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Participants are invited to submit presentations in the form of posters at ICME-12. A wide array of topics and initiatives in mathematics education research or practice are possible themes for poster presentations. Posters may be presented in any of the four languages: English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


The exhibition space for posters can accommodate several hundred posters, will be highly accessible and well-located in central areas of the Congress activity. Posters will be on display for two or more days of the Congress. Time slots will be allocated for presentations and authors must choose one of the two modes of presentation, either oral presentation or Round Table Discussion. Round Table Discussions will be listed in the final program for ICME-12. The IPC will appoint experienced mathematics educators to chair the Round Table Discussions.


The posters and the presentations will be grouped, as far as possible, according to language and according to the themes of the 37 Topic Study Groups. Although this is optional, authors are invited to indicate the Topic Study Group that their poster most closely relates to. Posters connected to Topic Study Groups will potentially have the benefit of an audience related to the TSG.


Information about the size and format of posters will be given when a poster has been accepted, and will be posted on the 'Poster Presentations' webpage. Presenters should use a font of at least 24 points so as to make the posters readable at a distance of 1.5 meters. Poster presenters should consider using both textual and visual means of presentation in their posters. The congress will not be able to provide poster supplies or material on site beyond space, and adhesive tape.


Authors proposing to present posters need to complete an online form, submit an abstract of the poster written in text form of 300 to 500 words and include a title and keywords before 15th December 2011. The abstracts need to be in English even if the poster is to be presented in another language.


Deadline Summary
December 15, 2011 On-line submission of proposal
January 15, 2012 Notification of acceptance
April 10, 2012 On-line submission of final draft

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Poster Program List
[Poster1] Mathematics education at preschool level
[Poster2] Mathematics education at tertiary level and access to tertiary level
[Poster3] Activities and programs for gifted students
[Poster4] Activities and programs for students with special needs
[Poster5] Mathematics education in and for work
[Poster6] Mathematics literacy
[Poster7] Teaching and learning of number systems and arithmetic --- focusing especially on primary education
[Poster8] Measurement --- focusing especially on primary education
[Poster9] Teaching and learning of algebra
[Poster10] Teaching and learning of geometry
[Poster11] Teaching and learning of probability
[Poster12] Teaching and learning of statistics
[Poster13] Teaching and learning of calculus
[Poster14] Reasoning, proof and proving in mathematics education
[Poster15] Problem solving in mathematics education
[Poster16] Visualization in the teaching and learning of mathematics
[Poster17] Mathematical applications and modeling in the teaching and learning of mathematics
[Poster18] Analysis of uses of technology in the teaching of mathematics
[Poster19] Analysis of uses of technology in the learning of mathematics
[Poster20] The role of history of mathematics in mathematics education
[Poster21] Research on classroom practice
[Poster22] Learning and cognition in mathematics
[Poster23] Mathematical knowledge for teaching at primary level
[Poster24] Mathematical knowledge for teaching at secondary level
[Poster25] In-services education, professional development of mathematics teachers
[Poster26] Preservice mathematical education of teachers
[Poster27] Motivation, beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics and its teaching
[Poster28] Language and communication in mathematics education
[Poster29] Gender and mathematics education
[Poster30] Mathematics education in a multilingual and multicultural environment
[Poster31] Task design and analysis
[Poster32] Mathematics curriculum development
[Poster33] Assessment and testing in mathematics education
[Poster34] The role of mathematical competitions and other challenging contexts in the teaching and learning of mathematics
[Poster35] The history of the teaching and learning of mathematics
[Poster36] The role of ethnomathematics in mathematics education
[Poster37] Theoretical issues in mathematics education
[Poster38] Others


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