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A Topic Study Group is designed to gather a group of congress participants who are interested in a particular topic in mathematics education. For ICME-12, the Topic Study Group is the major arena for participation. Participants are expected to associate themselves with one TSG and to stay in that group for all four sessions.

The word ‘study’ suggests that the activities of the groups will include presentations and discussions of important new trends and developments in research or practice related to the topic under consideration. Each TSG will be organised by a team of five to six. Two co-chairs have been appointed for each team. Each TSG will include a local member, who, as well as being a member of the team, will be the liaison with the Local Organising Committee for practical issues.

The purpose of the TSGs is to provide a forum for presentations and discussion on the current state-of-the-art in the topic, seen from an international perspective. One of the special features of ICME is that it is a place where different perspectives are welcomed and can cross-pollinate each other. By their very nature, some of the topics are focused more on research than on practice. For others the opposite will be the case, whereas several topics will have a fairly equal balance of the two.

At ICME-12, the TSGs will have four one and a half hour timeslots at their disposal. This makes TSGs the prime forum for participation. Organising teams are therefore asked to ensure that all participants who submit a contribution are given some way of making a presentation. It is recognised that some submissions are of higher quality than others, and hence may be given more time within the group. But everyone attending ICMI has a right to make a presentation of some kind, be it short oral or poster and the TSG is the only forum available. The International Programme Committee (IPC) may be consulted by Co-chairs who are having difficulty meeting this requirement.

Each TSG organising team will have the responsibility of updating the web site linked to the congress website. The web sites of each TSG will be opened in the middle of May. On this site it will be possible to follow the planning process and eventually access all relevant documents including the timetable for TSG sessions. Participants who would like to present papers in a TSG are requested to communicate with the team chairs. The TSG teams are responsible for establishing a scheme for paper presentation by distribution, see “How to contribute”. Typically proposals should be put forward no later than November 1, 2011, but specific guidelines, if such apply, will be made available on the web site. If the proposal is accepted, the final draft should be submitted through on-line no later than April 10, 2102.

Deadline Summary
November 30, 2011 On-line submission of proposal
January 15, 2012 Notification of acceptance
April 10, 2012 On-line submission of final draft


●Download Final Paper Template


The themes, co-chairs who have accepted their duties and IPC Liaisons are as the following:


Co-Chairs with Proposed Members of TSGs

TSG 1 : Mathematics education at preschool level

Co-chairs : Merilyn Taylor(New Zealand) meta@waikato.ac.nz
                 Camlila Bjorklund(Finland) camilla.bjorklund@ped.gu.se
Team Members : Haekyung Hong(Korea) hkhong@jnu.ac.kr 
                          Elin Reikeras(Norway) elin.reikeraas@uis.no
Liaison IPC Member : K.(Ravi) Subramaniam subra@hbcse.tifr.res.in



TSG 2 : Mathematics education at tertiary level and access to tertiary level

Co-chairs : Ansie Harding(South Africa) aharding@up.ac.za
                 Juha Oikkonen(Finland) Juha.Oikkonen@helsinki.fi
Team Members : Christopher Sangwin(UK) C.J.Sangwin@bham.ac.uk
                          Sepideh Stewart(New Zealand) stewart@math.auckland.ac.nz 
                          Miroslav Lovric(Canada) lovric@mcmaster.ca
                          Sung-Ock Kim(Korea) sokim@handong.edu
Liaison IPC Member : Johann Engelbrecht Johann.Engelbrecht@up.ac.za


TSG 3 : Activities and programs for gifted students

Co-chairs : Peter Taylor(Australia) pjt013@gmail.com 
                 Roza Leikin(Israel) rozal@construct.haifa.ac.il
Team Members : Linda Sheffield(USA) sheffield@nku.edu 
                          Victor Freiman(Canada) freimanv@umoncton.ca
                          Florence Mihaela Singer(Romania) mikisinger@gmail.com
                          Bo Mi Shin(Korea) bomi0210@jnu.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Shiqi Li sqli@math.ecnu.edu.cn



TSG 4 : Activities and programs for students with special needs

Co-chairs : Jean-Philippe Drouhard(France) jpdrouhard@gmail.com or Drouhard@unice.fr 
                 Sung-kyu Choi(Korea) skchoi@daegu.ac.kr
Team Members : Heloza Barbosa(Brazil) heloiza@hbarbosa.org
                          Petra Scherer(Germany) petra.scherer@uni-due.de 
                          Jacinthe Giroux(Canada) giroux.jacinthe@uqam.ca
Liaison IPC Member : Bernard Hodgson bhodgson@mat.ulaval.ca


TSG 5 : Mathematics education in and for work

Co-chairs : Geoff Wake(UK) geoffrey.wake@nottingham.ac.uk 
                 Keiko Yasukawa(Australia) Keiko.Yasukawa@uts.edu.au
Team Members : Corinne Hahn(France) hahn@escp-eap.net
                          Ok-Kyeoung Kim(Korea) ok-kyeong.kim@wmich.edu 
                          Tine Wedege(Sweden) tine.wedege@mah.se
                          Rudolf Strasser(Germany) Rudolf.Straesser@math.uni-giessen.de
Liaison IPC Member : Morten Blomhoej blomhoej@ruc.dk



TSG 6 : Mathematics literacy

Co-chairs : Mogens Niss(Denmark) mn@ruc.dk
                 Hileni Magano-Kapenda(Namibia) hkapenda@unam.na
Team Members : Eduardo Mancera(Mexico) eduardo_mancera@prodigy.net.mx 
                          Gwisoo Nah(korea) gsna21@cje.ac.kr
                          Jianming Wang(China) jmingwang@163.com
Liaison IPC Member : Michele Artigue artigue@math.jussieu.fr



TSG 7 : Teaching and learning of number systems and arithmetic --- focusing especially on primary education

Co-chairs : Joana Brocardo(Portugal) joana.brocardo@ese.ips.pt
                 Geoffrey Saxe(USA) saxe@berkeley.edu
Team Members : Josephus Klep(The Netherlands) Josephus.Klep@math.uni-giessen.de
                          Maria Lucia Faria Moro(Brazil) mlfmoro@sul.com.br
                          Minkyung Kim(Korea) mkkim@ewha.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : K.(Ravi) Subramaniam subra@hbcse.tifr.res.in


TSG 8 : Measurement --- focusing especially on primary education

Co-chairs : JeongSuk Pang(Korea) jeongsuk@knue.ac.kr
                 Kees Buys(the Netherlands) c.buys@slo.nl
Team Members : Olimpia Figueras(Mexico) figuerao@cinvestav.mx
                          Silke Ruwisch(Germany) ruwisch@uni.leuphana.de
                          Andrea McDonough(Australia) andrea.mcdonough@acu.edu.au
Liaison IPC Member : K.(Ravi) Subramaniam subra@hbcse.tifr.res.in


TSG 9 : Teaching and learning of algebra

Co-chairs : Rakhi Banerjee(India) rakhi.banerjee@gmail.com or rakhi@aud.ac.in
                 Luis Puig(Spain) luis.puig@uv.es
Team Members : Swee Fong Ng(Singapore) sweefong.ng@nie.edu.sg 
                          Armando Solares(Mexico) asolares@cinvestav.mx
                          Hwakyung Kim(Korea) hwakyung@gmail.com
Liaison IPC Member : Masataka Koyama mkoyama@hiroshima-u.ac.jp


TSG 10 : Teaching and learning of geometry

Co-chairs : Colette Laborde(France) labordec@cabri.com
                 Linquan Wang(China) wanglq@scnu.edu.cn
Team Members : Matthias Ludwig(Germany) ludwig@math.uni-frankfurt.de
                          Nathalie Jakucyn(USA) njakucyn@glenbrook225.org
                          Joong Kweon Lee(Korean) joonglee@dongguk.edu 
                          Elfrida Ralha(Portugal) eralha@math.uminho.pt
Liaison IPC Member : Hee Chan Lew hclew@knue.ac.kr



TSG 11 : Teaching and learning of probability

Co-chairs : Per Nilsson(Sweden) Per.Nilsson@vxu.se
                 Jun Li(China) lijun@math.ecnu.edu.cn
Team Members : Kyung-Hwa Lee(Korea) khmath@snu.ac.kr
                          Efi Paparistodemou(Cyprus) e.paparistodemou@cytanet.com.cy 
                          Egan Chernoff(Canada) egan.chernoff@usask.ca
                          Enriqueta Reston(Philippines) edreston@yahoo.com
Liaison IPC Member : Gail Burrill burrill@msu.edu



TSG 12 : Teaching and learning of statistics

Co-chairs : Dani Ben-Zvi(Israel) dbenzvi@univ.haifa.ac.il 
                 Katie Makar(Australia) k.makar@uq.edu.au
Team Members : Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil) lisbethk@terra.com.br
                          Arthur Bakker(the Netherlands) a.bakker4@uu.nl 
                          Jangsun Paek(Korea) jbaek@jnu.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Gail Burrill burrill@msu.edu


TSG 13 : Teaching and learning of calculus

Co-chairs : Victor Martinez-Luaces(Uruguay) victoreml@gmail.com
                 Sunsook Noh(Korea) noh@ewha.ac.kr
Team Members : Margot Berger(South Africa) margot.berget@wits.ac.za 
                          Francisco Cordero(Mexico) fcordero@cinvestav.mx
                          Greg Oates(New Zealand) g.oates@auckland.ac.nz
Liaison IPC Member : Johann Engelbrecht Johann.Engelbrecht@up.ac.za



TSG 14 : Reasoning, proof and proving in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Stephane Cyr(Canada) cyr.stephane@uqam.ca 
                  Maria Alessandra Mariotti(Italy) marialessandra.mariotti@gmail.com

Team Members : Andreas Stylianides(UK) as899@cam.ac.uk 
                          Viviane Durrand-Guerrier(France) vdurand@math.univ-montp2.fr
                          Youngmee Koh(Korea) ymkoh@suwon.ac.kr
                          Kirsti Hemmi(Sweden) kirsti.hemmi@mdh.se
Liaison IPC Member : Hee Chan Lew hclew@knue.ac.kr


TSG 15 : Problem solving in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Zahra Gooya(Iran) zahra.gooya@yahoo.com 
                 Manuel Santos Trigo(Mexico) msantos@cinvestav.mx
Team Members : Man Goo Park(Korea) mpark29@snue.ac.kr
                          Chunlian Jiang(China) cljiang@umac.mo
                          Dindyal Jaguthsing(Singapore) jaguthsing.dindyal@nie.edu.sg
Liaison IPC Member : Yuriko Baldin yuriko@dm.ufscar.br or yuriko.baldin@uol.com.br



TSG 16 : Visualization in the teaching and learning of mathematics

Co-chairs : Gert Kadunz(Austria) gert.kadunz@uni-klu.ac.at 
                 Michal Yerushalmy(Israel) michalyr@construct.haifa.ac.il
Team Members : Mathias Hattermann(Germany) Mathias.Hattermann@uni-bielefeld.de 
                          Michael Hoffmann(United States) michael.hoffmann@pubpolicy.gatech.edu
                          Kyoko Kakihana(Japan) kakihana@tsukuba-g.ac.jp, pxm03664@nifty.ne.jp   
                          Jaehong Shin(Korea) jhshin@knue.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Bernard Hodgson bhodgson@mat.ulaval.ca , Bernard.Hodgson@mat.ulaval.ca



TSG 17 : Mathematical applications and modelling in the teaching and learning of mathematics

Co-chairs : Jill Brown(Australia) jill.brown@acu.edu.au
                 Toshikazu Ikeda(Japan) ikeda@ed.ynu.ac.jp
Team Members : Sungsook Kim(Korea) sskim@pcu.ac.kr 
                          Nicholas Mousoulides(Cyprus) n.mousoulides@ucy.ac.cy 
                          Jussara de Loiola Araújo(Brazil) jussara.loiola@gmail.com, jussara@mat.ufmg.br 
Liaison IPC Member : Morten Blomhoej blomhoej@ruc.dk


TSG 18 : Analysis of uses of technology in the teaching of mathematics

Co-chairs : Morten Misfeldt(Denmark) mmi@dpu.dk 
                 Wei-Chi Yang(USA) wyang@radford.edu
Team Members : Erol Karakirik(Turkey) karakirik@gmail.com
                          Ngan Hoe Lee(Singapore) nganhoe.lee@nie.edu.sg 
                          Cheong Soo Cho(Korea) chocs@yu.ac.kr
                          Mette Andresen(Norway) mette.andresen@math.uib.no
Liaison IPC Member : Yuriko Baldin yuriko@dm.ufscar.br or yuriko.baldin@uol.com.br


TSG 19 : Analysis of uses of technology in the learning of mathematics

Co-chairs : Hans-Georg Weigand(Germany) weigand@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de
                 Marcelo Borba(Brazil) mborba@rc.unesp.br
Team Members : Ornella Robutti(Italy) ornella.robutti@unito.it 
                          Monica Villarreal(Argentina) mvilla@famaf.unc.edu.ar, evilla1963@yahoo.com.ar
                          Tom Dick(USA) tpdick@math.oregonstate.edu 
                          Youngkuk Jeon(Korea) ycjun@sunchon.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Yuriko Baldin yuriko@dm.ufscar.br or yuriko.baldin@uol.com.br


TSG 20 : The role of history of mathematics in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Renaud Chorlay(France) renaud-chorlay@noos.fr
                 Wann-Sheng Horng(Taiwan) horng@math.ntnu.edu.tw
Team Members : Manfred Kronfellner(Austria) m.kronfellner@tuwien.ac.at
                          Kathy Clark(USA) kclark@fsu.edu 
                          Abdellah El Idrissi(Moroco) a_elidrissi@hotmail.com or abdellah_elidrissi@hotmail.com
                          Hyewon Chang(Korea) hwchang@cue.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Evelyne Barbin evelyne.barbin@wanadoo.fr



TSG 21 : Research on classroom practice

Co-chairs : Yeping Li(USA) yepingli@tamu.edu
                 Helia Oliveira(Portugal) hmoliveira@ie.ul.pt
Team Members : Raimundo Olfos Ayarza(Chile) raimundo.olfos@ucv.cl 
                          Kwangho Lee(Korea) paransol@knue.ac.kr
                          Merrilyn Goos(Austlalia) m.goos@uq.edu.au
Liaison IPC Member : Frederick Leung frederickleung@hku.hk , hraslks@hku.hk


TSG 22 : Learning and cognition in mathematics

Co-chairs : Hsin-Mei Huang(Taiwan) hhuang22@gmail.com
                 Gaye Williams(Australia) gaye.williams@deakin.edu.au
Team Members : Sungsun Park(Korea) starsun@cnue.ac.kr 
                          Mariana Saiz(Mexico) msaiz@upn.mx
                          Jerry Becker(USA) jbecker@siu.edu
Liaison IPC Member : Shiqi Li sqli@math.ecnu.edu.cn


TSG 23 : Mathematical knowledge for teaching at primary level

Co-chairs : Christoph Selter(Germany) christoph.selter@t-online.de
                 Suck Yoon Paik(Korea) sypaik@snue.ac.kr
Team Members : Catherine Taveau(France) catherine.taveau@paris.iufm.fr 
                         Pi-Jen Lin(Taiwan) linpj@mail.nhcue.edu.tw
                          Len Sparrow(Australia) l.sparrow@curtin.edu.au
Liaison IPC Member : Mercy Kazima mkazima@cc.ac.mw


TSG 24 : Mathematical knowledge for teaching at secondary level

Co-chairs : Aihui Peng(China) huihuiai0@163.com
                 Hikma Smida(Tunisia) Hikma.Smida@ipest.rnu.tn
Team Members : Hakan Sollervall(Sweden) hakan.sollervall@lnu.se 
                          Dongwon Kim(Korea) pourpeda@kofac.or.kr
                          Karin Brodie(South Africa) karin.Brodie@wits.ac.za
Liaison IPC Member : Mercy Kazima mkazima@cc.ac.mw


TSG 25 : In-services education, professional development of mathematics teachers

Co-chairs : Shuha An(USA) san@csulb.edu
                 Andrea Peter-Koop(Germany) andrea.peter-koop@uni-bielefeld.de
Team Members : Yimin Cao(China) caoym@bnu.edu.cn 
                          Barbara Clarke(Australia) Barbara.Clarke@monash.edu
                          Gooyeon Kim(Korea) gokim@sogang.ac.kr
                          Agatha Lebethe(South Africa) agatha@mepp.co.za
Liaison IPC Member : Gabriele Kaiser gabriele.kaiser@uni-hamburg.de


TSG 26 : Preservice mathematical education of teachers

Co-chairs : Sylvie Coppe(France) sylvie.coppe@univ-lyon2.fr
                 Ngai-Ying Wong(Hong Kong) nywong@cuhk.edu.hk
Team Members : Khoon Yoon Wong(Singapore) khoonyoong.wong@nie.edu.sg 
                            Insun Shin(Korea) shinis@knue.ac.kr
                            Lucie De Blois(Canada) lucie.deblois@fse.ulaval.ca 
                            Bjoern Schwarz(Germany) schwarz@erzwiss.uni-hamburg.de
Liaison IPC Member : Gabriele Kaiser gabriele.kaiser@uni-hamburg.de


TSG 27 : Motivation, beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics and its teaching

Co-chairs : Birgit Pepin(Norway) birgit.pepin@hist.no
                 Ji Won Son(USA) sonjiwon@utk.edu
Team Members : Bettina Roesken(Germany) Bettina.roesken@uni-due.de
                          Ines Gomez Chacon(Spain) igomezchacon@mat.ucm.es  
                          Nayoung Kwon(Korea) rykwon@inha.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Bill Barton b.barton@auckland.ac.nz , barton@math.auckland.ac.nz


TSG 28 : Language and communication in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Tracy Craig(South Africa) Tracy.craig@uct.ac.za
                 Candia Morgan(UK) C.Morgan@ioe.ac.uk
Team Members : Marcus Schuette(Germany) schuette@math.uni-frankfurt.de 
                          Rae Young Kim(Korea) kimrae@ewha.ac.kr
                          David Wagner(Canada) dwagner@unb.ca
Liaison IPC Member : Oh Nam Kwon onkwon@snu.ac.kr


TSG 29 : Gender and mathematics education

Co-chairs : Olof Steinthorsdottir(USA) olly.steintho@uni.edu
                 Veronique Lizan(France) veronique.lizan@math.univ-toulouse.fr
Team Members : Colleen Vale(Australia) colleen.vale@vu.edu.au
                          Laura Martignon(Germany) martignon@ph-ludwigsburg.de
                          Sun Hee Kim(Korea) mathsun@silla.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Cheryl Praeger cheryl.praeger@uwa.edu.au


TSG 30 : Mathematics education in a multilingual and multicultural environment

Co-chairs : Anjum Halai(Pakistan) anjum.halai@aku.edu
                 Clement Dlamini(Swaziland) dlamini.c@examscouncil.org.sz
Team Members : Richard Barwell(Canada) rbarwell@uottawa.ca, or richard.barwell@uottaw.ca 
                          Nancy Chitera(Malawi) nchitera@yahoo.com
                          Dongjoong Kim(Korea) djkim@knue.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Frederick Leung frederickleung@hku.hk , hraslks@hku.hk


TSG 31 : Task design and analysis

Co-chairs : Xuhua Sun(China) xhsun@umac.mo
                 Lalina Coulange(France) lalina.coulange@free.fr or lalina.coulange@gmail.com
Team Members : Eddie Chi-keung Leung(Hong Kong) ckleung@ied.edu.hk 
                          Nguyen Chi Tanh(Vietnam) thanhnc70@yahoo.com
                          Hea-Jin Lee(Korea) hlee@lima.ohio-state.edu
Liaison IPC Member : Masataka Koyama mkoyama@hiroshima-u.ac.jp


TSG 32 : Mathematics curriculum development

Co-chairs : Koeno Gravemeijer(Netherlands) koeno.gravemeijer@esoe.nl, k.gravemeijer@tue.nl  
                 Anita Rampal(India) anita.rampal@gmail.com
Team Members : Margaret Brown(UK) margaret.brown@kcl.ac.uk 
                          Hye Jeong Hwang(Korea) sh0502@chosun.ac.kr
                          Cyril Julie(SA) cjulie@uwc.ac.za
Liaison IPC Member : Cheryl Praeger praeger@maths.uwa.edu.au


TSG 33 : Assessment and testing in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Michael Neubrand(Germany) neubrand@mathematik.uni-oldenburg.de
                 Christine Suurtamm(Canada) suurtamm@uottawa.ca
Team Members : Belinda Huntley(South Africa) huntley@stjohnscollege.co.za
                          Youngsuk Lee(Korea) leyoungsuk@hotmail.com
                          David Webb(USA) dcwebb@colorado.edu
                          Liv Sissel Grønmo(Norway) l.s.gronmo@ils.uio.no
Liaison IPC Member : Johann Engelbrecht Johann.Engelbrecht@up.ac.za


TSG 34 : The role of mathematical competitions and other challenging contexts in the teaching and learning  of mathematics

Co-chairs : Maria de Losada(Columbia) mariadelosada@gmail.com
                 Ali Rejali(Iran) a.rejali@yahoo.com
Team Members : Andy Liu(Canada) aliu@math.ualberta.ca
                          John Webb(South Africa) john.webb@uct.ac.za 
                          Jaroslav Svrcek(Czech Republic) svrcek@inf.upol.cz
                          Kyung Mi Choi(Korea) kyongmi-choi@uiowa.edu
Liaison IPC Member : Petar Kenderov vorednek@yahoo.com


TSG 35 : The history of the teaching and learning of mathematics

Co-chairs : Kristin Bjarnadottir (Iceland) krisbj@hi.is
                 Fulvia Furinghetti (Italy)furinghe@dima.unige.it
Team Members : Amy K. Ackerberg-Hastings (USA) aackerbe@verizon.net 
                          Alexander Karp (USA) apk16@columbia.edu
                          Snezana Lawrence (UK) snezana@mathsisgoodforyou.com
                          Young Ok Kim (South Korea) youokim@kyungnam.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Evelyne Barbin evelyne.barbin@wanadoo.fr



TSG 36 : The role of ethnomathematics in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Pedro Palhares(Portugal) palhares2307@gmail.com
                 Lawrence Shirley(USA) lshirley@towson.edu
Team Members : Willy Alangui(Philippines) wvalangui@upb.edu.ph
                          Kay Owens(Australia) kowens@csu.edu.au 
                          Paulus Gerdes(Mozambique) paulus.gerdes@gmail.com
                          Ho Kyung Ko(Korea) shrine999@hanmail.net
Liaison IPC Member : Bill Barton b.barton@auckland.ac.nz, b.barton@auckland.ac.nz



TSG 37 : Theoretical issues in mathematics education

Co-chairs : Angelika Bikner(Germany) bikner@t-online.de
                 David Clarke(Australia) d.clarke@unimelb.edu.au
Team Members : Cristina Sabena(Italy) cristina.sabena@unito.it 
                          Minoru Ohtani(Japan) mohtani@kenroku.kanazawa-u.ac.jp
                          Gelsa Knijnik(Brazil) gelsak@unisinos.br
                          Jin Young Nam(Korea) jynam@ginue.ac.kr
Liaison IPC Member : Michele Artigue michele.artigue@univ-paris-diderot.fr





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