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CWM is the committee of the IMU concerned with issues related to women in mathematics worldwide. Its objectives are:

To propose, encourage and facilitate activities of the IMU or other bodies which would tend to increase the visibility of women in mathematics and lead to an increase in their representation in the community at all levels and in all parts of the world.

To promote international contacts between national and regional organisations for women in mathematics, in particular facilitating the building of networks at the regional or continental level.

To provide a website which is a repository of information for and about women in mathematics worldwide and to enable efficient communication among the international community of women mathematicians.

News and Events

The CWM 2021 call for Networks, Workshops and other Initiatives is opened till 15 December 2020.

Because of the COVID crisis, (totally or partially) virtual on-line events are welcome and non -virtual projects should explain their plans in case they have to turn virtual.

There will be no other CWM call for applications regarding activities in 2021.

The Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science was established by 9 International Unions, including IMU. Its purpose SCGES is to circulate information among its partners, and promote cooperation on among them, in particular by supporting women and girls’ equal access to science education and fostering equal opportunity and treatment for females in their careers.

Brief contributions written during the second half of April 2020 by CWM members and CWM ambassodors from different countries all over the world on what the COVID-19 crisis has meant for their lives as women in mathematics.

The  Gender Gap in Science Book can be found here. It can also be ordered as a printed book through many retailers worldwide. For example on Book Repository

A booklet in several languages summarizing the results of the project and presenting its recommendations can be found here.


CWM Newsletter, Issue 3, May 2020 can be found here.

Content: Editorial by Ekin Ozman, Interview of Cheryk Praeger, News from CWM, Other News and Announcements, COVID-19 Testimonies from CWM Ambassadors and an article by Christiane Roussseau about the International Day of Mathematics.

Remember Maryam Mirzakhani is an exhibition with 18 original poster. Institutions interested in hosting the exhibition can consult the rules of use and contact CWM at The exhibition opened at (WM)², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, and remained open during ICM 2018. It contained also a book of condolences, and volumes with Maryam Mirzakhani's mathematical papers as well as a book with papers about her. Curator: Thais Jordao. Designer: Rafael Meireles Barroso.


A 20-min film created by the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics, filmed and edited by Micro-Documentaries, made possible by a grant from the Simons Foundation. Featured on the Scientific American Roots of Unity Blog. In the first part of the film Neela Nataraj from India, Aminatou Pecha from Cameroon and Carolina Araujo from Brazil, are featured in their home countries. The second part of the film gives a lively presentation of the atmosphere at (WM)2 and features interviews of six women in mathematics from Latin America: Salome Martinez (Chile), Alicia Dickenstein (Argentina), Maria Eulalia Vares (Brazil) as well as Natalia Garcia (Mexico), Jaqueline Godoy Mesquita (Brazil) and Carolina Neira Jiménez (Colombia). The first part was shown as a World Premiere at (WM)^2, the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics on July 31 2018.

Members of the CWM are appointed for four years by the IMU Executive Committee and are widely distributed internationally. The CWM has a chair and vice--chair and 6 to 8 members--at--large. One of the CWM members is responsible for the CWM website and electronic communication. See list of members here.

CWM is using its sponsorship to help establish and foster networks of women mathematicians especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  From 2015 to 2019, CWM sponsored events took place in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico , Senegal, Tunisia , Kenya, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, South Africa ,Vietnam, Austria, El Salvador, Ethiopia,  Italy (ICTP), Macedonia, Nigeria, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Argentina, Dominican Republic.

CWM random collection of  photos of women mathematicians. Just to make you realise  how many women in mathematics there are, who have overcome the multitude of obstacles placed in their paths.

CWM Initiatives

CWM News

Suggestions for CWM News items can be sent to
CWM News Archives can be found here.

The CWM 2020 call for Networks, Workshops and other initiatives can be found here.


The Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science was established by 9 International Unions, including IMU. Its purpose is to circulate information among its partners, and promote cooperation on initiatives between them.

The Gender Gap Project

The (preliminary) report of  the 2017-2019 project "A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It ?" lead by CWM and funded by the International Council for Science (ICSU)  can be found here.

CWM Newsletter

CWM Newsletter is pulished twice a year, starting from May 2019.

CWM Newsletter 2 can be found here.
CWM Newsletter 1 can be found here.


CWM has established about 140 special correspondents worldwide, each of whom has the job of disseminating information received from  CWM, and also of keeping CWM informed about activities or initiatives to be announced on this website. See their list here

CWM Poster

CWM printers and flyers are available.  The flyer is two sided and is designed to be folded along vertical lines into three. If you want to get a few copies to distribute at a mathematical event or for other display purposes, please contact your EWM country's ambassador.

CWM Organizations by country

Organizations for Women in Mathematics are listed in alphabetical order by country here. There are also trans-continental organizations for Africa (AWMA) and Europe (EWM). The USA based AWM has many international members.

List of events

There are many mathematical events held each year organised by and specifically aimed at women mathematicians. Here is a sample, listed with the most recent first. Please contact us with details of any  relevant events, past or future, that you would like to suggest we add.

CWM Gallery

CWM random collection of  photos of women mathematicians. Just to make you realise of how many women in mathematics there are, who have overcome the multitude of obstacles placed in their paths.

World Meeting for Women in Mathematics

CWM organized a satellite meeting of ICM 2018 (WM)² World Meeting for Women in Mathematics. This meeting report summarizes the main activities. Abstracts of invited lectures, mathematical posters and posters relating to the general topic of women in mathematics can be found here. The book World Women in Mathematics 2018 (Proceedings of the First World Meeting for Women in Mathematics (WM)² , Vol. 20, C. Araujo, G. Benkart, C. Praeger, B. Tanbay (Eds.) was published at the end of 2019 in the Association for Women in Mathematics Series (Springer).


CWM cooperates with the Organisation for Women in Science in the Developing World (OWSD). OWSD is one of the 11 partners of the Gender Gap in Science project.

News, grants and activities

CDC logo

The EMS's CDC is offering female african women mathematicians small top ups to EMS-Simons Foundation grants for collaborative research visits, see here. Other IMU CDC grants which may be of interest can be found here.

“…is it really possible not to stretch out one’s hand, is it possible to refuse to help someone who is seeking knowledge and cannot help herself reach its source? After all, on woman’s road, when a woman wants to take a path other than the well-trodden one leading to marriage, so many difficulties pile up. I myself encountered many of these. Therefore I consider it my duty to destroy whatever obstacles I can in the paths of others. ”

Sofia Kovalevskaia (1850-1891)