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The plenary activities are those components of the scientific program that address all congress Participants at the same time. For ICME-12 there will be eight different plenary activities. After the lectures, there will be an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss with the lecturers. Names and Countries/Regions of persons determined up to now as involved in the plenary activities are as follows:


PL1 (Lecture) : Mathematics Education in the National Curriculum System, Don Hee Lee(Korea)
PL2 (Lecture) : The butterfly effect, Etienne Ghys(France)
PL3 (Lecture) : Whither the mathematics / didactics interconnection?
                        Evolution and challenges of a kaleidoscopic relationship as seen from an ICMI perspective,
                        Bernard R. Hodgson (Canada)

PL4 (Lecture) : Mathematics Education And Language Diversity:
                        Background, Findings And Future Research Directions, Mamokgethi Setati (South Africa)

PL5 (Panel) : Teacher Education and Development Study - Learning to Teach Mathematics (TEDS-M),
                     Konrad Krainer(Chair, Austria), Feng-Jui Hsieh(Taiwan),
                     Ray Peck(Australia), Maria Teresa Tatto(USA),

PL6 (Panel) : Math Education in East Asia(Korea – China – Japan), Frederick Leung(Chair, Hong Kong),
                     Binyan Xu(China), Kyungmee Park(Korea), Yoshinori Shimizu(Japan)

PL7 (Lecture) : From Psychological Imprisonment to Intellectual Freedom - The Different Roles that School
                        Mathematics Can Take in Student’s Lives, Jo Boaler(USA)

PL8 (Lecture) : Quality Teaching of Mathematical Modelling – What Do We Know, What Can We Do?,
                        Werner Blum(Germany)



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