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Workshops and sharing groups are either hands-on activities for a limited number of participants (20-40) who sign up ahead of time on the website of ICME-12, or small group activities designed to exchange and discuss relevant mathematical experiences. Workshops are targeted at a specific type of attendee, for example, teachers (from pre-school to university), graduate students, or researchers, who are interested in learning or trying out something through active participation. The workshops and sharing groups focus on experiences pertaining to research or teaching concerning a well-defined theme of common interest.


In workshops and sharing groups, no formal presentations will be made. Workshops and sharing groups should acquaint participants with, and provide experience in, a variety of areas, for example:


  1. an alternative/innovative approach to teaching or to classroom practice
  2. a non-traditional mathematical topic for the curriculum, or a non-traditional approach to a traditional topic
  3. a methodology or a technique in mathematics education research
  4. an innovative use of information and communication technologies in the service of mathematics education
  5. ways to read, write or assess academic papers in mathematics education
  6. how to initiate and conduct a research project
  7. obstacles, or avenues, to innovation experienced by individual teachers who want to adopt innovative approaches to teaching or assessment
  8. experiences of team teaching
  9. problems encountered in graduate supervision 


Two sessions, one of 90 minutes and one of 60 minutes are provided for workshops and sharing groups. Workshops and sharing group organizers can use either one or both of these slots for their activities. A few rooms equipped with computers for running computer based workshops will be available upon request from the organizers.

Proposals for workshops and sharing groups in English, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese may be submitted on line by individuals or groups at the ICME-12 website. Proposals must include information about the background of the proposers, a title that specifies the nature of the activity, either a workshop or a sharing group, with a clear description of the theme, the target audience, the ideal number of participants, the goals of the activity and needs for equipment or special room space. Please check the Submission of proposals page for instructions.

Proposals should be received no later than 30 November 2011 for review by IPC chair and the decision will be posted on the same web site by 31 December 2011. Approved proposals will have a web page in the ICME 12 web site at their disposal to present their workshops and sharing groups and will be listed in the final program. Please note that participation in workshops or sharing groups is limited and allocated on a “first come first served” basis.


Deadline Summary

November 30, 2011 On-line submission of proposal
December 31, 2011 Notification of acceptance
April 10, 2012 On-line submission of final draft


●Download Final Paper Template

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