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Report of the Provisional Subcommittee on the History of Mathematics at the General Assembly of the DHS, 23 August 1971, at the XIIIth International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science

from the newsletter Notae de Historia Mathematica, November 1971, vol. 1, no. 1

The subcommittee was formed in 1969 as a result of a decision of the Assembly at the Paris Congress of 1968. With the collaboration of colleagues from twenty-six countries, the subcommittee has: (a) prepared a directory of historians of mathematics to be published in 1972, (b) made plans for an international journal of the history of mathematics to begin publication in 1973, (c) decided that it is not advisable at present to organize new special international meetings on the history of mathematics.

The subcommittee asks the Assembly to: (1) establish a Commission on the History of Mathematics, (2) appoint an executive committee of the Commission with initial membership as follows: K.O. May, Chairman; S. S. Demidov, Vice-Chairman; P. Dugac, Secretary; K.-R. Biermann; G. J. Whitrow; and one other member to be appointed; (3) authorize the Commission to sponsor a journal for the history of mathematics. —Kenneth O. May, Provisional Chairman.

The report was accepted.