn Cotrina
Diagrammatic reducibility of presentations and equations over groupsJonathan Ariel BarmakE. Gabriel Minian
Fully Discrete Quadrature based Galerkin Method for Unidimensional Single Phase Semilinear Stefan ProblemJones Tarcius Doss
Approximated solution of modified Reve?s puzzleJongmin KimJinwoo Seo
Theta-vexillary signed permutationsJordan Lambert Silva
Positive definiteness and integral representations of special functionsJorge C BuescuAntónio C Paixão
The representation of consumer's preferences by marginal rates of substitution - An alternative approach represented by PDEsJorge Manuel Marques
Recreational Mathematics. Why?Jorge Nuno Silva
Ordinary differential equations in Brazil: Genesis and Recent DevelopementsJorge Sotomayor
On Leonard quadruples of Krawtchouk typeJose Maria P. BalmacedaJryl P. Maralit
Evolutionary dynamics on vaccination gamesJosé MartinsAlberto Pinto
Differential invariants of Fedosov structuresJosé NavarroAdrián Gordillo
Pedro J. Sancho
Zariski cancellation problem for noncommutative ringsJose Oswaldo Lezama Serrano
Application of two to one functions in the creation 2 error correcting codesJosé William VelázquezMoises Delgado
The Zakharov limit of the Zakharov-Rubenchik systemJuan Carlos Cordero
A new reconstruction operator based on nonlinear means for triangular meshesJuan Carlos Trillo MoyaSergio Amat Plata
Pedro Ortíz Herranz
Juan Ruiz Álvarez
Multifactorial numbers by context-free grammarsJuan Gabriel TrianaRodrigo De Castro
A regularization method based on an augmented Lagrangian approach for parameter identificationJuan Pablo AgnelliAdriano De Cesaro
Antonio Leitão
Motivic zeta functions orbifold motivic measures and Q-resolutions of singularitiesJuan Viu-SosEdwin León-Cardenal
Jorge Martín-Morales
Gauging by Z_2 permutation actions of Deligne products.Julia Yael PlavnikCain Edie-Michell
Corey Jones
Adaptive Simulation of Rarefied Gases Using Hierarchical Moment ModelsJulian Koellermeier
Lagrangian fibrations by Prym varietiesJustin Sawon
Wavelet-based regularization of the Galerkin truncated incompressible Euler equations in two and three space dimensionsKai SchneiderMarie Farge
Naoya Okamoto
Katsunori Yoshimatsu
Stability and bifurcation analysis of algae-zooplankton species modelKalyan Das
The inverse problem for finding the right-hand side of the degenerating equation of a mixed elliptic-hyperbolic typeKamil Basirovich Sabitov
Fredholm modular operators and representable K-theory of inverse limits of C*-algebrasKamran Sharifi
On weighted Dirichlet spaces of quaternion-valued functionsKaren L AvetisyanKlaus Guerlebeck
"QHWM of the ""symplectic"" and ""orthogonal"" type Lie algebras of the matrix quantum pseudo differential operators"Karina BatistelliCarina Boyallian
On branches of positive solutions to p-Laplacian problems at the extreme value of Nehari manifold methodKaye SilvaYavdat Il'yasov
Cosmetic surgeries on knotsKazuhiro IchiharaTetsuya Ito
In Dae Jong
Toshio Saito
Zhongtao Wu
Spectral Decomposition and Stability of Flows with Expanding MeasuresKeonhee Lee
On hermitian matrices with repeated eigenvaluesKhazhgali Kozhasov
Sensual MathematicsKirsi Peltonen
Numerical modelling of rheologically complex fluids including pressure correction method - Relevance to atherosclerosisKm Surabhi
Cauchy extension of Hilbert C*-modulesKourosh NourouziAli Reza
Recurrences in the hyperbolic Pascal triangle and pyramidLászló Németh
Certain sums in 3D Pascal simplexLászló Szalay
The existence of regular and quasi-regular bipartite self-complementary 3-uniform hypergraphsLata Datta Kadam
Interactions of cryptography and representation theory - the matrix of rotation symmetric Boolean functionsLavinia Corina CiunguMiodrag Cristian Iovanov
Symmetry results in the half space for a semi-linear fractional Laplace equation through a one-dimensional analysisLeandro Martin Del Pezzo
Ruelle Zeta Function for Hyperbolic Surfaces with Finite VolumeLee-Peng Teo
A Neighborhood Hypothesis Test for Functional Data with an Application in Investigating Agreement in Drug Sensitivity ProfilesLeif EllingsonDhanamalee Bandara
Souparno Ghosh
The maximum dimension of a Lie nilpotent matrix algebraLeon Van WykJeno Szigeti
John Van den Berg
Ziembowski Michal
Semivectorial bilevel optimization on Riemannian manifoldsLéonard TodjihoundéHenri Bonnel
Constantin Udriste
Existence And Decay Of Solutions Of The 2d Qg Equation In The Presence Of An ObstacleLeonardo Kosloff
Asymptotic Analysis of the Everted State of Circular Cylindrical ShellLeonid S Srubshchik
Converting Graphic Relationships into Conditional Probabilities in Bayesian NetworkLoc Nguyen
Flipped classroom pedagogy in Calculus with English-Medium Instruction in a Confucian Heritage CultureLois SimonNatanael Karjanto
Fluid-structure interaction system with Coulomb?s friction lawLoredana Balilescu
Statistical Evaluation of DWT-PCA/SVD and FFT-PCA/SVD face recognition Algorithms under Varying Head-posesLouis AsieduAtinuke Olusola Adebanji
Felix Okoe Mettle
Favour Nyantekyiwa Yirenkyi
The Kirchhoff-Plateau problemLuca Lussardi
Critical Aspects And Rational ExpressionsLucian Olteanu
On quasi-conformal (in-) compatibility of satellite copies of the Mandelbrot set: ILuciana Luna Anna LomonacoCarsten Lunde Petersen
Star flows: a characterization via Lyapunov functionsLuciana Silva Salgado
On the Regulariy of Solutions to Degenerate EquationsLuís Henrique De Miranda
Forward-Backward-Half Forward Splitting for solving monotone inclusionsLuis Manuel Briceño-AriasDamek Davis
Closed Minimal Hypersurfaces Of The 5-Dimensional Unit Sphere With Constant Scalar Curvature And Constant Third Symmetric FunctionLuiz Amancio Machado Sousa Jr.
Spectral Geometry on Stratified SpacesLuiz Hartmann
Invariants of fundamental representations of SLn and colored hypergraphsLukas Braun
Planar k-isocoronal tilingsMa. Louise Antonette Navarro De Las PeñasEduard Camangian Taganap
Sequence of Polynomial Invariants for Virtual KnotsMadeti PrabhakarKaur Kirandeep
Vesnin Andrei
Duadic negacyclic codes over a finite non-chain ringMadhu RakaMokshi Goyal
Causal detectability for linear descriptor systemsMahendra Kumar GuptaNutan Kumar Tomar
Raghunathan Rengaswamy
Criterion for the basis property of the system of root functions of ordinary differential operators with regular boundary conditionsMakhmud Sadybekov
Trunk and representativity of knotsMakoto OzawaRyan Blair
"Problems Of Stability ""In The Large"" Of Phase Systems"Maksat KalimoldayevAssel Abdildayeva
Two stage hyper-chaotic system based image encryption in wavelet packet domain for wireless communication systemsManish Kumar
Class Length of elements of group in the normalized unit groupManju Khan
A combinatorial model of the free loop fibrationManuel RiveraSamson Saneblidze
Cubical rigidification the cobar construction and the based loop spaceManuel RiveraMahmoud Zeinalian
Existence and multiplicity of positive solutions for a fourth-order elliptic equationMarcelo Fernandes FurtadoJoão Pablo Pinheiro Silva
Giovany Malcher Figueiredo
On General Column Distance for Convolutional CodesMarcelo FirerDiego Napp
Sara Diaz Cardell
Random walks on dynamical random environments with slow mixingMarcelo Richard Hilario
On the neighbourhoods of idempotents in zero-dimensional algebrasMarcelo Sobottka
Contextualizing complementizing and complexifying in mathematical cognitionMarcia Maria Fusaro PintoThorsten Scheiner
Locally conformal Kähler or symplectic structures on solvmanifoldsMarcos Miguel Origlia
On rigid 2-step nilpotent Lie algebrasMaría Alejandra Alvarez
Mixed Estimates for Singular Integrals on Weighted Hardy SpacesMaria Eugenia Cejas
On the projection of self-adjoint operatorsMaria Laura AriasMaria Celeste Gonzalez
Fixed points of generalized weakly contractive mappingsMaria Samreen
Magnetic trajectories on the unit tangent bundle of a Riemannian manifoldMarian Ioan Munteanu
Energy dissipation caused by boundary layer instability at vanishing viscosityMarie FargeNatacha Nguyen van yen
Kai Schneider
Matthias Weidmann
Rupert Klein
Laplacian solitons on nilpotent Lie groupsMarina Nicolini
On knots with half-integral toroidal surgeriesMario Eudave-Muñoz
Knots-quivers correspondence and applicationsMarko Stosic
The Bjorling Problem for timelike minimal surfaces in R^4_1Martha P DussanAntonio P Franco Filho
Martin A Magid
New robust confidence intervals for the mean under dependenceMartial LonglaMagda Peligrad
Stefan Problem with surface tension and kinetic undercoolingMartin Lukarevski
Using MIR-max algorithm to monitor performance of donor-funded projects in developing countries based on DHS dataMartin PaisleyElias Peter Mwakilama
Eigenvalues for tridiagonal 3-Toeplitz matricesMaryam Shams Solary
Nef vector bundles on a projective space with first Chern class threeMasahiro Ohno
Topology of the punctual Hilbert schemes for the curve singularity of type A_2dMasahiro Watari
Quantum scattering with time-decaying harmonic oscillatorsMasaki Kawamoto
Maximal and completely positive entropy on infinite measure spacesMassoud Amini
Residually (post) liminal C*-algebrasMassoud Amini
Hilbert schemes and y-ification of Khovanov-Rozansky homologyMatthew HogancampEugene Gorsky
Matroidal Structures for Covering based Rough SetsMauricio Restrepo
Plausible Reasoning And The Analogy In The Creation And Solution Of A Problem For A Mathematics CompetitionMauro Misael Garcia
On the pointwise iteration-complexity of a dynamic regularized ADMM with over-relaxation stepsizeMax Leandro Nobre Goncalves
Advanced Asymptotical Methods for Seismic ImagingMaxim Protasov
Integrable dynamical systems with dissipationMaxim V. Shamolin
Classical Theorems Of Sobolev's Embedding Theorem In The Case Of Their Failure To Transition To More Weakly Than The Lebegov Standards Can Be Addied By NewMehribanu Zhainibekova
Modeling of In-crib Drying of Ear Maize: A Case Study of Sunyani West DistrictMercy Gyamea AmankwahEmmanuel Appiah-Kubi
Peter Amoako Yirenkyi
Kwaku Forkuoh Darkwah
Behind the Scenes of the 1950 and 1958 Fields Medals.Michael J. Barany
Recent advances on the branch-and-prune algorithm for the molecular distance geometry problemMichael SouzaCarlile Lavor
Luiz Mariano Carvalho
Complexity of distances between metric and Banach spacesMichal DouchaMarek Cuth
Ondrej Kurka
Existence and symmetry of solutions to overdetermined boundary problems on Riemannian manifoldsMiguel Domínguez-Vázquez
Maker-Breaker fixed graph game on random graphsMilos StojakovicRajko Nenadov
Angelika Steger
Dispersion of vorticity for the incompressible Euler-alpha modelMilton Da Costa Lopes Filho
Anomalous diffusion in a system of harmonic oscillators perturbed by a conservative noiseMilton JaraCedric Bernardin
Patrícia Gonçalves
Tomasz Komorowski
Stefano Olla
On iterated function system consisting of cyclic contractive mappingsMinirani S
The infinite tame-wild dichotomy and Brauer-Thrall 3 conjecturesMiodrag Cristian Iovanov
Contact $CR$-submanifolds in ${mathbb{S}}^7(1)$Mirjana Djoric
Expected Utility Maximization Problem Under State Constraints and Model UncertaintyMohamed Mnif
Partitioned symmetric graphsMohammad Farrokhi Derakhshandeh Ghouchan
Some on the Annihilator Ideal GraphMohammad Javad Nikmehr
Properties of Groups with Rational CharactersMohammad Reza Darafsheh
Haagerup--Pisier--Ringrose inequalityMohammad Sal Moslehian
A Kind of Hyperbolic Dynamics Created By Pseudo-Riemannian MetricsMohammadreza Molaei
A Survey On Sums Of Element Orders In Finite GroupsMohsen Amiri
Spectral decomposition of dichotomous linear operatorsMonika Winklmeier
Distribution of prime geodesics on Riemann surfaces and hyperbolic 3-manifoldsMuharem Avdispahi?
Estimation of Exit Time in a Stochastic Predator-Prey ModelMurugan Suvinthra
String Topological RoboticsMy Ismail Mamouni
Anisotropic regularity principle in sequence spaces and applicationsNacib Gurgel Albuquerque
Probabilistic Aspects on Domination Theory in GraphsNader Jafari Rad
The Localized Regular Dual Reciprocity Method (LRDRM) for PDE initial value problemsNahuel CarusoMargarita Portapila
Scattering of water waves by an inclined thin plate in a two-layer fluid of finite depthNajnin Islam
"Optimal Control for Tumor under Immune Suppression Variable Order Model a Numerical Approach"Nasser Hassan Sweilam
Inverse source non-local problem for mixed type equation with Caputo fractional differential operatorNasser Said Al-SaltiErkinjon Karimov
Sebti Kerbal
Numerical method for solving an inverse problem for nonlinear parabolic PDE with unknown initial condition arising in thermal diagnosticsNatalia Yaparova
Inverse Problem for the Linearized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky by Optimization MethodNavaneetha Krishnan Karuppusamy
Noetherian solvability of the operator singular integral equation with the Carleman shift in fractional spacesNazarbay Bliev
Perturbation bounds of Cesaro averages of homogeneous Markov processes on base norm spacesNazife Erkursun Ozcan
Can simplicity of a finite group be determined by its $cs$?Neda Ahanjideh
Effects of baffle on reducing liquid sloshing in a tankNeelam Choudhary
Algebraic Construction of Lattices via Octonion AlgebrasNelson Gomes Brasil JuniorCintya Wink de Oliveira Benedito
Sueli Rodrigues Costa
Isotopies of discrete cotangent flows in the presence of a Lie group of symmetries with perfect Lie algebraNicolás BordaJavier Fernandez
Marcela Zuccalli
A Simple Loop Dwell Time Approach for Stability of Switched SystemsNikita Agarwal
Antieigenvalues of Multiparameter Eigenvalue ProblemsNiranjan BoraArun Kumar Baruah
Certain subclasses of harmonic univalent mappingsNirupam GhoshALLU VASUDEVARAO
The global Euler obstruction generalizations and regularity conditions at infinityNivaldo GrulhaNicolas Dutertre
Very weak solutions to wave equations on graded groupsNurgissa Yessirkegenov
Polynomial identities of bicommutative algebras Lie and Jordan elementsNurlan IsmailovAskar Dzhumadil'daev
Complete spectral testing using the Coveyou-Macpherson method of Lehmer random number generator with a maximum periodNurlan TemirgaliyevZhanerke Temirgaliyeva
On Z_d-symmetry of spectra of linear operatorsOleg Reinov
New Methods For Constructing Cubature Formulas Of Approximate Calculation Of Integrals Of Highly Oscillating Functions Of Three VariablesOlesia Petrivna NechuiviterOleg Mykolayovych Lytvyn
The vector lattice structure on the Isbell-convex hull of an asymmetrically normed real vector spaceOlivier Olela OtafuduJurie Conradie
Hans-Peter Kunzi
Multivariate Series Analysis of Variable Viscosity Poiseuille Flow of Nanofluids with Thermal RadiationOluwole Daniel Makinde
Gelfand-Tsetlin Theory for Rational Galois AlgebrasPablo Mauricio ZadunaiskyVyacheslav Futorny
Dimitar Grantcharov
Luis Enrique Ramírez
The complete associated groups of quasigroupsParascovia Syrbu
Successive Partial Smoothing in the Sparse Plus Low Rank Matrix Decomposition via a Spectral Proximal Gradient MethodPaulo José Da Silva Silva
Challenges in the everyday disabilities people and race under the mathematical and probabilistic.Paulo Tadeu Meira Silva De Oliveira
On conciseness of words in residually finite groupsPavel Shumyatsky
Set of sustainable thresholdsPedro Gajardo
Level-delta limit linear seriesPedro Hernandez Rizzo
Singular quasilinear elliptic problems with a changing sign datumPedro J. Martínez Aparicio
Regressive order on subsets of regular cardinalsPedro Sánchez TerrafYinhe Peng
William Weiss
Semi-Lagrangian Exponential Integration with application to the rotating shallow water equationsPedro Silva PeixotoMartin Schreiber
Constrained Clustering via DiagramsPeter GritzmannAndreas Brieden
Fabian Klemm
On a conjecture by Akiyama and Pethoe concerning the distribution of polynomials with bounded rootsPeter KirschenhoferJoerg Thuswaldner
Method of Multiple Shooting for Computing Geometric Shortest Constrained Paths in 3DPhan Thanh AnNguyen Ngoc Hai
Tran Van Hoai
Le Hong Trang
Nonpolynomial fractional spline technique for two-parameter singularly perturbed boundary value problemsPooja KhandelwalArshad Khan
Wormhole geometry in f(RT) gravityPradyumn Kumar Sahoo
Para-Sasakian Manifolds and *-Ricci SolitonsPrakasha D. G.Veeresha Pundikala
Numerical solution of singularly perturbed delay differential equations with unit delayPratima RaiKapil Kumar Sharma
On computing the distances to stability for matricesPunit Sharma
Applications of Topolological Methods to the Semilinear Biharmonic Problem with Different PowersQheung Choi
Analysis of Entropy Generation Rate and Thermal Stability of Variable Viscosity Nanofluids in Couette Flow with and Radiative HeatR. L. MonalediOluwole Daniel Makinde
Scattering of Multi-Furcated Non-Planar Waveguide Structures using Hybrid Numerical SchemesRab NawazMuhammad Afzal
Solvability of a nonlinear fractional Euler-Lagrange type equationRabah KhaldiAssia Guezane-Lakoud
Real Half Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Kaehler Manifolds with a Quarter Symmetric Metric ConnectionRachna Rani
The Ergodic Decomposition Defined by Left Actions of a Fairly General Type of Amenable GroupsRadu Zaharopol
A mathematical model of human migrationRafael Prieto Curiel
phi-lambda-rings and phi-Delta-ringsRahul KumarAtul Gaur
Mathematical modeling of fluid flow inside a knee joint using squeeze-film approachRaja Sekhar P GangavamsamTimir Karmakar
Optimal Controls of Stochastic Integrodifferential Equations with Non-instantaneous ImpulsesRajesh DhayalMuslim Malik
Syed Abbas
Dynamic Performance Evaluation of Finite Capacity Multi-Server Queueing System with VacationsRam Prasad Ghimire
Controllability of a Space-Time Fractional Order Parabolic EquationRamdas Baburao Sonawane
Spectral Decomposition of Absolutely Norm attaining Paranormal OperatorsRamesh G
Generators and closed class on groupsRamón FloresJosé L. Rodríguez
Antonio Otal
Double-Diffusive Convective Instability in a Darcy-Brinkman Porous Layer with a Horizontal Throughflow and Viscous DissipationRashmi DubeyP. V. S. N. Murthy
Expectations Of Mathematics Undergraduates Students Concerning Their Future As Teachers: A Case Study In A Brazilian Public UniversityRegina Silva Pina NevesRaquel Carneiro Dörr
Chaos in piecewise smooth dynamical systems on two dimensional torusRicardo MartinsDurval Tonon
The Multiset Dimension of GraphsRinovia Simanjuntak
Bounding the nilpotency class of a finite p-group with a large normal abelian subgroupRisto Atanasov
Efficient Estimation of Left-Truncated and Right-Censored Data with Additive Hazard ModelRiyadh Rustam Muhsen Al-Mosawi
On Multi Poly-Bernoulli PolynomialsRoberto Bagsarsa CorcinoHassan Jolany
Cristina Bordaje Corcino
Takao Komatsu
Global Results on Control and Stabilization of Fourth Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation on the TorusRoberto De Almeida Capistrano-Filho
Well-Rounded Lattices from Z-modules of Cyclotomic Fields via the Minkowski EmbeddingRobson Ricardo AraujoSUELI I.R. COSTA
Systems of Riemann-Liouville fractional equations with multi-point boundary conditionsRodica Luca Tudorache
Lefschetz properties for Artinian Gorenstein algebras presented by quadricsRodrigo GondimGiuseppe Zappalà
The Alekseevskii conjecture in low dimensionsRomina Melisa ArroyoRamiro Augusto Lafuente
Inflection Points On Hyperbolic Tori In The Three Dimensional SphereRonaldo Alves Garcia
Geometrical and Analytical Properties of Chebyshev Sets in Riemannian ManifoldsRonaldo Freire De Lima
Reducibility of quasiperiodic Lie SystemsRuben Flores-Espinoza
Variational convergence of vector functions and its application to multiobjective optimizationRubén López
Some Fixed Point Theorems in Compact-2 Metric SpacesSabha Kant DwivediMakhan Singh Chauhan
Dynamic Programming of the Stochastic Burgers Equation with L'evy noiseSakthivel KumarasamyManil T Mohan
Sritharan S Sivaguru
The principal eigenvalue and optimal existence results for quasilinear singular problemsSalvador López Martínez
Power Series Solutions of Certain Type of Fractional Differential EquationsSamir Bashir Hadid
On uniformly continuous functions between pseudometric spaces and the Axiom of Countable ChoiceSamuel G. Da Silva
Response of corrugated interface on incident qSV -wave in monoclinic elastic half-spacesSanasam Sarat SinghJ Lalvohbika
Successive Partial Smoothing in the Sparse Plus Low Rank Matrix Decomposition via a Spectral Proximal Gradient MethodSandra Augusta Santos
Differentiate and Integrate: Freud and Einstein Mathematics and Psychology Calculus and Psychoanalysis supported by logic and inspired by emotions.Sandra Bulhões Cecilio
Time distributed-order wave equation on infinite domainSanja Konjik
Mathematical study of propagation behavior of Rayleigh wave in a functionally graded non-homogeneous mediaSantanu Manna
A generalization of the modified self-shrinking generatorSara Díaz CardellAmparo Fúster-Sabater
Natural Convection and thermal radiation in a cavity with a nonuniformly heated plateSaravanan Shanmugam
Measuring heterogeneity in an endpoint-oriented cluster-based meta-analysis of individual patient dataSaskia SchieleAndreas Brieden
On the spectra of bipartite multidigraphsSasmita BarikGopinath Sahoo
Classification of nilpotent n-Liealgebras of small breadthSaudamini Nayak
Assessment of the effect of temperature on the basic offspring number of Sand fly population the vector of leishmaniasisSchehrazad SELMANE
Stability analysis of Double Diffusive Convection in a Porous Medium Saturated with Power Law Fluid with Horizontal Through-Flow Considering Viscous DissipationSeema KumariP. V. S. N Murthy
Lipschitz conditions in Laguerre hypergoupSelma Negzaoui
On isomorphic structure of some symmetric and non-symmetric function spacesSergei Astashkin
Counterexample to Gronwall's ConjectureSergey Agafonov
Equivariant simultaneous extension operatorsSergey AntonyanLili Zhang
Abundance of 3-Planes on Real Projective HypersurfacesSergey FinashinViatcheslav Kharlamov
A Counterexample to the Malcev ProblemSergey SverchkovIvan Shestakov
Stabilization of dispersion-generalized Benjamin-OnoSeungly OhCynthia Flores
Derek L Smith
Large subgroups of simple groups with applications in group theory combinatorics and geometrySeyed Hassan Alavi
Some Results On Universal Function SeriesShakro Tetunashvili
Existence of weak solutions of cancer invasion reaction-diffusion modelShangerganesh Lingeshwaran
Relative controllability of semilinear stochastic systems with multiple delays in stateShanmugasundaram Karthikeyan
Brouwer's conjecture on the Laplacian eigenvalues of a graphShariefuddin Pirzada
Small-time global stabilization of the viscous Burgers equation with three scalar controlsShengquan XiangJean-Michel Coron
Some interesting results on evolution of bifurcation curves for a one-dimensional Dirichlet-Neumann problem with cubic nonlinearityShin-Hwa WangYu-Hao Liang
An implosion arising from saddle connection in 2D complex dynamicsShizuo Nakane
A Derivative free Iterative Method for Nonlinear Ill-posed Hammerstein-type EquationsShobha Monnanda Erappa
The index of symmetry of noncompact spacesSilvio Reggiani
Mathematical Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Fed Biomass Derived Fuel through Maxwell-Stefan EquationsSineenart Srimongkol
Structured perturbation analysis of generalized eigenvalue problem with s-specified eigenpairsSk Safique AhmadPrince Kanhya
Systems of Quadratic Integral Equations of Fredholm TypeSmail DjebaliLatifa Benhamouche
Application of space fractional advection-diffusion equation for sediment suspension in turbulent flowsSnehasis Kundu
S-colocalization and Adams cocompletionSnigdha Bharati ChoudhuryA. Behera
A fully discrete decoupled penalty projection algorithm for MHD in Elsasser VariableSongul Kaya Merdan
Interaction of water waves with two submerged unequal plates with non-uniform permeability using Galerkin approximationSourav GuptaRupanwita Gayen
On quality of convergence of the power normalized partial maxima of iid random variablesSreenivasan RaviA S Praveena
Deepesh Bhati
Minimal cut-sets in the power graphs of certain finite non-cyclic groupsSriparna ChattopadhyayKamal Lochan Patra
Binod Kumar Sahoo
Robust Modifications of U-statistics and Applications to Covariance Estimation ProblemsStanislav MinskerXiaohan Wei
Chebyshev polynomials and typically real functionsStanislawa Kanas
An expansion for the number of partitions of an integerStella BrassescoArnaud Meyroneinc
On the discriminant of compositum of algebraic number fieldsSudesh Kaur KhandujaAnuj Jakhar
Neeraj Sangwan
Lucas non-Wieferich primes in arithmetic progressionsSudhansu Sekhar Rout
On the Fisher-Rao distance in the space of multivariate normal distributions: bounds centroids and applications.Sueli I. R. Costa
The cut-groups: with integral group rings having all central units trivialSugandha MaheshwaryGurmeet Kaur Bakshi
Inder Bir Singh Passi
A Numerical Approach to Solve A Multiparameter Eigenvalue ProblemSurashmi Bhattacharyya
The Two Diophantine Equations: $A^4 + Kb^4 = C^2 + K^2d^4$ And $X^4 + 2y^4 = Z^4 + 4w^4$Susil Kumar Jena
Toric topology of the complex Grassmann manifoldsSvjetlana TerzicVictor Matveevich Buchstaber
Stability of the Riemann solution for a strictly hyperbolic system of conservation laws with flux approximationT Raja Sekhar
Multiple solutions for a class of the elliptic systems with even functionalsTacksun Jung
Characterization of ranges of wave operators for Schrödinger equation via wave packet transformTaisuke Yoneyama
Positive Frequency Representations of Signals and ApplicationsTao Qian
Erdosian functions and associated L-functionsTapas ChatterjeeSuraj Singh Khurana
Application of methods of complex functions in nonlinear problems of elasticity of composite materials with interface cracksTatiana Olegovna DomanskaiaVeniamin Mikhaylovich Malkov
Phase Transitions in the One-dimensional Coulomb Gas Ensembles with finite interaction range.Tatiana S. Turova
Higher Order Differential Subordinations for Generalized Fractional Differintegral OperatorsTeodor BulboacaHanaa M. Zayed
Adela O. Mostafa
Mohamed K. Aouf
Classical approximation theory and its application in functional analysisThaís Jordão
Singularities of differential equations in the complex planeThomas Kecker
Small quotients of finite linear groupsThomas Michael KellerYong Yang
On moments of Gamma exponentiated functional distributionTibor K. Pogány
Analysis of network security using bimatrix games with payoffs as trapezoidal fuzzy numbersTina VermaArvind Kumar Gupta
Generalization of Exner models for for bedload sediment transport in shallow waterTomas Morales De LunaManuel J. Castro Díaz
Cipriano Escalante
Enrique D. Fernandez-Nieto
Gladys Narbona-Reina
Prediction law of fractional Brownian motionTommi SottinenLauri Viitasaari
Topological transitivity and representability of surfaces flowsTomoo Yokoyama
Tri-sequence Model for Harnessing Programmed Instruction for Effective Learning of MathematicsUdobia Elijah Etukudo
Classification of Dynkin diagrams & Structure of Indefinite Quasi hyperbolic Kac Moody algebras of Rank 9Uma Maheswari A
Boundary-value problems for the third order loaded equation with characteristic type-change linesUmida Baltaeva
Positivity results for indefinite sublinear problemsUriel KaufmannHumberto Ramos Quoirin
Kenichiro Umezu
Natural and Binary Convection for Nanofluids: Stability Characteristics and MHD EffectsUrvashi GuptaShushant Shukla
Jyoti Sharma
Boundary Value Problems with Oscillating Coefficients for Analytic FunctionsVakhtang Kokilashvili
Geodesic properties of the differential process generated by complex interpolationValentin FerencziJesus M.F. Castillo
Willian Corrêa
Manuel González
Global bifurcation analysis of multi-parameter polynomial dynamical systemsValery A. Gaiko
Interpolation in Manifolds and Applications to Depth Interpolation in Images and VideosVanel LazcanoFelipe Calderero
Coloma Ballester
GCR-lightlike submanifolds of indefinite Kaehler manifolds with quarter symmetric non-metric connectionVarun Jain
On logarithmic coefficients of univalent functionsVasudeva Rao Allu
A variant of multiplicity one theorems for half-integral weight modular formsVenkata Ganapathi Narasimha Kumar Cheraku
A survival model with Birnbaum?Saunders frailty for uncensored and censored cancer dataVera Lucia Damasceno Tomazella
Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity and the Northcott's Inequality relative to an Artinian module and Local CohomologyVictor Hugo Jorge Perez
On extension of smooth local maps of Banach spaces and applicationsVictoria RayskinGenrich Belitskii
Eulerian and Hamiltonian complements of zero-divisor graphs of pseudocomplemented posetsVinayak JoshiSarika Devhare
John D. LaGrange
Canonical structures on generalized symmetric spaces and their applicationsVitaly Balashchenko
Hermitian geometry of real flag manifoldsViviana Del Barco
Vertices of the polytope of integer partitions: recent results conjectures open problemsVladimir A. Shlyk
Composition Operators on Sobolev Spaces and Spectral Theory of Elliptic OperatorsVladimir Gol'dshteinAlexander Ukhlov
Theory and Computational Aspects of Optimal Reconstruction of Constitutive Relations for Porous Media FlowsVladislav Bukshtynov
A 3D Ginibre Point FieldVladislav Kargin
Quantum Lie theory and related topicsVladislav Kharchenko
On the complexity of bounded time and precision reachability for piecewise affine systemsWalid GomaaOlivier Bournez
Amaury Pouly
Hugo Bazille
On the extension of computable real functionsWalid GomaaMathieu Hoyrup
The Principle of Ariadne as a New Choice Paradigm in MathematicsWalter A. Carnielli
A Unified System of FB-SDEs with Levy Jumps and Double Completely-S Skew ReflectionsWanyang Dai
Parikh Rewriting Systems - A New Approach To The Injectivity Problem Of Parikh MatricesWen Chean Teh
Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Nonlinear ProcessesWolfgang SchmidPhilipp Otto
Robert Garthoff
Wandering domains and singular setXavier JarqueKrzysztof Barasnki
Núria Fagella
Bogusha Karpinska
A universal Kolmogorov bound for asymptotic normality of monochromatic edge countsXiao Fang
China-Finland Joint On-line Course in Mathematical ModelingXuxin YangAntti Rasila
Cycle decompositions of the Cartesian product of cyclesY. M. BorseS. A. TAPADIA
Sectional-Hyperbolic Lyapunov Stable SetsYeison SánchezSerafín Bautista
Difference of Sum-of-Squares Convex Programming Formulations for Polynomial OptimizationYi-Shuai Niu
Relations between unification of the multidimensional Bernstein polynomials and p-adic integralsYilmaz Simsek
Scaled consensus of switched multi-agent systemsYilun Shang
Lossless Image Compression Technique using Adjacency Matrix of a SemigraphYogeshri Sudhir GaidhaniCharusheela Mukund Deshpande
Exponentially Harmonic Maps between Finsler ManifoldsYuan-Jen Chiang
Option pricing with fractional stochastic volatility and discontinuous payoff function of polynomial growthYuliya Mishura
Free algebras and new discrete mathematical functionsYuri Movsisyan
Generalized Widom-Rowlinson models and their applicationsYuri SuhovAlexander Mazel
Izabella Stuhl
Stefan Zohren
Hamiltonian properties of line graphs and their generalizationsZdenek Ryjacek
The Integrated Trig-Geometry --- A Revolution in Euclidean Geometry and Math Education Happening in ChinaZengxiang TongJingzhong Zhang
Adjoint Riemann-Liouville and Caputo fractional differential operatorsZeynep Kayar
An Improved Mathematical Formulation for the Chemical Compositional SimulationZharasbek BaishemirovAbdumauvlen Berdyshev
Bakhbergen Bekbauov
Solving the nonlinear Fredholm integral equations by Lagrange's method of finite incrementsZhyldyz AsanovaAkylbek Kerimbekov
Alymbek Uraliev
On the bondage numbers of conjugacy class graphsZohreh Mostaghim
Orthogonal polynomials attached to coherent states for the symmetric Poschl-Teller oscillatorZouhair Mouayn
Numerical approximation of the Stokes eigenvalue problem in cubic domain based on penalty techniqueÖnder TürkRamon Codina